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How Automation Testing Demand is Growing?

Nov 12, 2019/Quality Assurance/

Over the years, software testing has undergone an unbelievable change. Automated testing tools make the job of testing software and applications easier, effective, efficient and more reliable.


Software testing is crucial for any activity in the manufacturing and release of software and applications. It is a time taking and resource-consuming process that must be undertaken before a product is released or when the product encounters problems after it is deployed. Testing may be done in various ways; however, in recent years, automation testing tools have been introduced to assist in the testing process. AppSierra is one of the best automation testing company situated in Noida, India. Contact for your projects and queries.


Software Testing, The Process, And The Problems Encountered


  • Software Testing is the process of evaluating all the attributes or capabilities of a software program, application, or system and integrating all the results as a whole to determine whether or not the product can meet the required results.

  • The main problem of software testing is that despite its availability, necessity, and wide usage, the process remains a craft that can only be performed by the most seasoned and experienced testers; an art, so to speak. This is because not everyone has in-depth and exhaustive knowledge of all the factors and elements of software applications. Fortunately, there are already automated tools that may be used for the testing needs of software development companies and organizations. Although, this may still be out of reach for a lot of those who need it the most.

  • This difficulty in the testing process originates from the complex and multi-faceted nature of software applications. These are not merely programs meant to perform a single function. These are highly technical and sophisticated products meant to perform a wide array of functions for the assistance of the human counterpart. For a program to be usable, it must be tested in all its aspects and capabilities, to the extent that the process may take a considerable amount of time.


  • Testing is not merely the determination and detection of bugs and errors in a program. Testing can be done for a variety of purposes, such as quality checking and assurance, function verification and validation, reliability estimation and final evaluations. This can be used as an avenue for obtaining the metrics of a program as well.


The Growing Need For Automation Testing In Today’s Tech World


1. In today’s technologically modernized world, automated testing is an almost absolute need in projects involving the creation and development of software. This has become critical for the function of software development organizations, with time and resources being on the top list of priorities that must be conserved. Although at the moment, the facilities for automated testing are quite expensive, there is no doubt that in the use of automated processes, there is a wide array of benefits and advantages that are not available for conventional testing.


2. For Software Testing, you should rely on the best Quality Assurance service providers, providing services such as offshore software testing, software quality assurance services, testing frameworks, Amp solutions, efficient QA services, automation testing services and so on.


3. Automated tools provide an obvious advantage in terms of time and resource conservation, without compromising the quality of the testing procedure, the accuracy of the end reports, and the efficiency of the testing process.


These give way for the performance of other checks and adjustments on the software almost instantly after the test. Especially, the use of automated testing tools allows the software developer to have more convenience and comfort in working out errors and bugs that occur before the software product is released, or in times when there is a need to provide customer assistance to resolve bugs and errors.

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