9 Penetration Testing Tools In 2022


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Penetration testing, called pen testing, implies computer protections specialists use to recognize and exploit security weaknesses in a PC application. These specialists, who are otherwise called white-cap programmers or moral programmers, encourage this by recreating true assaults by criminal programmers known as dark cap programmers. As a result, leading penetration testing is like recruiting security specialists to endeavor a security assault of a protected office to discover how genuine criminals may do it. The outcomes are utilized by associations to make their applications safer. 

How do penetration tests work?

To start with, penetration testers should find out about the computer frameworks they will attempt to break. At that point, they ordinarily utilize a bunch of penetration testing tools to discover weaknesses. Entrance testing may include social designing hacking dangers.

Testers will attempt to access a framework by tricking an individual from an association into giving access. Entrance testers give the outcomes of their tests to the association, which are then answerable for carrying out changes that either resolve or alleviate the weaknesses. 

Why do you need to do penetration testing?

Once more, penetration testing shows you where and how a malicious attacker may abuse your network. This permits you to moderate any weakness before a genuine assault happens. 

Practically every organization has a weakness that assailants can misuse. In 93% of cases, penetration testers had the option to break the organization border and access the organization. The normal measure of time expected to do so was four days. At 71% of the organizations, and the incompetent programmer would have had the option to infiltrate the inward organization. 

Penetration testing tools

Below are the penetration testing tools:


An intruder is an incredible, automated, and important penetration testing tool that finds security weaknesses across your IT environment. Offering industry-driving security checks, persistent observing, and a simple to-utilize stage, Intruder protects organizations of all sizes from programmers. 


  • Top tier threat inclusion with more than 10,000 security checks.
  • Checks for design weaknesses, missing patches, application weaknesses (like SQL injection and cross-site scripting).
  • Programmed investigation and prioritization of scan results.
  • Intuitive interface, fast to set up and run your first outputs.
  • Proactive security checking for the most recent weaknesses.
  • AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud connectors.
  • API integration with your CI/CD pipeline.


Indusface WAS offers manual Penetration testing and automated examining to distinguish and report weaknesses dependent on OWASP top 10 and SANS top 25. It is considered an important penetration testing tool because of the given features.


  • Crawler checks single-page applications.
  • Interruption and resume feature.
  • Manual PT and Automated scanner reports showed in the same dashboard.
  • Limitless proof of idea demands offers proof of detailed weaknesses and kills bogus positive from automated check discoveries.
  • Discretionary WAF mix to furnish moment virtual fixing with Zero False certain.
  • Automatically extends crawl inclusion dependent on genuine traffic information from the WAFframeworks.
  • 24×7 help to examine remediation rules/POC.


Netsparker Security Scanner is a famous programmed web application for penetration testing. The product can recognize everything from cross-site scripting to SQL injection. Engineers can utilize this tool on sites, web administrations, and web applications. 

The system is adequately incredible to filter anything somewhere in the range of 500 and 1000 web applications simultaneously. You will want to modify your security exam with assault choices, verification, and URL change rules. Netsparker consequently exploits flimsy points in a read-only way. Evidence of misuse is created. The effect of weaknesses is immediately perceptible. 


  • Scan 1000+ web applications in under a day.
  • Add various members for cooperation and simple shareability of discoveries.
  • Programmed filtering guarantees a restricted setup is essential.
  • Looks for exploitable SQL and XSS weaknesses in web applications.
  • Legal web application and administrative consistency reports.
  • Evidence-based examining Technology ensures exact location.


When known as Ethereal 0.2.0, Wireshark is an honor-winning organization analyzer with 600 creators. With this software, you can rapidly catch and interpret network bundles. This penetration testing tool is open-source and accessible for different frameworks, including Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux. 


  • Gives both offline investigation and live-catch alternatives.
  • Catching information parcels permits you to investigate different characteristics, including source and objective convention.
  • It offers the capacity to research the smallest details for exercises all through an organization.
  • Optional adding of shading rules to the pack for fast, instinctive examination.


Metasploit is the most important penetration testing tool in 2021 entrance testing automation structure on the planet. Metasploit assists proficient groups with checking and overseeing security appraisals to improve mindfulness, and arms and engages protectors to remain a stride ahead in the game. 

An Open source programming tool will permit an organization director to break in and distinguish lethal flimsy parts. Beginner programmers utilize this device to fabricate their abilities. The tool gives an approach to repeat sites for social architects. 


  • Simple to use with GUI interactive interface and order line.
  • Manual brute-constraining, payloads to avoid driving arrangements, stick phishing, and mindfulness, an application for testing OWASP weaknesses.
  • Gathers testing information for more than 1,500 adventures.
  • MetaModules for network division tests.
  • You can utilize this to investigate more seasoned weaknesses inside your foundation.
  • Can be utilized on servers, networks, and applications.

BreachLock Inc. 

BreachLock Inc. is an online vulnerability scanner for sites and requires no security skill, equipment, or programming establishment. With only a couple of clicks, you can dispatch checks for vulnerability and get a report on the discoveries that incorporate proposals for likely arrangements. 


  • Proficient PDF report with every one of the necessary details.
  • Incorporate into CI/CD tools like Jenkins, JIRA, Slack, and Trello.
  • Outputs give constant outcomes less the false positives.
  • Possibility to run validated sweeps for complex applications.
  • Outputs give continuous outcomes less the false positives.
  • Run planned or live scans with a couple of clicks.
  • Chrome-based module for recording login meetings.


Aircrack NG is intended for breaking defects inside remote associations by catching information parcels for a powerful convention in sending out through text records for examination. While the product appeared to be deserted in 2010, Aircrack has refreshed again in 2019. 

This penetration testing tool is upheld on different OS and stages with help for WEP word reference attacks. It offers an improved following rate contrasted with most other entrance tools and upholds various cards and drivers. In the wake of catching the WPA handshake, the suite is fit for utilizing a secret keyword reference and factual strategies to break into WEP. 


  • Works with Linux, Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris.
  • You can utilize this tool to catch parcels and fare information.
  • It is intended for testing wifi devices just as driver capacities.
  • Spotlights on various regions of safety, like assaulting, checking, testing, and breaking.

Traceroute NG 

Traceroute NG is an application that empowers you to analyze network ways. This penetration testing tool can recognize IP addresses, hostnames, and bundle loss. It gives precise investigation through order line interface 


  • It offers both TCP and ICMP network way examinations.
  • This application can make a text log file.
  • Supports both IP4 and IPV6.
  • Identify the way of changes and give you a warning.
  • Permits consistent examining of an organization.


ExpressVPN gets web perusing against three-letter organizations and scammers. It offers limitless admittance to music, web-based media, and video with the end goal that these projects never log IP addresses, perusing history, DNS inquiries, or traffic objectives. 


  • Servers in 160 locations and 94 nations
  • Gives online assurance utilizing spill sealing and encryption.
  • Stay secure by concealing your IP address and scrambling your organization information.
  • Help is accessible day in and day out using email just as live chat.
  • Pay with Bitcoin and use Tor to get to covered-up destinations.


Tracking down the correct penetration testing tool in 2022 doesn’t need to be overpowering. The tools recorded above address probably the most ideal choices for engineers. Recollect probably the best strategy to shield your IT structure is to utilize entrance testing proactively. Survey your IT security by searching for and finding issues before potential aggressors do.

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