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What is Firebase Hosting? How to leverage the power of Google’s mobile and web application development platform? Many more queries of a similar nature arise in the mind of developers whenever they hear of Firebase and it’s hosting service. So, it’s natural! Hence, if you’re one among them, then it’s time to be one apart from them. This is because today, in this blog, I’ll present complete know-how of this Firebase Hosting combined with its brief tutorial. So, gear up for an exciting journey with me through the world of Firebase Hosting.

What is Firebase?

Yes, it’s important to know what Firebase is? It is a basic mobile and web application development software from the tech giant, Google. Firebase not only supports the development process, but it also aids in maintenance, security, and deployment. 

What is Firebase Hosting?

Firebase Hosting is a hosting service (for the web content) from Firebase, if not going through any of the complicated terms. You just need a single command to deploy web apps. Plus, you can effortlessly connect both static and dynamic content to a universal Content Delivery Network (CDN). Therefore, with the onset of this Firebase Hosting, gone are the days of interacting with the cloud-based hosting service providers. 

Pros that make Firebase Hosting the MOST reliable choice 

The following features will further clarify your doubts regarding this hosting service from Google:

Content security

Firebase Hosting comes with an in-built SSL. So, there is no requirement for any further configuration. This ensures that your content gets delivered with no compromise with the security standards.

Lightning-fast content delivery

In Firebase Hosting, it stores every file on SSDs (Solid-State Drives). Hence, it guarantees super-fast content delivery to all your users sitting at different corners around the world. 

One-time rollback

This is something not common with other web hosting service providers. If by mistake, an error occurs in the hosting service, you can roll it back.

Better user management

Every developer’s main aim is to ensure that his app stands firm on all the expectations of the user. So, for this purpose, Google’s Firebase Hosting offers the following features.

  • App indexing
  • Dynamic links
  • Smooth AdWords integration
  • Real-time quick notifications
  • Secure usage

Wait, the list isn’t over yet. There are many more pros of this hosting service that are best experienced personally. 

How to get started with the Firebase Hosting?

Follow the below steps to host your web application content using Firebase Hosting:

Step 1: Install the Firebase CLI (Command-Line Interface)

To install the Firebase CLI, you first need to Node.js of version 5.10.0 or higher and JavaScript’s package manager, NPM. After installing these, proceed with the installation of Firebase CLI. Use the following command for doing so.

npm install -g firebase-tools Again re-run the command to get updated to the latest CLI version.

Step 2: Initialize your app

If your Firebase app is ready for the deployment, half of your job is complete. After this, go into the app directory and run the below command.

$ firebase init This command creates a firebase.json settings file in the project directory.

Step 3: Add your file

As soon as you initialize your app, you will use the project directory as the public root. This will be by default. This is crucial when you don’t own a valid index.html file in your general root directory.

Step 4: Deploy your website

Now, comes the much-anticipated stage of website deployment. There’s no rocket science to do so! Simply run the command:

$ firebase deploy This way, your app gets deployed at the domain <my-firebase-app>.firebaseapp.com.

Step 5: Manage and rollback deploys

After the website deployment stage, head to the Firebase Hosting panel. There you will get a complete history regarding your deploys. Now, as mentioned above as one feature, you can ROLLBACK deployment(s) in Firebase Hosting. For this, hover any of the deploys you want to rollback. Then, from the overflow menu, click over “Rollback”. Congrats, your app is ready to get accessed by the world. Also, you can customize the hosting behavior and connect to any custom domain.


Hence, this is all about Firebase, and it’s hosting. With an array of commercial benefits to individuals and businesses, Firebase is the future. It is equally efficient and appealing. Firebase Hosting is way better than the traditional cloud-based hosting and thus deserves every bit of appreciation.

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