Software Testing Basics: Everything That You Need to Know!


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Software testing basics

Software testing can be defined as the process of authenticating that software or application is bug-free, satisfies the specifications as directed by its design and development, and effectively and efficiently meets user requirements with all exceptional and boundary cases managed.

In this digitalized world, software testing is as indispensable to a business as a soul to a body. Even a small mistake in the formulation of software can cause huge losses to an organization. Due to the augmented importance of software testing basics, many companies prefer to integrate the services of a proficient software tester. Outsourcing software testing jobs help the internal management to focus on the core areas of their business. The adept software testers have experience in their field with simple and advanced software testing techniques and hence, can perform the testing functions in a better and more accurate way.

However, selecting the right services of a software testing team is a daunting task. Many professionals claim to have different talents and initially make false promises. So, you should always check the background and credibility of the software testing team before engaging in their services. The professionals should also know how to align their skill set with your requirements and have the required software testing techniques.

The cost of quality assurance is almost half the price of fabricating software. So, you should pay heed in selecting the appropriate services which can give you the best return on investment. But you should employ the services of a software testing team and outsource software testing jobs only if software testing is a secondary domain in your business. This will help you to save your time and efforts. But what are the various factors which you should consider before evaluating software testing jobs outsourcing? 

Let us have a look at them.

Integrate the services or augment your staff

To conduct a quality assurance procedure, you can either augment your staff or integrate the proficient services of a team. But, which of the two options is better? It is better to expand your staff by hiring software testers if your project is short term. But, it is better to integrate the services of a QA team, if you have a long term project or need the services of the testers for numerous projects.

Relevant soft skills

Before employing the services of any tester, you should align your cultural requirements with the team. Many QA professionals have excellent technical skills but do not have the relevant soft skills required for your organization. Such soft skills entail effective communication leadership, team working spirit, etc.

So, it is the soft skills that help you to differentiate between various QA Engineers. The team should be able to understand the strategies, needs and background of the management. They can only be helpful if they can align their efforts with the same pace as yours.

The geographical location of the team

According to the location, there are two types of teams- an offshore team and a team within the same country. Deciding whether you should hire the services of an offshore team or the team from the same country has an impact on your company. Teams within both the locations have their advantages and you should choose them according to your prerequisites.

An offshore team may offer you effective services at a lower cost depending upon the value of money of the country in which the company resides. But there can be other hindrances like language barriers, cultural differences and communication problems while taking up such services. Having a whisk of people from different locations as a QA team is a good idea. Some of the individuals can work from the organization, others may work with flexible schedules or some may even follow the remote working norm.

Technological innovations

Every organization wants to integrate the services of QA professionals who serve as an asset rather than a liability for their functions. Hence, before engaging the efforts of any such team, you should make sure to have cognizance of their technological framework and pieces of equipment. Their services should help you to improve the quality of your products rather than degrade it. The team should be experienced in your industry so that they can incorporate their refined skills set with your requirements. The testers should constantly aim at improving their methodologies to help you with the best of their potential.


No business would like to tell the secret ingredients of their recipe to their adversaries.  Spilling out the methodologies, tactics and techniques of your business to your competitors will transform your regular customers to become their leads. So, before employing any testers, you should make sure that they can maintain the privacy of your intellectual property. Such testers should not use your confidential information for their advantage or share it with your rivals.

Proficient team

Many testers claimed to have various skills and talents which they do not possess. So, before hiring any proficient testing team, you should make sure to analyze their talents. The team has different people like engineers, managers, etc. You can interview them before selecting them to substantiate their skills.

In the end, an innovative service provider who helps you to be at an advantage from your adversaries is the best option. You should also assess the testing team of your adversaries, which will help you to select yours. But before choosing a team, choose the applications for which you want to hire the services of the testing team. It is crucial to substantiate the skill set of the testing team from their references. 

You can also have a word with the past clients of the team and go through their testimonials and reviews. The professionals should be able to convert their statements into action. If you see an improvement in the quality of your software, then the team is doing a good job. The team should also be able to align its procedures with the dynamic environment of the industry.

Types of outsourcing

There are two types of outsourcing- incremental outsourcing and total outsourcing. 

Incremental outsourcing aims at hiring efficient services of various QA Engineers. In this type of outsourcing, the project is broken down into several parts and each part is proffered to a particular tester. This facilitates maintaining the secrecy of the organization by protecting its portfolio. However, the management needs to supervise the performance of each tester to make sure that they coordinate well.

As the name suggests, total outsourcing means integrating the services of a single testing team. The organization can save money and time due to a single team. However, choosing the team which proffers consummate services in the field is crucial.

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