This New Year, Bloggers Should Keep In Mind These Important Points

by Appsierra Aug 11 ,2018   /  


Did you know, that blogging helps generate, the maximum amount of traffic and revenue for most companies? In fact, it is the main marketing channel for the leading software companies. Not just software companies, but blogging is the primary marketing channel for all sorts of different industries.

Novice bloggers, who are new in the profession tend to make certain mistakes, as they don’t have much knowledge or experience. So, here we have an experts checklist, warning bloggers about what to do, and what not to do.


  1. Keep your headlines short, sweet and impelling (something that would drive, or urge someone to do something) or else your click-through rate will decrease.

  2. Headlines with facts and data are more likely to get shared well within the B2B community.

  3. Make sure that your headline is crystal clear, if the readers don’t get what they are reading, they will bounce off.

  4. Try to address the readers within the headline itself.

  5. Arouse curiosity when possible. It tends to help with Facebook shares.

  6. If you want to use numbers within your headlines, make sure that you use odd numbers. Odd numbers tend to get more clicks.

  7. Get an idea of what people would search for, in order to find your blog post on Google. If possible, incorporate those words and phrases within your title.

  8. You can always use headline-generating tools like BuzzSumo or Co-Schedule. Headline generators are not the perfect solution, but they’ll surely help you get started.

  9. There are people who scan quite fast through the headlines and tend to notice only the first 3 and the last 3 words of a headline. Make sure these words are powerful enough and create a deeper impact.

  10. You might use magazines for inspiration. Magazine writers know, how to create popular headlines.


  1. Make sure, that you check all your posts for grammar and spelling errors.

  2. Starting the introduction part with a question or a quote is a good way to keep your readers hooked.

  3. Use plenty of subheadings within the body, they’ll make your posts easier to read.

  4. Putting bullets and numbers is a good way to make your content easier to grasp.

  5. Open up to your readers, build an emotional connection with them. You can influence your readers through your words.

  6. Don’t rush with your writing. Let an idea hit you, plan the theme, perform thorough research and then write.

  7. Don’t beat around the bush. Get to the main point as quickly as possible.

  8. Writing in a storytelling manner makes your content more interesting.

  9. Wrap up your post with an impressive conclusion. A conclusion is usually a gist of the entire post. Make sure that the conclusion ends on a pleasent note.

  10. Using words like ‘You’, ‘I’, ‘We’ and ‘Us’ within the post, helps create an engaging conversation.

Idea Generation

  1. While you can always search Google, for coming across new and interesting ideas, but the best ideas aren’t typically generated from sitting in front of a computer. Interact with people, experience the world and let all your creative juices flow naturally.

  2. Follow your competitors religiously. Knowing what works for them, will help you generate creative ideas and themes for your own posts.

  3. As mentioned before, headline-generating tools like BuzzSumo and CoSchedule can help you come across interesting ideas.

  4. Google Trends is a great place to check out trending topics to blog about. You can actually check the craze for a particular topic around the world.

  5. Never force ideas, let them come naturally. Forced ideas have a tendency to turn into crappy blog posts.

  1. Customer decision analysis tools, like Qualaroo, will help you generate ideas for your website visitors.

  2. Subscribe to the popular forums within your community. The most asked questions on such forums, tend to be great blog post ideas.

  3. Browse through popular magazines or books to ignite new ideas.

  4. Whenever you feel, that you are stuck, you can seek help from your friends, family, clients or other people within your industry.

  5. Use Google Analytics to properly analyze your posts. Don’t write on topics that receive very little traffic.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned points will help you become a better Blogger in the days to come. Sticking to these points will ease your work. So, what are you waiting for? Keep in mind all these suggestions, and start with your next blogging.