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Information security has become the primary concern for institutions today with the gain in the number of security violations. Any violation of security can result in negative branding and formal repercussions. It is a requirement to execute regular security audits to prevent enormous security challenges in the future.

To resist such situations, Appsierra software has its extensive security testing approach designed. In this blog, we will learn about web application security best practices, test website security, testing services, and security testing in software testing. So let’s begin!!  Appsierra’s end-to-end security testing services follow the latest enterprise standards, and security testing methods. Our certified ethical hackers have huge experience in helping consumers across various industry verticals and institution sizes.

Web Application Security Best Practices

To maintain the adequate possible security perspective and protect your sensitive information against unauthorized access, you cannot only purchase security products. Let’s have a look at the list as we are providing a list of seven key components that we think should be considered in your web app security technique.

1. Incorporate everyone in security practices

2. Adopt a cybersecurity framework

3. Automate and integrate security tools

4. Follow secure software development exercises

5. Utilize diverse security measures

6. Perform security practices

7. Maintain a bounty program

Appsierra’s Security Testing Offerings

Assessing the security of your applications is our major priority. Our vulnerability examination and penetration testing help uncover vulnerabilities within your application and minimize the danger.

Appsierra gives a broad range of testing services under the security testing portfolio that encompasses the following:

  1. Threat Modeling
  2. Source code analysis – Static & Dynamic
  3. Web application VAPT
  4. Mobile Security Testing
  5. API security testing
  6. Network Vulnerability Assessment
  7. Cloud Security testing

Why do you need Appsierra Software for your Security Testing?

Coming to a decision could be difficult. As an ideal leader in the quality assurance space, we set recent standards and always fulfill and exceed the expectations of businesses and ISVs across the verticals. Here are some more reasons to select Appsierra as your security testing partner.

We have a team of certified engineers with more than 10+ years of experience in end-to-end security testing services. We understand the detailed scope of security testing established on the industry requirement. We also have experience in testing many domains and have recognized various critical business flaws. We adhere to the business guidelines and experts in utilizing several automation tools and open source tools. 

Our Security Testing Expertise

Security of the applications is crucial for any institution. Applications are inclined to vulnerabilities. Particularly after every latest release. We assure the application is completely tested for vulnerabilities before it enters the hands of the customer.

Our security testing technique comprises of:

  1. Custom App Security Framework
  2. Source code profiling
  3. Internal and External Audits founded on ISO 270001 and custom controls
  4. Expertise in Test Automation
  5. Deep dive documents with observations and actionable suggestions

Now let’s look at the security testing approach. 

Security Testing Approach

The objective of Appsierra software’s security testing services is to discover the probable cybersecurity dangers in your application and measure its possible vulnerabilities in the initial stage so that the application does not stop working or being manipulated.

Our approach differs across applications such as web applications, mobile apps, and APIs, be it penetration testing utilizing the modern tools or vulnerability assessment of a specific system. Below we have discussed security testing services.

Security Testing Services

As an initial step, we examine the weakness of your application. The second step would be to examine the security level of your Servers, Operating System, Business Applications, Databases, Software, and Network and Communications.

We select the right security testing method needed for your application. We report all vulnerabilities found, deliver a detailed document for you to review. And as an ultimate step, we give suggestions on how to stay protected. You can also read our detailed blog on cybersecurity. 

Security Testing In Software Testing

The software industry has obtained solid recognition in this generation. In the current decade, nonetheless, the cyber-world looks like to be an even further dominating and driving force that is shaping up the modern forms of nearly every industry. Web-based ERP systems utilized today are adequate evidence that IT has revolutionized our precious global village.

These days, websites are not implied only for advertising or marketing but these have been developed into stronger tools to cater to fulfill company needs. Security testing is performed to unearth exposures and security weaknesses in the software or application. Various categories of security testing are utilized by security experts and testers to specify potential dangers, measure the possibility of exploitation of vulnerabilities, and measure the overall risks confronting the software/ app. The actionable understandings from these tests are used to mend the rifts and minimize security threats.

Successful cyber-attacks and violations are known to deteriorate reputation, trust, and financial resources. Performing security tests is a crucial step in gaining stakeholder faith. You should keep in mind that security tests require to be highly adapted, the services of security professionals such as AppTrana can be leveraged to effectively accomplish security testing and get instant security as a portion of their Risk-based Managed Security offering to strengthen a robust security stance. 

To have a complete overview of security testing, you can have a look at our security testing article. Let’s have a glimpse of the key advantages of our software’s security testing services that we provide.

Fundamental Benefits Of Appsierra Software’s Security Testing Services

Several of the crucial benefits of Appsierra Software’s security and vulnerability testing services are as follows:

  1. Recognizing the risk early in the SDLC and minimizing the chance of being hacked.
  2. Specifying false positives and true negatives.
  3. Readily available Jump start kits.
  4. Delivering remediations for the found vulnerabilities.

As you have learned extensively about security testing services that we provide including web application security best practices, test website security, and security testing in software testing. We hope that you have understood everything and if you have any queries feel free to contact us. Happy testing!! 

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