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The coronavirus has feigned a bevy of challenges for the business. Besides posing a negative effect on the health of the people, it is snatching away the means of earning from the people. The Organizations are formulating effectual strategies to combat the virus. One of the best techniques adopted by organizations is to work from home application. Organizations are going digital and making the use of umpteen software to facilitate smooth functioning. Remote working or freelancing has now become a necessity instead of a flux.

Apps for remote working

Apart from this, work from home application proffers other benefits that help the employees to truncate the dispersal of the virus. It instilled a sense of security of income in the individuals. Research shows that remote working is likely to heighten the efficiency of the individuals. The adverse economic effects of the Coronavirus are truncated through digital platforms. Let us have a glance at the various software which includes work from home video editor, work from home mobile app, work from home software and Microsoft work from home etc. 

List of Apps For Remote Working

 Following apps helps in remote working during these bothersome times:


ProofHub helps the organization by proposing a plethora of tools that are required to plan, concoct, collaborate, and submit the projects. This work from home application helps you to complete your projects in an organized and systematic way. The management software possesses Kanban boards that help the enterprises in their operations.

With the help of these boards, you can divide your project into various phases and assign each segment of the task to various team members according to their job posts and responsibilities. The management can also integrate the time, deadlines, duties, and other priorities on the boards. The striking feature of this management software is that it has various timesheets and inbuilt timers. These attributes can record the time taken by the individuals to complete the task.

ProofHub has an accessible interface with an online proofing feature. This facilitates the various members of a team to edit and collaborate with the files and documents at the same time. The benefits of the software do not halt here. It integrates with third-party apps like Google Drive, dropbox, outlook, etc. and thus, facilitates sharing the data. With the aid of the built-in chat interface of the app, you can converse with the colleagues and superiors relating to the project reports. An “ultimate control” plan is available in the software at $89 per month.

Google Drive 

Google Drive is one of the best software to store huge amounts of data with the utmost security. As we all know, cloud storage is becoming a splurge in the market. It is used to store and share files and data with different people concurrently. If your smartphone has low storage, you can upload the files and documents onto Google Drive. Moreover, the data is accessible offline, which makes it a plus point for the software. 

Updating the data on the app is very easy and you can directly modify it. The storage of Google drive is more than even some of the smartphones. But, if you need additional memory, you have to pay for it. 25 GB of storage can be brought at $1. The enterprises can also acquire the “drive enterprise” plan which is available at $8.00 per user per month.


With a straight forward user interface, Trello is very easy to use. It helps the enterprises to complete their work in a systematized and organized way, by interacting with the different levels of management digitally. The various attributes of the Trello app consist of cards, lists, and boards. The higher level of management can disseminate information relating the tasks to the colleagues using the Trello software. The Tasks are proposed to the individuals according to their job posts on the Trello board. 

Once the individuals start to perform the tasks, they can shift the topics from the “pending” column to the “Under process” column. This helps the manager to know the performance of the employees. They can substantiate if the lower-level employees are submitting their work before the deadline or not. Once the operations are successful, the employees can transfer the task from the “under process” column to the “done” column.

Moreover, the management can also integrate comments or create checklists and due dates for tasks on a card. The app is easy to use and you can easily drag and drop the cards from one column to another. The notifications for the deadlines are also given by the app. The management can purchase the plan “enterprise” of the software which commences from 20.83 dollars.

Time Doctor 

Is your biggest weakness procrastination? Do you also face problems while working from home due to various distractions? If yes, then the Time Doctor software is ideally meant for you. You can download the Time Doctor application to complete the tasks and submit them before the deadlines. With the aid of this tool, you can develop a record of the time taken to complete various tasks. 

The hiring manager can monitor this record and hence, track the time taken to complete multiple tasks. You can also integrate breaks into your schedule. The tool helps to avoid wasting time by identifying the possible distractions. The best attribute of the software is that it is free to use. With the help of the GPS tracking feature of the software, the hiring manager can know the location of the employees. To augment the efficiency of an employee, the software can integrate various project management applications with it. 

The work from home application also notifies if the individual sits idle for a long time before completing the tasks. The plan named “standard” of the software is available at 9.99 dollars per user per month. With a plethora of software out there in the market, you should choose the ideal work from home software or Microsoft work from home, according to the needs of your organization. Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the Tech Giants have fabricated new software to help the people. 

Moreover, such applications are available at low prices or even free of cost. With a whisk of 2 to 3 software, the organizations can improve the efficiency of their working activities while working from homes.

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