AppSierra helps companies launch better products faster. The products we test, make an impact on over 1 million users every month.

AppSierra, an outstanding QA company was founded by QAs.
AppSierra, an agile QA expert company was founded in 2015 and continues to expand 20% to 50% every year. Our team of testers believe in building strong partnerships and specialize in Software Quality Assurance.

Our company has a prompt, energetic and enthusiastic team of QA testers who have successfully completed hundreds of Quality Assurance engagements. Our mission is to connect enterprises with the best testers in the world in order to provide first-class customer experiences. We partner with QA managers, product owners and developers to raise the status of QA in the agencies we work with.

We understand that excellent customer experience is a secret to success for any business. Many businesses help their customers outperform their competitors. Without good quality testing, no business can deliver consistently positive customer experiences.

AppSierra Is A Reliable Outsourcing Partner

  • Good-quality, affordable QA outsourcing
  • Versatile staffing
  • Offshore and nearshore options
  • Powerful partnerships with our clients
  • State-of-the-art facilities and test labs
  • Established offshore testing with an authentic track record
  • Cross-cultural expertise that tears down barriers in communication
  • Blind reliability in staffing and technology for delivery of uninterrupted services
  • Utilizes resources effectively to produce higher quality products easy to market to the audience.

Our History

Up and to the right

  • 2014
    Arpit & Setu were discussing QA challenges with a US-based SME.
  • 2015
    AppSierra is born and the first customer is signed in.
  • 2016
    Got ISO Certification
  • 2017
    Started QA services for enterprise level clients.
  • 2018
    AppSierra expanded to a 40+ QA team, providing 360 degrees QA solutions.








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1M+ people use the products we test

The company was established in 2015 in Noida, India. We have 50+ full-time in-house test engineers and we keep expanding. Most of the engineers are certified by leading vendors about which tools or technologies we use in our projects.

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Less than 5% of applicants are accepted into the community

The most common problems we solve for our customers are technology shortfalls, temporary needs to meet deadlines and unpredictable loading of internal QA resources.

It usually takes 2-4 weeks to kick-start a medium-sized project (team up to 10 engineers) and up to 6 weeks to start larger projects (from 10 to 30 engineers). Our largest project so far involved 100+ engineers.

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40 countries, 25+ languages, 18 platforms And hundreds of devices

300+ mobile devices in our laboratory, and this number is constantly growing as we purchase new devices for every new project. For mobile test automation projects we use our proprietary framework that works with real devices.


Our Unique Selling Proposition

With AppSierra, you’ll get more than a service provider – you'll have a dedicated information technology partner, working in sync with your teams to co-create solutions. We work as a part of your team, hence providing you with the right to focus on your core business targets and business-critical strategies. At AppSierra, we try our best to maximize the value proposition to our clients.

With a focus to deliver curated solutions of superior quality, AppSierra's unique solutions are custom-made for your business requirements that help enhance your operational efficiency and time to market. It increases credibility and improves customer retention, thereby providing you with a competitive advantage.


Software Testing is our forté. We offer a wide range of testing services backed by a large team of highly skilled resources, vast experience in the testing domain, and industry best practices. Our proprietary test tools and automation frameworks can help you expedite test cycles, and reduce tool licensing costs.

You can rely on us to realize measurable improvements in quality, deliver faster time-to-market and to reduce your testing costs significantly.

We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality at every stage of a project. We apply international standards and best practices to ensure that quality is not compromised. Through our dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE), our teams research the latest technologies in software testing to deliver premium quality to our clients.

We have been able to retain most of our clients because they trust the quality and cost-effectiveness of our service delivery.

Our team consists of highly skilled and certified professionals, working diligently towards delivering nothing but the best. We leverage our combined experience and expertise to develop unique solutions, designed to meet your specific requirements.

We employ a meticulous approach in our recruitment process, to ensure that our skilled and resourceful professionals, productive from the day one of the project.

We strive to provide an open and hassle-free 360-degree communication across our organization. Our teams have access to the top management for any kind of issue resolution. A well-defined and proven escalation matrix is at the heart of issue resolution. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that we deliver seamless and high quality of service to our clients.

At AppSierra, we apply checks at multiple tiers to ensure the highest level of security. In addition, our team implements best practices at physical, networking and process levels to make sure that your IP stays protected.

Our dedicated teams work with you to ensure that each project is completed within the stipulated budget and time. We relentlessly pursue and achieve high performance by benchmarking and adopting best practices.

We begin every project with an understanding of your product/application and your business requirements. Once our resources become well informed with all the features of the product/application functionality, we work as a reliable extension of your team until the successful completion of the project.

High Business Rate

We build long-term partnerships with our clients, delivering team integrity, consistent business domain knowledge, established communication and smooth team integration. That approach always pays back in our service's cost-efficiency to our clients.

8 out of 10 new clients engage AppSierra for multiple projects.

Minimum Overhead

With our extensive expertise, AppSierra's Project Heads know how to rapidly adjust and integrate our QA procedures into your already-established software development processes to the satisfaction and motivation of all parties involved.No additional compensation, IT, office or infrastructure costs.


Elasticity and responsiveness are the base of AppSierra's customer care principles. We have the resources and management skills to make sure that the project team quicken up and perform excellently well on short notice and exactly at the hour when the time-to-market is useful.


Faster Team Ramp-up


Reduced QA Costs