Software Development Services From Concept to Code

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When it comes to software development, the first thing that we need to know is that there are different kinds of software development approaches. All of these are put to use by the Web Development Companies during the software development process, these approaches are collectively known as the “Software Development Process Models”. Every process model takes to a particular lifecycle for achieving success in the process of software development.




  • The Steps to Software Development

Thorough Research and Discovery Work

Undertake a thorough research about the project to determine the objectives of your project strategy. Whatever your motive be, proper research and discovery would help you know more about the target audience, the competitor websites and your brand positioning for the digital medium.

The Organized Project Plan

Planning becomes an essential component, based on this the success or failure of the project is determined. A project plan is constructed depending on the schedule requirements and team availability. This phase usually takes place in either of the two ways, sometimes a detailed project plan is built for the first sprint i.e the first run or the further phases are constructed as the process continues.

About Wireframes and IA

The Screen Blueprints or Skeletal Frameworks of the pages in your website or web application are known as the wireframes. Wireframes are made to illustrate and store the Information Architecture of the system being built.

The Information Architecture helps to chalk out all the important content and name the patterns which are to be used to tabulate and manage content on the website.

The significant benefit of wireframing is that it permits the quick proof-of-concept visualization of the UI

The Design Stage

This is the stage for all the glamour and magic. The dull and monotonous wireframes are turned into pixel-perfect sculptures of colour, line, and type.This takes into account typographic hierarchy, setting up calls to action, marking a colour scheme, deducing appropriate contrast and lots more. The work is normally begun with one concept and continued with around three cycles of revisions on the selected concept. After which the designs for the different varieties of templates used on the website are designed.

Prototypes or Steroid Induced Wireframes

The design templates are taken and the HTML/CSS is coded to display how the website or user interface would appear on the browser. You might go through the pages of the website and review the dropdowns, buttons and pop-up windows.


This is where we use the most crucial and powerful weapons. The website functionality is developed and the functionality gets linked to the prototypes. The pages then become available on the staging website for review.

The sole functionality, which is registered in the wireframe stage gets developed on the website.The extra transformations to the functionality, demand a Change of Scope request.

Testing Or the Evaluation Process

Much related to development, the testing team tests the software, after the development team is finished with it or while they are still working on it. The testing process is executed after every development sprint and given a budget and a particular timeframe for testing at the end of any project. Unit tests are also designed for automatically testing the functionality.

The Final Launch

The brand new website gets published on the production URL, after which you’ll get the documentation of the system and instructional referral for the Content Management System if necessary.

Summary at a Glance


Succeeding the proposal, the research, discovery, and development processes take place and the specifications are made. Then we find the structural wireframes being constructed, after which testing of the software begins, the development continues, the prototypes get ready, the creative design templates are inculcated and the final software gets launched. You should take assistance from professional website designing companies for major large-scale Development work.