10 types of Gender bias that you may face in your Workplace


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Gender bias and gender equality are always major concerns. If you are in an IT sector, where domination occurs, it is easy to notice that. If this bias occurs in your workplace, it will lead to a tense environment and many disputes. Note down to one thing that gender bias is a kind of discrimination and it has no deal with business. So when you are working in the IT sector or male-dominated workplace, know how to spot the biases, to address them properly.

10 types of gender bias in workplaces

In this article, we are providing the most Gender bias that you may witness in your workplace. 

Inequality in PAY

Unfortunately, this is the most concerning part of the workplace. The employees get paid based on their gender are the worst thing that can happen in the workplace. But it is always a hot issue in cabinets to discuss. If you don’t want to be part of this one, all you need to do is just hire employees based on their skill and experience. And your pay should also depend on the work nature and skill set of an employee. There should be not margins for gender bias in your workplace. When you allow gender to play, it will be a major problem.

Interview Questions

This is complex. Do you ask interview questions for men and women differently? The questions enjoy inquiring about her children, child plans are the terrible things to ask and illegal. There is no business with their children and the projects, right? Questions about family and personal happenings are the worst things to enquire about in an interview. Any of a women’s plan of having a child will never disturb her skills and talent. If you need maternity leave, then deal with it. Don’t consider that fact in the interview itself. You may miss a potential employee. 

Fewer opportunities

Whenever you are unloading hardware boxes from the truck to the storeroom, if any women want to help, let her do. Don’t say no, you can make it, I can take care of it. If you observe deeply, there are many women who can lift more than men. See these things will prove that inequality is accepted in your workplace. If you have two best employees, one is male and another is female, so if you want to assign a higher position, don’t look for gender. You can assign or share the responsibility among them. As we see many women entrepreneurs are making a great mark in recent times. Provide equal opportunities to all. Say No to Gender Bias.

This is not a complex topic but an issue as well. There are a majority of companies where there is male domination in work. In your workplaces also, there should be well-maintained restrooms or washrooms should be provided. But in many of the companies, they don’t even pay attention to clean them regularly. These things can affect women, to whom a bit more care and cleanness are needed. Don’t expect them to clean. Keep the restrooms clean and active.


You should consider the way of conversation with both male and female employees. If you are addressing the staff, always use a neutral tone. Your words should be the same for both men and women. If you find that you are speaking with both men and women differently, kindly make some adjustments. You should fill confidence, positivity, and ethics in your conversation. So that everyone feels equal and can work better.

Glass Ceilings

Here glass ceiling or barriers are a major concern. When you don’t have any problem with all employees taking up an opportunity to move to the next level, let them go. Any promotions, designations, and responsibilities should not deal with gender. You have to provide equal opportunities for both men and women, whoever suits better for that role. Remove all the hurdles for the next level employees. 

Positional bias

In the majority of the companies, women serve as the first line of security. i.e. why only a woman can be a receptionist or a secretary. Why can’t a man can serve for that role or why only women should be assigned for that role? Well, when hiring employees look for their skills, experience and what they can add to the company. If you deal with gender, you may miss out on many potential employees.


In a company, we should not do the firing of an employee based on gender. If you fire and female employees for a certain issue, then when a male employee commits that mistake he should also be fired. Terminations should happen in a fairway. The rules and policies of a company should work irrespective of gender. 

Orthodox views

In the late nineties, companies used to ask female employees to wear traditional dresses. But for men, there were no restrictions over that matter. We are in a digital era. If you again look for an old fashion business, it will be unfortunate to lose employees. Let them wear what they like, what they feel comfortable. Don’t step into that matter unlike there is messed up.

Sexual Harassment.

Sexual harassment is a major concern in companies. But the sad part is that it is overlooked or not even recognized. In a field like IT- a male-dominated workplace, there is always concern about female employees. But at any circumstances, sexual harassment is not at all permitted. Never. Safeguarding the female employee’s interest is what you should aim for. Gender bias is a hard thing to stop. But if you look through the above aspects, at least you can understand how these things happen. So if you found any of the above, is trying to stop that with your best efforts. Make the workplace a healthy and safe environment for all workers. 

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