8 Best Mobile Testing Practices Enterprise CXOs Should Know


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In the present digital world, most of the software developed is being used by mobile users in the form of application. There is a sea of applications available to be consumed by people. This has also increased the standard user expect from any application. And it’s very easy to switch to another option if the application is not built properly or if it does not provide a good customer experience.

To ensure a fluent customer experience most of the brands appoint CXO which stands for Customer Experience Officer. They keep their analytic view on the quality of interaction customer having while using the app. So it becomes very important to keep a close eye during the mobile testing of an app. As an app offering excellent Customer experience is something that can be the bridge to move from a struggling enterprise to a reputed brand. There are various best practices that should be undertaken to build a quality product for consumers.

Best practices an enterprise CXO should take care of during mobile app testing

Below are the best practices an enterprise CXO should take care:

Choose Right Device to test on

While testing a mobile app it should be well known the kind of consumers you are targeting. If you know this then try to find out the preferences of these peoples. To do this CXO have to go through good market research.

mobile testing serivices

Like for example, a CXO should know the people from which age group and region of the world are mostly going to use the product. Let’s say if the application is build to be consumed by a country like India so in India most of the users use an Android Operating Systems mobile device.

But if it’s targeted for any western country consumer then most people use an Apple OS device. So the mobile app testing should be done accordingly. Even the devices used by most customers should be considered while SDLC to fit into its architecture.

Define Detailed Test Scope

Various mobile testing services can help in testing an application efficiently and effectively. Developers can undertake various tests based on test cases, as many required.

But before moving forward to doing any test it has to be clear that what is the scope of the best. By this we mean that tester should define in detail that 

  • What is going to be tested during the test?
  • Which functionality will be on the focus?
  • What is the expected test result?
  • What are the efforts has to be done to undertake the test?

Start Early Testing 

It is always recommended for software developers to start testing as early as possible, preferably from the beginning stage of development. It not only helps in finding the bugs more quickly but also saves a lot of time wasted working on that part which has bugs. It ensures developers at every step that they are building a full proof application.

Even it also prevents a lot of stress, when a developer is required to deal with a large number of bugs altogether. This also increases the cost of development by a significant amount.

A CXO should consider early testing as a good practice for providing a convenient product for customers.

Test on Real Devices

Mobile testing companies provide automated mobile testing tools to run your application on simulators and emulators to check the working of application on different devices. But it is recommended to also test the application on some real devices on which your product is more probable to run. As it will only let you understand that the application is compatible with the device or not.

It will provide the information about the real challenges user is going to experience while using the app and if the results are the same as shown on simulators and emulators. This will help in building the product the way, it was intended to.

Perform Functionality Tests

It is a major step in mobile testing of an application. The CXO should make sure that all the functions are working as desired. Many mobile testing services these functionality test facility. It should be ensured that the app is having no issue with installation and updates. If the app involves any financial transaction then the transaction is happenings accurately should be tested. 

Even this step also includes the testing of usability of the application. By usability, we mean that your application should be easy to use by all kind of people if they are having some visibility or hearing or any such issues. The application must be following the usability guidelines like readability, accessibility, and icon sizes and recognition.

Performance Testing

Performance of an application is evaluated based on speed, responsiveness and stability of the app during use. It should be checked that how the app is performing when the load is increased on it and how quickly and efficiently the product is responding when many instructions are given by the user in a short interval of time.

Security Testing

Security is the biggest concern of a customer before using any application. The users only want to use the product that keeps the information provided and the tasks they perform on the app are secure and private if not allowed to share. So it should also be on the checklist of CXO during the mobile app testing.

Battery Consumption Test

No consumer will continue using the product for a long time that consumes a lot of battery. As it will affect the devices battery life and the user will not want that. Enterprises can easily loose their potential customer because of this issue. An application that requires a lot of CPU attention consumes more battery than any other app. 

Most customers will prefer using a less battery consuming alternative to accomplish a task. So these were some of the best practices a CXO must consider during the mobile testing stage to build a product that offers good customer experience. And a customer does not suffer any inconvenience while using the app as it may fail the app to attract consumers.

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