Spotify Statistics 2019 – 2020: What’s Media Streaming App Future By Numbers?


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Now, you can use Spotify to listen to your most-favorite songs for the entire mood and every occasion. Basically, Spotify is the most prominent music streaming app released in 2006. Also, It’s providing digital music solutions throughout the world. And, offering access to millions of individuals across the globe. Hence, Spotify helps you to listen to your most-loved song anytime and anywhere. With Spotify, it’s easy to discover the right music. And, you can find the podcast all the time using Smartphones, computers or tablets.  Now, let Spotify play some great songs for you. Thus, you will enjoy from the millions of unheard collections every moment.  Spotify helps you to play tracks, artists, or albums of your preference. Also, it will help you set-up your own playlist.

By 2019, Spotify wants to report over 256 million active users monthly. Moreover, it has approx 127 premium subscribers.

Well, the development and research cost of Spotify in 2018 was 493 Million Euros. So, this advanced, cross-platform music streaming application previously got well known in Europe.  And it covers all over the world. Furthermore, it’s persistently developing popularity, guaranteeing its future development. Also, they will definitely reflect in Spotify statistics 2020.  So, the Spotify permits users to create their best music playlist. Additionally, it offers a huge number of podcasts, incorporating originals. Likewise, it is hard to discover any place or on some other medium. Thus, it accompanies astonishing capacities giving boundless access to your favored melodies. 

Spotify 2019, Full-Year Control

Spotify Subscribers by Region

Consequently, Spotify has become the world’s greatest music streaming platform by a few subscribers. Likewise, it’s beating market desires and giving users a gigantic music experience. 

  • Also, there are around 40 million tracks accessible on Spotify. Hence, it is the main impetus behind the development of recorded music income in streaming.
  • Here, we have separated the development of Spotify using region. To assist you with discovering the distinction.

Besides, it holds in Spotify users and subscribers geographically. Generally, Europe is perhaps the greatest market in both Spotify subscribers and Spotify users. 

Spotify Release in India

In India, Spotify released in Feb, denoting its quality in 79 nations. So, in the initial week of release, Spotify earned over 1 Million users in India. As of now, it has over 2 million users in India with a continually developing music streaming population. 

  • In addition to this, Spotify is the reaction to the rising test of online music piracy.
  • Besides, The Facebook organization helped it an increment, denoting its quality around the globe. And, also help in making it increasingly unmistakable for individuals to perceive.
  • Moreover, it has become the most well known online music service among youths.
  • So, as showed by the statistics, 77% had their loved ones as their hotspot for staying up with the latest music.
  • Usually, 50% of those reviewed stayed up with the latest music. Well, By tuning in to FM/AM radio broadcasts and 80% used YouTube for this reason.
  • So, Approx 52% of individuals are using their cell phones to tune in to their main tunes on Spotify. And additionally devours 2.4MB every moment of the top-notch user.

Generally, Spotify used for 148 minutes every day. By its users tuning in to tracks from 40 distinct artists of the week. 

Global Prominent Tracks on Spotify App as of October 2019

A month ago, Tones and I’s Dance monkey was the most streamed track on Spotify. Hence, it comes with 41.68 million streams around the world. 

  • Also, the second most played melody was Highest in the room by Travis Scott, with 36.97 million.
  • And the rundown goes on as it should be obvious.
  • Given the hits and many users, Spotify has caught the consideration of renowned music artists.
  • Thus, it has become a platform for artists to get eminences. Moreover, this platform is past the music streaming application.
  • And, it has changed the music business throughout the most recent decade. Furthermore, Spotify comprises over 450 thousand podcasts.
  • Also, it may incorporate games, and news podcasts too.

So, the Spotify permits users with an extraordinary office to transfer and furnish users with their gadgets. Also, that is the explanation over 20,000 melodies included every day the platform. 

Now, Spotify is divided into three major sections

  • UGC
  • Personalized
  • Curated Playlist

So, by the end of Quarter 2 2019, Spotify has recorded €1.66B of quarter income. And it is nearly one-third over, the rate reported in quarter 2 2018. There are around 3 Billion plus playlists on Spotify. Also, this playlist helps you know how the content consumed on Spotify. So, if you will develop a similar app like Spotify, contact the best app development company.

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