6 Best Test Automation Companies in India


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Test automation is the process of automatically running tests, handling test data, and using results to improve the quality of software. It’s mostly a measure of QA services, but its operations entail the dedication of the entire software development team. Getting the best out of test automation includes the inclusion of anyone from business analysts to developers and DevOps engineers.

To be automated, a test needs to follow certain requirements, and then this could end up costing more than it saves. One big objective of automation, after all, is to save time, effort, and money. Here are several general test automation criteria. These are points of departure, mind you. Depending on your circumstances, your requirements can vary.

An industrial automation control system coordinates testing issues, including test data management, test running, and performance monitoring. For teams that are getting frustrated by the responsibility of repeating the same manual tests that should be automated, test automation is the next step.

Test automation is one of the most suggested testing methods in which a particular program (different from the testing software) is used to monitor the execution of tests and to equate real results with anticipated results. This system performs some of the repeated yet necessary test tasks already in place or performs additional tests that are difficult to perform manually.

Test automation is an efficient way of optimizing a software product’s production process. Automated products, capable of running rapidly and regularly, are cost-effective and have a long maintenance life. These tests must adapt rapidly to ever-changing software systems and specifications when performed in a lively environment. The inclusion of new test cases is also not limited, as these can be introduced in tandem with the development of the program.

In the delivery of this process, a number of IT and non-IT companies are already involved. But there are a variety of other automation companies in India that are solely interested in the distribution of test automation with increasing demand, so they are related to test automation companies. 

Top automation companies in India 

Below is the list of top automation companies in India:


Appsierra is a world-class business that has been supplying consumers with viable and budget-friendly services since 2015. It has demonstrated expertise in fulfilling commitments and achieving outcomes, bringing an experienced team of top hires under one roof. Offering services like Quality Assurance, Web Development, Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile App Testing, and mobile app development.


Testbytes is one of India’s leading industrial automation companies that offers full testing services, including a specific approach to project testing, app life-cycle management consulting, test automation, mobile app testing, etc. They have been supported by an enviable track record of delivering research solutions and facilities on time to be one of India’s leading testing companies.

Testbytes is primarily focused on improving productivity and helping consumers accelerate the production or delivery of software products or services. The company provides top-end market consultancy, resourcing services, and implementation as part of this. Testbytes is funded by a dedicated center of excellence that uses the latest research methods and cutting-edge technology, made up of a committed team. This company, coupled with the emphasis on management, is a great combination to ensure value for you.


Cognizant, based in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States, is a global corporation that offers digital services, technology, consultancy, and operations services. Quality Assurance is one of its key fields of expertise. Test automation and quality management have a major role to play, with the tremendous growth seen in technological advancement in the form of smartphones, tablets, and modern operating systems that need to be continuously modified. 

Therefore, Cognizant’s experts seek to improve the company’s growth programs, provide reliable support across multiple hardware and software, test infrastructure, and ensure test coverage. Insurance, life sciences, engineering, media & entertainment, retail, technology, transport & logistics, as well as travel & hospitality, to name a few, are some of the major industries they represent.


Hexaware Technologies Limited (HTL) is an IT and business process outsourcing service offering company based in Navi Mumbai that was founded in 1990. The company specializes in enterprise solutions, application change management, digital assurance, infrastructure management services, and digital and business process services, and so on, providing a variety of software services in sectors such as banking and financial services, healthcare and insurance, travel and transportation and production. 

It has an integrated architecture to implement solutions concerning Hexaware’s presence in test automation. This covers everything from the design of the test case and scripting to test execution and recording of defects. Using this method, even the most complex and important tasks are automated.

Apart from these, some other advantages include test design intelligence, optimization, and automation. This implementation solution is often believed to contribute to a high level of customer service and to add value in many other fields, such as decreased delivery time, reduced costs, and improved manageability.


Infosys Limited, an Indian multinational firm, is a global leader in providing various parts of the world with business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services.

The test automation systems provided by the organization to its customers are not at all casual. These are carried out to the absolute satisfaction of the consumer and assist them to ensure that the goods and services provided on the market meet the expected quality level.


Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 corporation that primarily deals with consultancy and professional services for global management. Our unparalleled breadth of policy, consultancy, digital, technology, and operations services render us capable of achieving transformative performance.

In this fast-paced environment, the research team at Accenture allows client companies to introduce some new technologies. This is due to the ability of the research team to help businesses ensure the product consistency they provide and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Thus, Test automation is not a task that takes a lot of energy and time. It just needs to boost the concentration and attention of the person doing it. You should look for a career change in any of the above-mentioned automation companies in India if you are a certified professional in test automation.

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