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Best Test Management Tools That You Should Know!


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In the current environment where software tools should be grown quicker than at any other time, the testing measures need to accelerate because of time requirements. Then again, software quality is additionally imperative to support on the lookout. Accordingly, test directors should be more proficient in their testing efforts. Test management tools have restricted abilities. Regardless of whether it is tied in with test necessities, test case designs, test execution, or illuminating the teams about testing progress, and so forth a test management tool is pertinent. Indeed, even a brief issue in recording these details can effectively affect the venture.

Test Management Tools

So to deal with all the test case requirements, test management tools are significant. 

1. QACoverage 

QACoverage is another best test management tool for agile with inventive vision and work process to oversee Software Test Life Cycles even more adequately and productively. It supports test efficiency and gives believability to more readily deal with and control your set up QA measure utilizing exhaustive Requirements Management, Metrics and Reporting, Test Design, Test Execution, Defects Management, and accumulations modules. 

Key Features: 

  • Set up the traceability with prerequisites
  • Set up complete discernibility between necessities, experiments, and defects
  • Add, change, erase, copy, reorder and eliminate necessities
  • Capacity to transfer experiments from Excel spreadsheets
  • Characterize, monitor, and control coverage of your test prerequisites
  • Import and export use cases, business prerequisites, functional particulars, and other task artefacts
  • Consolidate static testing review measure with distinguishing the defects
  • Basic and simple admittance to concentrated, web-based test case repository
  • Capacity to monitor test plan status and prerequisite coverage
  • Capacity to assemble experiments in various organizer structures
  • Capacity to gathering and put together test cases by test type

2. TestFLO

JIRA presented an extra considered TestFLO that gives an extensive test management process into JIRA because of its reusable Repository of experiments by permitting test plan creation and duplicating. It supports an adaptable design for Agile groups and activities, smooth incorporations with imperfections and necessities by giving detectability measurements and reporting including all JIRA measurements and insights.

It very well may be incorporated with Continuous Integration devices like Jenkins, Bamboo, and many more for automated tests. They permit running tests from JIRA and distributing them constantly. 

Key Features: 

  • Agile test management in JIRA
  • Detectability
  • Test progress tracking

3. Testpad

Testpad isn’t a normal test management tool. It’s more similar to a spreadsheet than a database of test cases, yet not at all like a spreadsheet. Testpad gives predictable formatting, simple group cooperation, and extraordinary reports that make it clear how testing is going. The freestyle idea of the test plans can be utilized in practically any style: from significant level guides for exploratory testing to fully-scripted test case management.

Testpad is pitched at QA pros searching for a more gainful way to deal with testing, and at beginners searching for a move up to the wreck they’re in with spreadsheets. It has gotten a normal rating of 3 out of 5 stars on G2. One of the testers says that Testpad is a “useful application for guaranteeing predictable testing quality”.

Key features: 

  • Keyboard driven editor embedded with a javascript based responsive UI
  • Lightweight blend with issue trackers, including JIRA
  • Add new tests during testing, when considering new ideas
  • Testers invite by email, that doesn’t need a login
  • Drag And Drop association of test plans
  • Sufficiently enough to use by non-testers; get everybody to help

4. Test Collab 

Serving its clients for a very long time Test Collab flourishes to stay informed concerning industry patterns triggers the consistent advancement measure. It generally keeps clients’ convenience on top. A test case management framework that provides the highlights for agile and waterfall frameworks makes it a preferred tool for a community of diverse types of specifications. 

Choices to quickly import information for simpler relocation from different stages; consistent integration with test automation devices and well-known bug trackers are the most preferred features. Test case management features giving it an edge incorporates quick test case add, simple channels, reusability of steps, experiments, and test suites. Insightful dashboards and test measurements help managers monitor the development. Information security and continuous administrations are given the most extreme significance while planning the architecture. 

