What Are The 10 Best Video Call Conference Apps?


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High-quality video calling software is required to show more than just your face to the world. Suppose we need a quick chat with our coworker for a full-hand presentation on everyone’s calendar. In that case, the good video call conference apps makes it easy to create a meeting link, a dial-in number, share it with other people and add more to the call in progress.

Features that will let us turn FaceTime into collaboration time, such as screen sharing commentary or whiteboarding and live chat, should also be offered by the software. These features are essential for shaping your virtual meetings as productive as they should be in person, so we have only included apps that support these functions. 

And it may be a bit harder to define a good video call conference app should be reliable, meaning it should consistently clear calls that do not regularly drop or get choppy. While some apps on this list are made up for smaller groups of people, we have also incorporated a few powerhouse tools to offer the best group video conferencing.

Best Video Call Conference Apps

Below is a list of the top 10 online meeting apps for empowering productive online meetings for our teams at any price point. Each of these mobile app development new technologies helps teams feel more connected.


Zoom is the most popular application for video conferencing for businesses. It is very rich in features with many plans based on business size and needs. Prices range from their free programs for personal and team meetings to $19.99 a month for large enterprises.

Millions of comprehensive zoom users gracefully use the free plan. Still, If you are looking for something more than encompassing for your remote teams, in that case, you may use the enterprise-level program that holds up to 200 meeting participants and offers unlimited cloud storage custom emails, a vanity meeting URL, and more.

Skype for business

Skype is Microsoft’s most popular service and the best way to video conference as an enterprise-ready video conferencing tool. It has numerous business features, including 250 people in a meeting association with other Skype users and virtual whiteboarding capabilities.

While there are some limitations in Skype, such as a lack of an integrated dial-in audio conference feature and a lack of hardware support with online-only plans. The free version of Skype is useful for teams with less than ten members and is an easy way to make free conference calls from your computer, phone, or tablet.


Slack is a top-rated video call conferencing app used by companies worldwide; like the software, it has integrated video conferencing features. If your company is not using slack, choosing it for video conferencing does not make much sense. It could be an easy way to make quick calls if we are already using slack.

Video conferencing is an add-on to functionality and could be an excellent tool for integrating hybrid teams. One-on-one video chatting is a part of slacks free account of rains, and you can slack up with 15 people if you begin a call from a channel. Still, for more important meetings, customized program pricing is essential, which requires a customizable quote.


Bigbluebutton is an open-source video conferencing software featured with whiteboard capabilities for reaching potency. It was designed especially for education and online learning as a free, open-source tool combination by third-party developers who allow for customized web conferencing experiences, including an alliance with learning management systems that will advance for a similar student and teacher experience.

Blue jeans

Blue jeans is a fully-featured web conferencing app and presumably one of the best ways to a video conference that combines with collaboration tools. The app promotes a modern and straightforward approach compared to any of the more complicated services given by competitors. Bluejeans practices a system of meetings, rooms, and events for facilitating video meetings anywhere.

No software is needed with the capacity to begin meetings from a browser. This service allows for effortless viewing of all video conference projects in your organization. Plans start at $16.65 per month for business teams.


It is a video chat service perfect for small organizations that want a more straightforward method for connecting team members. It emphasizes a fast service due to its streamlined nature. Whereby does not need an app download on login? Users can share their meeting link, and anyone could join it in a browser. Whereby starts free, but team members are required to pay $59.99 per month, which will enable multiple users and admins.


Pricing for GoToMeeting starts at $14 per month for groups up to 10 meeting participants and $29 per month for bigger groups of 150 participants.

  1. Screen sharing on desktops, tablets, or smartphones.
  2. High-quality video conferencing.
  3. Smart meeting assistant that lets you record meetings and generates an automated transcription.
  4. A hardware bundle kit with user-friendly video conferencing software.
  5. Enterprise messaging can transition from a chat box to a video call with a single click of a button.

Cisco WebEx

It is an industry-standard service online meeting app, particularly for many team members or a vast enterprise. Cisco WebEx video conferencing service functions like a mashup of web conferencing and video calling services. It allows joining meetings online or via the phone, depending on participants’ position and availability at the time. Pricing for Cisco WebEx starts at $13.5 per month.

Google meet

The conference call software Google meeting was created for enterprise customers. It is an enhanced version of Google hangouts made for teams and is one of the best group video conferencing apps. Google meet is specially designed for scheduling video meetings among team members with features similar to zoom calendar syncing, conference room booking, and the more polished user interface.

All benefits Google meets have to offer unlimited meetings up to 300 hours long, 250 attendees, the capability to stream up to a hundred thousand viewers, and 24/7 online support. We may need to contact the g-suite sales team for our quote.

Blackboard collaborate

Blackboard collaborates with a video call conference app selectively for educators. With mobile app development new technologies, this tool helps educate students on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Licenses for classrooms start at 300 dollars per year, departments at $9,000 for universities, schools, colleges, and enterprise options are also available at custom pricing.

As much remote work can significantly benefit an organization, remote workers could feel apart, which can eventually affect their productivity. Video conferencing is one of the most useful tools for increasing the productivity of remote workers. When in-person communication isn’t an option, video call conference apps are preferred for connecting with co-workers.

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