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10 New Updates That Are Available With The Latest iOS 14.5 Update

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Latest iOS 14.5 Update

iOS 14.5 is the latest version of iOS and is officially here. If you own an iPhone, you will be receiving notifications soon to inform you that you can download the software now. While it isn’t as big an update as we expect from iOS 15 that isn’t expected to land before September, it is still being added with many new features and improvements to your iPhone. iOS 14.5 breaks and updates like an alternative for peace idea that will allow you to unlock your iPhone by wearing the Apple watch. It also has new Siri voices and a way for calibrating your iPhone battery life measuring to correct the faulty meaning.

iOS 14.5 Release Date in India

The next upgrade to your iPhone or iPad will now be carried out, iOS 14.5 is over. This app will be known as iPadOS 14.5 and not iOS 14.5 if you have an iPad. On its April 20th Spring Loaded event, Apple showed that the iOS 14.5 release date in India is on April 26, and it showed its timeliness. Betas for the beta are over, so the final update of iOS 14.5 can now be downloaded directly from Apple.

New Updates of iOS 14.5

Below are highlighted that time best things that will be arriving with the iOS 14.5 update, including how they work and why they should be offered a try:

1. Mast Support for Face ID

Face ID was exceptional until people started to wear masks, but with iOS 14.5, Apple is making it great again for Apple watch owners. It’s because as long as your Apple watches allow you to use it for authenticating your identity on your phone. Meaning you will be able to raise your phone as if you use face ID, and it will unlock with a buzz on your rest for your watch which has done the heavy lifting. Nevertheless, as this will be working for unlocking your iPhone, it doesn’t currently work with other things that rely on face ID searches authenticating purchases. It is still a handy workaround for users who have facial recognition blocked when wearing face masks.

2. App Tracking Transparency

iOS 14.5 includes some vague new privacy features known as app tracking transparency. It requires apps to obtain your permission before sharing activity and data with websites and apps owned by other companies. The sharing of data is often used for advertisements with Facebook for example using it. Still, by using app tracking transparency, you will be able to opt out if you would prefer, and Apple is instructing that users still have full access to apps even if they opt-out of this.

3. A Change to your Music Players

Previously we all thought that this change would be meant for changing your default music player in iOS 14.5. but the new update from Apple has confirmed that it doesn’t work exactly as expected. The new feature will allow you, users, to better their own choice of music players rather than the iPhone defaulting to Apple music, but it isn’t a specific change you can make within a settings menu. Instead, we will be using its learning to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts. When you ask for a specific song to support you, it will then ask you why you want to listen to it. It will then gently integrate that into your future listening, and that likely means that your iPhone will be learning to listen to music on Spotify and podcasts on the Apple app in the future.

4. New Emojis

The privacy features and ease of face ID unlock are fabulous, but most people only download iOS 14.5 for emojis. Over 200 emojis are added to your phone once iOS 14.5 is downloaded. The vast majority of the 217 emojis are different variations of couples kissing. In addition, you can customize both partners, skin tones and choose whether they are kissing or text to one another with a heart between them. Beyond those, there are many other new emojis added with the update.

New Emojis
New Emojis

5. PS5 and Xbox Series X Controller Support

If you are a gamer, you will probably appreciate the admission of support for the PS5 and Xbox series X controller as a part of the iOS. It will be a very profitable upgrade for anyone with one of these consoles, especially for the people who use the Apple arcade. It will give on the Apple TV remote exhilarating, and as the feature isn’t yet confirmed for TvOS, we will expect dad Apple will soon add to that too.

6. Crowdsource Alerts in Apple Maps

Many people aren’t going anywhere, but for those who do need to travel, but people use Apple maps, and there are potentially very many new features in iOS 14.5. You will not be able to report accidents, hazards, and speed checks on your journey, and presumably, if enough people flag the same thing, a warning will be appearing on Apple maps.

7. No more Default Voice for Siri

Four years Siri is still defaulting to the female voice or the male one in a few countries, but with iOS 14.5, you will be able to select the voice you want while setting up your phone with no default pre-selected. This thing will also come alongside two devices for English-speaking users to choose from.

8. Battery Calibration

iOS 14.5 will also let you calibrate your phone’s battery so your phone could provide a more accurate reading for the remaining life. So if you find the readings currently seen as this could be worth doing. Shortly this feature is only supported by the iPhone 11 range right now, but we expect it to make its way to other models.

9. Airbag Support

Ready to keep track of your key assets? You will need to download iOS 14.5 to use Apple AirTags – which allows you to monitor items using Precision Tracking functionality. To learn more, please read our related analysis. While it is a little costly, we have generally been pleased with the tracking/privacy capabilities and lightweight size.

10. New 5G Features

The iPhone 12 supported 5G, but those who had dual SIM had 4G speeds in place. All this has changed with iOS 14.5, which provides 5G networking Dual SIM support. In addition, you can now attach all cards to 5G computers. It also enhances the Smart Data mode, which enhances 5G battery life and reduces the monthly data consumption of your iPhone 12.

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