Do You Know About The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing?

by Appsierra Aug 10 ,2018   /  

You must have heard of Artificial Intelligence here and there, but you might not know, what it exactly means. Well, Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems which are able to perform tasks normally requiring Human Intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages, but did you know that much like humans, Artificial Intelligence is not just a temple of knowledge, but it is also able to socialise and simulate emotions?

Till this time, marketers were hesitant to incorporate artificial intelligence into their marketing strategies, but with the growing demand for Digital Marketing amongst businesses across various industries, most marketing managers have begun to seek the help of smart marketing methodologies, based on Artificial Intelligence.


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Personalized User Experience


User Experience is the most crucial area where Artificial Intelligence can do wonders. A “Customer” is the king of any business and “Content” is the king for a marketer. If a Content Writer/Content Marketer can align the Content Marketing strategy with Artificial Intelligence, it could create a massive impact. With further advancements in Artificial Technology, the data/information that is collected, data like customer searches, buying behaviour, customer interests etc can be manipulated according to preference and customized content campaigns can be conducted on the basis of it. The benefit of it is this is that it can be done for every single customer or prospect.



Chatbots are another example of AI interference in enhancing user experience. It helps conduct a conversation via auditory or textual methods. “Chatbots” are programmed to interact with customers on the basis of the data that it receives. The normal “Chatbox” and “Text Communication” procedures will soon be changed by a multi-dimensional communication system with sensory abilities such as voice and touch. This would personalize the entire experience for users, as they receive the impression of talking to a real walking, talking person with emotions.

Augmented Reality



“Augmented Reality”, another spectacular aspect of AI can be leveraged to provide consumers with an option to see and feel the product before actual purchase. This would make decision making easy for customers as they are able to perceive the product even before purchasing. This stimulates a faster response from the customer and in turn leads to an increase in the revenue.

Simplify Your Decision Making Process With Predictive Marketing


Every time a user browses on the internet; new data is generated and collected for Artificial Intelligence Analysis. This data can disclose specific information like user needs, behaviour and future actions. Based on this information, digital marketing can be optimized to supply the most useful information. Social Media Outreach also gives out personal information about a section of the audience, making it easy for the marketers to create targeted campaigns based on the growing demand.

Usage Of Image Recognition To Get Maximum Return On Investment


Earlier, 'Image Recognition', was restricted to identifying isolated objects in an image, but with the huge progress in Artificial Intelligence enabled software, it's now possible to receive detailed description about an image. AI technology doesn’t only help recognise isolated objects, but also helps recognise human faces. Face Recognition is very common these days.
This extraordinary technology can be used in a variety of useful ways for various sectors. For the banking and financial sectors, AI-enabled image recognition helps influence faster payment processes and intensifies custom security.


As we know, Social Media is a large source of images. On all the Social Media Platforms, images receive 2.3X more engagement with the public. The enormous amount of images can be put to use by AI, to understand consumer patterns, behaviours and needs. The AI Software searches for images around social media and compares it to the large image library to make decisions and come to conclusions. For example, a fast-food manufacturer’s brand success can be measured on the basis of photos and other data on Social Media. We can comprehend the buyer demographics like age group, gender etc and also track geographical success potential, such as whether the particular fast food is consumed more at the beach, park, supermarket, theatre and so on. This will help align marketing strategies accordingly, in order to extract the maximum amount of “Return On Investment”.

Artificial Intelligence, A Boon To The World Of Digital Marketing


Thanks to AI, nowadays we know our customers way better than we did, about a decade back. Artificial Intelligence and its associated technologies are helping bring marketers and customers closer to each other in the upcoming years, as customers have a good understanding of a product and marketers have a good understanding of consumers.
Artificial Intelligence works as the magical connecting link between the two of them and it would be fascinating to see how AI benefits Digital marketing trends in 2018. The positive outcomes of it will be Optimized Decision Making, Better Sales-Cycle and “Predictive” Buying and Selling Process. One thing that’ll surely happen for the good is that Customers and Brands will be winners in this war. Let’s see how sales get multiplied, pipelines get strengthened and customers get influenced by the influx of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.


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