Key Features: 

  • Backing for custom fields to take into account association explicit requirements.
  • Characterize test plan designs on various elements like stage, environment, and browsers.
  • Test case forming
  • Computerized tests and get the outcomes detailed once again into Test Collab.
  • Information import and fare choices with help for CSV, XLS/XLSx, XML.
  • Irregular test cases task to testers.
  • Client rights oversaw at a micro-level.
  • REST API for all that you require from Test Collab.
  • A free plan that can be utilized perpetually (with specific constraints).
  • Assessment of time it takes to execute a test case.
  • Get failed experiments naturally added as bugs in issue global positioning frameworks like JIRA, TFS (as on date 18 bug trackers are upheld).
  • Supports agile and waterfall strategies.
  • Favored similarly by new companies and bigger enterprises.
  • Secured
  • Insightful dashboards and test measurements.
  • Reusability of experiment steps, test cases, and test suites.
  • This test management tool permits your test suites to connect across projects.
  • Connection issues (client stories, legends) as prerequisites with experiments.

5. Kualitee 

Regardless of whether you are overseeing trying in Excel or previously utilizing a product life cycle the executives device, Kualitee Test Management Tool removes the problem from your testing and makes group cooperation easy. It assigns tasks to the team effortlessly and consistently keeps steady over live advancement through our deliberately planned dashboard. 

One can incorporate a wide scope of tools and customize a lot or as little as you prefer including reports, channels, defect reports, and that’s just the beginning. Cost is intentionally kept reasonable and adaptable so it suits all sizes of groups going from single testers to 100+ group associations. 

Key Features: 

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Prerequisites Planning
  • Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Test case management and issue tracking
  • Custom Bug Reports
  • 3rd party Integrations
  • Individual and Group Progress Tracking

6. TestCaseLab 

TestCaseLab is considered a solid test case management tool that incorporates a  coordinated testing environment and proves to establish a high-quality product. It is a Ukrainian service that was made in 2016 by QA designers of the Gera-IT organization, which gives rethinking advancement services. 

TestCaseLab permits you to follow the majority of the testing exercises: making experiments, arranging them, gathering them in test plans and beginning trials, announcing results to Jira, and so forth The least expensive arrangement begins from $40/month for 500 experiments, and you will not have to pay additional charges per client! 

Key Features: 

  • Limitless clients and activities
  • Wide variety of experiment properties.
  • Test Plans/Requirements
  • Trials + appoint clients
  • Fundamental revealing/experiences
  • 6 distinct jobs to coordinate your requirements
  • Activity stream, history log
  • Constant synchronization
  • Announcing experiment results on each progression of the test.
  • Progressed search
  • Combination with: Jira, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, YouTrack, Trello.
  • Export/Import of test cases

7. Testuff 

Testuff is the best test management tool that has one significant selling point i.e. boundlessness. That implies limitless testers, tests, defects, and tasks can be overseen and detailed. Security is straight up there on its need list. With a profoundly secured and completely sponsored up environment, tests can be coordinated by progressive suites, branches, and projects. It additionally permits export and import information from an excel sheet. 

Key Features: 

  • Speak with group utilizing Twitter incorporation
  • Append a video to defect reports
  • Shared advances
  • Test Cycle arranging utilizing multiple labs
  • Allocate test to explicit testers
  • Incorporation with quite a few bug trackers

8. TestMonitor 

TestMonitor is quite possibly the most famous and famous test management tool known for its basic, intuitive approach to tackle testing. Regardless of whether you need QA, you’re executing enterprise programming, fabricating a quality application, or simply need some assistance in your test project, TestMonitor can be your most ideal alternative.

Key Features: 

  • Robust planning devices with milestone cloning and multi-analyzer run.
  • Exhaustive result tracker
  • Proficient help with the quick reaction time.
  • Smart reporting with different perceptions and filter alternatives.
  • Prerequisite and risk-based testing.
  • The ability to support numerous cases through an advanced test case plan.
  • Coordinated issue management
  • Progressive, responsive, and simple UI.
  • Third-party integrations highlighting Jira, DevOps, and Slack. REST API included.


Even though we have clarified more on the best test management tools, the list isn’t yet finished. Considering all these things, other test management tools are accessible on the market. We hope this blog will truly be of tremendous assistance when you are looking for the best test management tool. It is consistently fitting to take a wise choice while choosing a device-dependent on your project prerequisites.

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