The Guide On How To Choose The Best Mobile App Development Company


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Key takeaways:

  1. What are the factors to consider before hiring the best mobile app development company?
  2. Where should you find the app developers?

How to hire a web and the best mobile app development company?

A mobile app is an integral part of a business these days. They’re as obvious as eating and breathing. According to the statistics from ComScore, smartphones account for almost 65% of the gross time spent on digital media. Other data from Smart Insights verifies that 90% of the above time is spent on only mobile apps. This summarizes how valuable mobile apps are to the business and that’s the reason why over 62% of the businesses already have at least one mobile app while others are on their way to get one.

Therefore, best app development companies are thriving everywhere. Thus, it’s vital that you hand out the duty to the most deserving company. That’s what is described in this blog. I have also listed the platforms to search for the app development companies and the major factors to look after before hiring a company. At last, you will come to know the steps to follow for the best results.

So let’s start.

Where can you find the good ones?

Searching for “Best App Development Company” over Google isn’t a good idea these days, due to the tons of results that are made available. Instead, search for the same on the following platforms.

  1. Clutch.co
  2. Goodfirms.co
  3. Businessofapps.com
  4. Extract.co
  5. Toptal.com

The reason being that these sites display established app development companies; app developers with ratings and reviews of their fees, etc. You can also filter the results according to your needs like budget, category of app, complexity, etc.

Factors and elements to consider

According to the statistics, 32.9% of the developers live in Asia, 29.7% in Europe, and 29.4% in North America. Here are some other questions and factors that you should keep in mind before you hire an app development company.

  1. Freelancer or an established firm?
  2. Ready-to-use or custom apps?
  3. Native or hybrid apps?
  4. What is the budget?

How to hire the best mobile app development company?

Here is where you deal with the big questions. read carefully and make sure you factor these in when choosing the app development company for your firm.

Size and global presence

The size of the firm you’re planning to choose is a vital factor. You must be aware of the number of developers, designers, testers, UX/UI experts, and QA experts working at present. Plus, you also have to consider the kind of experience they have. You won’t prefer an intern developing your app from scratch. Also, it is better if the firm is globally established and well-organized.

Check the portfolio

Heading ahead, it’s time to peek into the company’s portfolio including the past projects, client’s feedback, success stories, products, etc. This determines whether or not the firm will satisfy your requirements. 

Ask for their experience

Mobile app development is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a complex process. The number of apps developed by the company is equally important as the quality.They also obtain a profound awareness of the willful audience with experience. Make sure your desired firm has all these plus profound experience.

Contact and meet the company’s representative

Discussing everything regarding your project with the company’s representative(s) is beneficial for you and their team. Talk freely and make them understand your objectives and requirements to depth. 


Obviously, you won’t tolerate any sort of communication barrier between you and the developer. So, make sure that your developer is fluent enough to communicate his/her progress to you effectively and you’re able to understand that equally.


Pricing is what all matters at the end for you and the company. The end cost relies solely on the app’s complexity, scalability, scope, and amount of resources and time put into it. However, it’s better to go with the company offering all these at lower costs.Hiring a mobile app development company isn’t a straightforward process. It takes a while to get everything done with clarity and satisfaction. 

No matter what the size or revenue of your company, you won’t appreciate spending your hard-earned money without research. So, follow this guide for hiring the most deserving mobile app development company.

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