5 Things To Remember Before Choosing A Domain Name For Your Business

by Appsierra Aug 10 ,2018   /  

Have you been running a small business for quite some time, but you haven’t yet taken it online? In such cases, the chances are that you still don’t have a domain name for your company. In order to properly market your business and send the general public to a centre packed with information regarding your products and services, you should purchase a domain name as soon as possible. Before purchasing a domain name, you must keep in mind that domain names must be short. Long domain names are hard to remember, hard to spell over the phone and tricky to fit onto business cards.

A domain name is usually the keyword that people type into their address bar, whenever they want to visit your website. In our case, it is AppSierra.com.

Let me tell you a little trick. You should always keep your domain name short and memorable. Keeping it precise will make it easier for people to find your business online.

Before launching yourself and buying a domain name, don’t forget to keep in mind these 5 important things. For suggestions regarding domain name reach out to AppSierra's Digital Marketing team.


1. Is The Dot-Com Version Available?



We have innumerable domain name extensions to choose from. The most popular amongst them include .com, .co, .uk, .net, .org, .info and .biz, but local extensions like .delhi and industry-specific extensions like .photography or .tech are also becoming popular these days.

The harsh truth is that if more and more people set up their business online, fewer dot-com names will remain to choose from. So, it's actually urgent to act fast and secure a domain name that works for your business.

From the SEO point of view, there is no profit or penalty in having either a dot-com domain name or any of the newer extensions. Results show that .com, .edu and .org domain names have a tendency to rank the best on Search Engine Result Pages for competitive terms.

The simplest funda to let people find your business is to use domain names like .com, .co or .in, as these names are most commonly used and more likely to be remembered.


2. Does Your Domain Name Resemble A Competitors Domain Name?



Before purchasing a domain, you should ensure that it's not too similar to any of your competitors. For example, if you want to buy from BestWeddingJewellery.co.in, but then there exists another company with the same domain name but a different extension like .com, in such case people might accidentally get redirected to the wrong website. If you are worried that your domain name is too similar to that of a competitor’s, then try out some original and innovative ideas, like you can use [businessname][industry].com or completely remove the industry and have a shorter domain name which won’t lead people to the wrong website.

There are innumerable different options to consider when it comes to selecting a domain name. Playing around with all the combinations and selecting the right one is the most sensible approach to take.


3. The Name Should Be Easy To Spell, Easy To Read And Easier To Say Out Loud



Doesn’t matter whether you run a housing store or you trade exclusively online, a simple domain name that’s easy to pronounce, spell and write is most important. Word of mouth is a great way to market and helps bring in new customers to your website, so the simpler the domain name is, the better it is.

Short domain names are considered to be of a higher calibre because they are catchy, prominent, easier to read and remember and they occupy less room. So you can easily use them on your printed marketing materials, like brochures, magazines and business cards.

The greatest disadvantage of short domain names is that shorter domain names tend to be already registered and are more competitive than usual.


4. Keep Other Extensions And Handles Available To Protect Your Brand



It does not matter whether you have a one-man business or you’re growing your business every month. It's always more important to plan for the future and protect your valuable assets. Domain names and social media handles are no exception and maintaining a consistent brand across every network can help clients or consumers find you very easily. This will, in turn, increase the trust and the conversion rates.

It's always more sensible to purchase a domain name that can have appropriate and consistent social media handles.

Make use of a website like namechk which browses through the internet and checks properly to see whether your name is available as .com, .net, .org, .co or .in domain names, after which it shows you the list of all the social networking platforms and online services which have your username available. Register as many as you can to protect your brand. Buy every domain resembling your domain name with minor differences in the spelling or a different extension. You can even buy additional domain names to boost your website’s search engine optimisation and drive more traffic to your site. If a competitor closes down, you can buy their domain name and redirect their traffic to your website. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?


5. Winding Up



All of you who are on a mission to grow their brand online must positively purchase a domain name and set up their website. You’ll be able to increase your brand online and have a dedicated hub where you’ll share interesting news and impressive content as well as let people find out everything about your products and services. The faster you set up your domain name and start running it, the sooner you can begin working on a digital marketing strategy and start making money online. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog. For any help or suggestions on how to implement an effective Digital Marketing Strategy, contact AppSierra, one of the best digital marketing company situated in Noida India. Lots of good luck for the future!