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Top 10 Twilio Alternatives In 2022


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Virtual communication is becoming an essential part of our daily life and businesses. Particularly in this time of covid-19 startups and enterprises have no option instead of making virtual communication their number one priority. For aiding this up search incident demand communication APIs have become a go-to option and today they are one of the most preferred technologies for virtual communication.

The requirement for making the scalable and inexpensive was quickly and now there are countless options available. One of the biggest options is Twilio. It is the top API provider for communication services since 2008. There is no surprise that Twilio is a very popular option for many businesses because of its ease of use and the whole suite of enterprise services that it offers.

Nevertheless, the most popular option is always the best option. For making the best decision you should examine several options and wait for their pros and cons. In this article, we will be learning about the top 10 Twilio alternative India that will help you in clearing your dilemma. But before you go to the list here is a quick look at why are Twilio alternatives required in the first place?

Why do you need Twilio alternatives?

Twilio has been helping businesses with customer communication solutions from the beginning of the API error. It earns about 1.4 billion dollars per year from its customers including Uber, Airbnb, and eBay. Twilio Flex is a contact cloud centre that claims a massive user base. So let's discuss if Twilio is the perfect solution for your communication needs?

There are restrictions on the dominance of Twilio. Let's take the example of the European Union. The district has very strict laws for data exchange with the US. According to GDPR data transfers across servers in the US and the EU should be safe. GDPR or general data protection regulation helps in regulating data transfers. Now, Twilio has been quite successful in the European Union. With the EU'scourt latest ruling, it is now illegal to use a cloud service provider that has a physical server in Europe. So many companies are now looking for Twilio alternatives. So, if you're thinking about what a good Twilio alternative India could be? 

Top 10 Twilio Alternatives

Here are the top 10 Twilio alternative options for you:


Vonage offers a unique feature – adaptive routing that is not available in Twilio. This method delivers signals to the optimal path, allowing user devices to be delivered more quickly. Twilio utilizes SMS gates that complicate the entire process, whereas Vonage directly uses the network of the carrier. In addition, the usage of Vonage's communication APIs facilitates the manipulation and understanding of data by developers.


Despite your typical word restriction, you may send SMS with more than 160 characters using lengthy message concatenation using Plivo's long message concentration. When a sender is over the cap, it is detected by the device and divided into two separate SMS. But what is more fascinating about this feature is that this fractured text is sent as one message to the recipient.

Amazon Connect and SNS

Amazon Connect and SNS can combine many channels as a good alternative to Twilio. Amazon SNS provides messages to a larger audience on one canal while Amazon Connect's centralized contact centre effectively manages the various channels.


When it comes to voice services in the US, bandwidth is Twilio's best solution. The console it gives enables 911 services to be integrated into your business. You also receive a quick emergency reaction to an instant number supply. Bandwidth's 911 based communications may be combined into its current systems by the health and logistics industries. In addition, the 911 routing APIs may be used by healthcare professionals to improve communication.


Sinch is easy to use and comparatively inexpensive compared to Twilio. Sinch's SDK solution is complete and removes the coding requirement. It supports native applications and rests APIs, making it a viable option for Twilio.


Voxbone supports you to bring your carrier with a SIP-capable platform (BYOC). It allows systems with several carriers to be integrated. Call reception SIP trunking throughout the IP network will help. Without trouble, you may utilize the Voxbone Voice Service, the Twilio SMS API, and Vonage Video API.


The key component is call control, which supports call automation and lets you combine voice processes. Call control is the key factor. Developers can use this functionality to build additional channels of communication. Telnyx also offers free inbound SMS with forking media for processing mid-connection audio in real-time. Telnyx is ideal for BPOs requiring real-time client communication data. It enables the media to improve audio and capture every voice data for reference in the future.


Restcomm is a CPaaS open-source that provides services such as BYOC and bringing your operator. You are able, by using CPaaS platforms like Twilio or Vonage, to add various carriers for SMS and voice services. Restcomm is the ideal platform to provide a comprehensive SDK solution when you want to develop a communication API from scratch.


InfoBip offers a dedicated Whatsapp integration solution. Simultaneously, Twilio doesn't have the Whatsapp integration feature. InfoBip provides you with a Whatsapp Business API that enables social platform communication. InfoBip allows you to communicate with the consumer through extensive communication services if you are an event planning firm.


Agora.AI can be the appropriate platform for integration in current systems of virtual tools. In contrast to Twilio, it offers stronger WebRTC APIs and allows you to easily integrate video conferencing capabilities in applications and online sites. Agora.AI delivers high-resolution video calling at affordable costs, which is the most important thing about it. Agora.AI provides flat fees for calls as opposed to Twilio's different prices of call and receipt.


In the communications field, Twilio is the market leader, yet limitations exist. For example, for small organizations seeking a solution on a budget, Twilio does not offer free entry-level SMS that may not be a feasible alternative. Here, Twilio offers free incoming SMS, direct carrier connection, and even live customer assistance. At the same time, if you're in a free version, Twilio will not provide live customer assistance, which implies extra premium plan expenditure.

The service and customer support solutions provided here are all less expensive than Twilio. At your business level, for better customer relationship management, you need more dependable communication services, and these Twilio alternatives can contribute to them.

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