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Importance of Software Quality Assurance for Startups

Oct 21, 2019/Quality Assurance/

In an estimation of statista in 2012 quality assurance and testing cost 18% of the revenue of the IT company, Whereas this toll rises to 40% in recent years. Actually, it's great that companies are understanding the importance of quality assurance.

But in a startup the major strength of people is multitasking. Whatever it is the founder of the core team member they wear multiple hats and take complete responsibility of the work to keep the ball rolling.

So the process is smooth for established companies that can afford software quality assurance.

But what should a startup do- a newbie, riding on a roller coaster filled with uncertainty and lack of funds? Should startup go for testing?  

Before we move further with the discussion, Let's know about the Quality assurance.    


Now, what exactly is Quality Assurance? 


Quality Assurance is the process of making sure that the product is close to the acceptance threshold or not. A slight deflection from the path can result in bad quality software.


To Test or Not to Test?

Whatever you think, but the answer is obvious -Yes


As a testing, a product is very important whatever the size of the company is small or big, young or old. Good quality software is impossible without testing.

But startup says testing is not affordable, in reality not testing is more disastrous and economically losing in the end. So it's good to say you can’t afford NOT to test.


Thus it's important to discover defects as early as possible before it puts your startup in trouble.


There are some points to be considered when testing the quality of the software:


  • Progress of Development

  • Software Stability

  • Process Compliance

  • Quality and Evaluation

  • Test coverage

  • Code Complexity



Type of Software Testing

There are two types of software testing Manual and Automation testing. These are widely used to improve the functionality and robust application.

  • Automation Testing: It is performed by an automated program algorithm that repeats the process until the task is complete.

  • Manual Testing: It is done by the developer or tester manually, comparing the expected and actual results and detecting the bug or issue. They use applications simulation for real end-users behavior. 


Now the question comes why Software Quality Assurance required for startups. As we told you above, it will help to find and fix every small error that might be left behind because of a missing semicolon, a missing variable, anything. 


And let me remind you, a software if fails, it is marked as bad quality software, people will stop paying for it, and in return, the software business will go down in slumber.


Also, QA will ensure customers pay you hefty enough to keep your business growing. But, the thing is how you can manage the quality when you are pretty new to the business? 


The answer is simple:- Hiring a Quality Assurance team


The QA team will help you out by checking and report any errors during the testing process. Also, they will help your software to enhance more and more. 


The QA is required in three different phases of Software Development.


  1. Beta Phase: The Beta phase of software is the first phase in Software Development, which is quite close to the public release. At this phase, a Dedicated QA team should be working on the software already, testing out everything of the software.

  2. Pre-Launch Phase: By this time, your software will be far better than the previous Beta stage. Let the QA teamwork on it continuously. 

  3. Launch Phase: By this time, the software should be released, after the QA team has done their work on testing the software from time to time, making sure the software is perfect when launched publically.


If the above option is not feasible for the startup. We have a strategy for you.


Startup Strategy: Tips for effective testing


  • Create Minimum Value Product(MVP)

This is an opportunity of building an MVP for your startup-The simplified version is created of the future application that has enough features to satisfy the needs of customers initially.

  • Engage Everyone

If you can't afford to hire a QA tester for your startup- good for you! why? As this is a little difficult but it's for a good reason. To involve everyone in testing-from developer to manager everyone on the floor to contribute to the task. And concentrate on a common goal- to create a superb product.

  • Focus on the risk area

The testing approach of the whole application is not feasible. When you are approaching the deadline, you can’t polish every piece of code. You need to prioritize and remove errors from vulnerable areas by functional testing.


However, it is also suggested for the Startups to ask their developers to write automation testing from time to time, so that not everything will be dependent on QA at the end, making devs lazy enough to go on writing code without checking where they are making errors.



In the end, what we want to say is maintaining the quality of the software will help you maintain your business, and helps it grow to an indefinite extent.

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