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How Outsourcing Software Development Helps Startups?

Nov 13, 2019/Software Development/


Before beginning with the question “Why”, first we should consider what exactly is outsourcing in software development?

Outsourcing is the process of getting your work done from an external contractual supplier instead of hiring someone. This is actually a very much cost-effective approach rather than hiring someone at the beginning of the work.

And this becomes an every time dilemma for the business owners to select either in-house hiring or outsourcing the development. Starting a startup and managing it from the financial crisis is a very tough job to handle, considering the fact that, for some reason the in-house team may fail to deliver the quality software to the customers, making the customer unsatisfied, and ending up getting low reviews, thus hurting their reputations.

After the reputation is ruptured, then no one will want to work with a firm which cannot deliver proper software. And the business goes down forever, with lakhs of rupees drowned, a huge loan (if taken) and many others. 

Now the answer to the question.

There are many different reasons why outsourcing can help a business to grow better than in-house hired business. 

  1. Communication: Communication inside an in-house hired employees, when new, its nearest to nothing at max. But a firm which has worked on other projects already will have a well-guided team along with best communication in between them. This will also make sure that the development process is easy and goes head to head. 


  1. Who wants to be an HR when the team is already there?

The firm who has outsourced software development will no need of an HR because there are no employees in his companies, and he doesn’t need to go in the process of hiring the assets for the company. And one hiring mistake can lead to devastating and catastrophic results. 


  1. No adjusting time required for developers

The new devs joining your firm will need to adjust themselves fully before being able to work together. But the software development company you hired for the project has already passed through this stage 


  1. Time Management

When hiring a software development company, you give a deadline for the project to complete. Hence, you will get the software on the given time. And you have your own time to focus on other things as well.


  1. Did I say Cost-Effective? 

Well, this is true. If you hire an employee, you have to pay salary on a monthly basis to them, with the increase in the level of expertise, they ask for more salary. 

And if in the end, the business goes bankrupt, everything ends. But when hiring a software development company for the development of your software, you only pay them the charges for development and resources.


  1. You have plenty of Time as the Owner.

After outsourcing, you have plenty of time to think of other things like marketing etc. 

Just let the developer team do their work, you go through any other meeting or marketing that you have scheduled already.

There are many other different reasons why outsourcing is the best option when starting a startup. 

So How to Decide What's right for my Business?

To decide about outsourcing of your project,there is an illustration of decision tree below that will help you in deciding.


Or you can reach us for more help with outsourcing your software development project at AppSierra.

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