4 Techniques To Encash On The Customer Digital Experience- 2021


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What is that one thing that keeps a customer hooked to your brand or product? Product quality, affordability, help desk interactivity, response time, etc. Rather it is the overall experience that a customer takes away with himself/herself after taking the service provided. The technical term for this is Customer Digital Experience (CDX). Thus, the experiences gained from various aspects via every virtual touchpoint that is possible to connect with your brand or company together is what makes a customer come back to you. 

Why focus on Customer Digital Experience (CDX) aspects?

Let us say that a customer has to follow up for a product’s exchange or return request with your website or mobile app and he/she is facing response time issues, or not getting favorable service options. In such cases, the brand’s credibility is at stake and the chances of the same customer coming back to your portal reduce drastically. 

Many similar areas imply the significance of having satisfied customer experiences. 

Let us look at them one by one:

  1. The experiences taken away by the customers are directly proportional to the brand’s loyalty and credibility.
  2. A fully satisfied customer tends to create emotional bondage with the brand and company’s name and is likely to shape buying patterns by recommending the business name to the known ones. 
  3. It is very important to keep a check and maintain the virtual environments of your business consistently. Because when a customer faces some issue while pondering over your website or mobile app or chat bot services, he/she is most likely to blame the entire company’s name for those mishappenings. That is what we implied in the very first point, the brand’s credibility is at stake!
  4. Having satisfied customer experiences effectively reduces rates of attrition.

Customer Digital Experience 2022 strategies

Out of many, we have gathered a few yet powerful techniques that will help you regain and position your product in the marketplace more competitively. These are:

  1. The very essential customer digital experience strategy for maintaining the desired user retention rates is having an Improved Website Architecture. A fast responding web portal defining your product range is far more efficient than having a website that takes a decade to load. Various surveys have proved that a customer is likely to jump over other substitutes and competitors if they are made to wait for up to 3 seconds when they visit your website. However, you can research and look out for techniques to reduce load times for your website over the web. Still, we’re sharing some very simple yet effective rules for reducing the load times. These include reducing the image sizes, cutting out on the number of plugins used, choosing a powerful and appropriate web host, and minimizing the re-directs from your web page. 
  2. Incorporating a virtual helping hand by making use of the right set of tools and technologies. Such tools include live chatbots, help desks, articles, and FAQs helping out customers for a more self-serving and fulfilling experience. 
  3. Maintaining the consistency of information provided across all channels. Displaying different information for the same services or product range across variable platforms can hamper the brand’s loyalty and can result in reducing conversion rates. For example: If you are maintaining a website and a mobile application for your business then you need to make sure that the customer is getting access to the same information across both channels. 
  4. Having clear and up-to-date information and providing the users with options to subscribe and avail for new offers and subscription packages timely can enhance the customer engagement and interest in coming back and referring to their network for doing business with you. 
  5. Easy to understand the web design and providing easy navigation throughout the website is another important factor that contributes highly towards a satisfactory user experience. 

Following these steps will take you to the higher heights in gaining if not 100% then near the success rate in achieving a full customer digital experience. Missing on any one area can cost huge amounts to businesses as the virtual market competition is increasing every hour in the current times. Creating powerful journeys for the end-users and maintaining technical proficiency parallelly defines your brand’s position in the market which in return attracts the target audience effortlessly. 

Techniques to understand your customers digitally

Here are some ways to understand your customers digitally:

  1. It is important to understand the needs and requirements of the end-users to provide better services and gain satisfactory customer digital experiences. This could be made possible by connecting directly to the customers either through a social media platform by conducting Q&As, setting up sales across various places to understand the affordable budgets and customers requirements more closely, etc. as it is known that brands that sell and are available across multiple channels tend to have a place above than the competitors.
  2. Encourage your staff and employees to connect and feel the emotions of the people they are serving. The cold and non-professional workforce can reduce the human presence of your brand resulting in rates of attrition. 
  3. Let the information flow through all the virtual touchpoints of your business and make your employees available with all the necessary information about the customer that they’re dealing with. This will help the workforce in understanding the end customers’ problems in a better way and open gates for quicker resolutions. 
  4. Having a product line of customizable services for your customers ensures that you care for them and their needs and are willing to put an extra effort to make them feel wonderful and satisfied in every manner possible at your end. Many businesses nowadays are adopting this technique to maintain a customer-centric business model. 


The entire customer digital experience picture might seem very abstract to you at the moment but is something that defines the bottom line of your business. It’s a very fundamental approach towards building a successful virtual identity for your brand that will ultimately help you in reaching your desired goals and milestones. 

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