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Top JavaScript Framework 2019

Nov 12, 2019/Infographic/

JavaScript is the most popular and demanded programming language in 2019.

It has become the turmoil of modern mobile and website development. JavaScript is the most adopted language in the recent scenario that has led to the introduction of many frameworks to help and ease the life of the developer.

Many JavaScript flavors were introduced but went without receiving enough attention from the developer and software tester community. Even though the flavors were introduced by industry giants. One example would be Facebook's Reasonml: a JavaScript framework that is not known by 53%  of the developer.

This Flavor of Facebook came in the year 2017 and even after a couple of years the 53% of the web community was unaware of its existence.

So, we know that there is plenty of JavaScript framework, and choosing the right one for you would be challenging and time-consuming.

That's the reason why we come up with an infographic that highlights the key statistics from the StateofJS survey in 2018 and similar tech stat, to help you realize the top JavaScript frameworks in 2019.

If you are curious to know more about the JS framework then refer to the stats below.



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