The Mobile App Development Process: A deep overview


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Introduction to Mobile App Development

Smartphones have revolutionized the day to day activities and business of humans. You can book a travel ticket, arrange accommodations, order food, buy groceries, and do almost any other task just with a click. As we all know, the dreadful wave of the Coronavirus is engulfing the entire planet. During these times, people have augmented the usage of digital platforms.

The mobile apps and several digital platforms are helping the businesses to build their brand, create awareness, improve customer engagement, enhance their revenues and entice a greater target audience. You can reap the benefit of this opportunity and transform your app concepts into a software. However, the mobile app development process is a step by step approach and requires critical thinking of the developers.

Mobile app development process

Various steps of the mobile app development process. Each stage in the mobile app development process relates to the subsequent stage. Let us have a glance at the various stages.

Discovery and Market Research

The mobile app development process commences with an idea. Once the developer has a concept or an idea, he or she conducts extensive research and market study. This helps the individual to know the feasibility of the project and discover new ideas. The research stage also helps the developers to understand the requirements of the process. With the help of comprehensive research, you can get answers to the following questions.

  1. What is the aim of developing a mobile app?
  2. Who is the target audience that can use your app?
  3. What are the important features of the app that can help it to stand out from the adversaries?
  4. What mobile platform will be needed for your app? Will you make your app using a hybrid, native or cross-platform?
  5. Is there a similar app in the market out there? If yes, then how can your app compete with it?
  6. What will be your overall app investment in terms of money, effort and time?
  7. When will you launch your app?
  8. What will be the marketing techniques to promote the app?

App Design (UX/UI)

The popularity and success of your mobile application will be determined by the user interface and experience design. The UI design helps to proffer an appealing app to the audience. On the other hand, the UX determines the utility of the app for the audience. Together, both the features help to create an intriguing, engaging and easy-to-navigate app. The design stage includes various other features such as information architecture and workflows, wireframes, style guide, mockups and prototypes.

 Information architecture or the design framework defines the data functions and interface of the app in detail. This also includes information about the platform and how the app fits in it. For example, an app that decides the working schedule of the individual fits in the System Clock.  A wireframe is the user interface design of the app. It exhibits the key elements of the UI through a pictorial depiction. Style guides define the consistency and standards of the app. Prototypes provide a glimpse into the functioning of the apps.

App Development

App development includes a number of activities that help to realize the coding of the app. It includes creating the development environment, various parts of the code, preliminary testing and creating the app that can be tested. The app development process helps in developing the project through three parts- APIs, mobile app front-end and back-end technology.

App Testing and QA

Testing is one of the most crucial stages of the app development process. This is because it helps you to substantiate the quality of the app and improve it. The developers should never suppress the errors as it can lead to malfunction or other technical issues of the app. The testing process is aimed at resolving the bugs. There are various types of testing like performance testing, functionality testing, etc. The testing phase ends when the bugs are resolved and the app is approved by the client.

App Launch or Deployment

The app launch phase makes the software ready to go out in the market. But before publishing the app in the app stores, the deployment of the back-end is crucial. Moreover, the developers can initiate a soft launch with a selected group of people or they can even publish the app as a beta version to get early feedback.

Submitting the App 

To launch the app, the developers should first submit it to a public App Store like the Apple App Store or Google Play. But if your app is meant for the enterprises, then you can submit it to an enterprise App Store. In order to submit your app, you should meet the specific guidelines, terms and conditions of the respective App Store.

App Support & Marketing

The last process named as the app support and marketing consists of two steps.  First of all, you should keep your app healthy. This is because when the users download your app to use it, they may face various issues related to the app functioning. Moreover, you would also like to increase the features of your app to keep the users engaged.  Meeting the modified requirements of the users according to the dynamic trends of the environment is very crucial. So, a good app maintenance service team can be helpful in this regard. 

The second step of the procedure is to promote your app. The success of any software depends upon its marketing strategy. You can create a marketing strategy that helps to drive up discovery, augment the organic instalments and improve user engagement. For this, the developers can also integrate the effective services of any app marketing agency to reduce overhead expenses.


In this era of digitalization, almost every person has a smartphone. The usage of mobile apps is constantly Sky Rocketing due to the umpteen benefits of it. Research shows that the app economy will hit the 6.3 trillion mark by 2021. So, by knowing the effective mobile app development process, you can reap the benefits of higher incomes.

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