5 Industry Tips To Achieve 5 Star Reviews For Your App


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Aiming to get 5 Star App Reviews? But before learning that one question that pops up is, where is the direct connection between a high rating on the app store and the number of times an app is downloaded? Highly rated apps attract more downloads in the same way that a 5 star rated restaurant attracts more dinosaurs. People want to see the bed of approval before they part with their money or time. It shows that the number of times an app has been installed is what matters in the world of app rankings; in fact, rating and the number of reviews both play a big role. High app ratings and the high volume of reviews could directly impact our bottom line. 

How to achieve 5 Star app reviews?

Achieve 5 star app reviews in no time with these 5 effective tips

Asking for reviews

The possibility of users leaving a review without being prompted is very low. Our consumers want to use our mobile application with minimal interruptions but asking for reviews is an essential step in building our review profile. 

If we want customers to live a surreal life, the first thing we can do is probably the most obvious and not yet the most common solution that is asking. There is a probability of customers leaving a review when they have a bad experience actively. If you want customers to leave feedback for good, we need to ask. It is also essential to us as soon as possible in the customer lifecycle.

If your app has zero reviews right now, it is recommended to take the high touch approach to send personal emails to customers and users asking for feedback. We should keep doing that until we receive at least five active responses. Once we have those responses, we can offer to get on the phone to guide users on leaving reviews to provide a video to guide them through the review process. We should continue this process until we have ten reviews every month.

Timing your requests for 5 star app reviews to perfection

Sending notifications to ask for reviews at all hours of the day will irritate your users. You should time your requests by understanding the difference between a customer giving the glowing preview or angrily closing the notification.

When users are reminded to view your application avoiding the distracting user experience, the timing becomes everything. Instead of having a popup appearing on the user screen randomly, you should time it so it appears after a certain task is completed by the user, namely beating a level in the game, booking a reservation, or tracking a workout.

Already know that we need to ask for a dream view when we ask is of key importance. If we prompt a power plug into the experience, users will likely eye roll and close it. An effective way is catching them at a high point. If your app is a gaming app, you can ask for a review when they complete a challenging level. If it's an eCommerce app, you should prompt when you observe them enjoying your collection for a while. Usually, you should time it out to perfection for receiving the most positive reviews.

Developing an influencer program

There is more chance for a user to review a product if there is something in it. It's a no-brainer if we get an Amazon voucher for referring a friend, the likelihood is we will try hard to get that reference. It's the same thought process behind reviews.

You can incentivize your initial users and offer them something within the app that they might find valuable. Offering in-app rewards could be an excellent way of getting loyal users to provide positive feedback because they value what you are offering.

One of the best things you can do for obtaining reviews is plugging them every so often within the app itself. It should not be annoying or you will never get a review, but a banner on screen could work well. If you can offer a reward, this could be an incentive for people to write a review. You could offer in-app rewards or a gift card every month. If the customers believe that they can get something and help the app, there is a slight chance that they will win.

This will help you get positive reviews while improving relations with loyal customers!

Respond to feedback

Interacting with other users in the review section is crucial as it gives a voice to your brand and guarantees any negative comments are dealt with appropriately. Responding to feedback also shows enthusiasm for listening to customer opinions and working on changes.

People usually care about the product and want to see feedback when writing a review or leaving a comment. It doesn't matter whether they leave a positive or negative review. Your job is to acknowledge it and thank people and start acting on the feedback that you receive. 

If the customer is shown that you care about your audience's opinion, you will be actively earning people's respect, and they will ultimately award you with lots of positive reviews. You shouldn't forget to be genuine while responding to people because they could easily distinguish a template-looking answer from a real and impartial comment.

Delivering quality

If the quality of your product depreciates, then it is more likely to receive poor reviews. If your product is bug-free, it could deliver great UX and will work seamlessly. Delivering quality products is the vital first step for a 5-star product review.

The main reason why customers leave negative reviews is because of the issues with the product. If the consumer finds a bug may be in the payment process for the sign-up process, the possibility is that they will vent their frustrations in the reviews as no one likes the glitched products. 

So, if we deliver high-quality and well-tested apps, there is a possibility that customers will leave a positive review rather than a destructive one.


App reviews are essential, and if your developers spent months perfecting your app only for it to receive poor views, then it will not achieve the success deserved by it. We hope that these ways to achieve 5 star app reviews were helpful. When app stores beat algorithms on reviews and downloads, a poor review profile could seriously impact your bottom line. We should prioritize a working strategy for obtaining a five-star rating. It will help you in protecting the future of your application and encourage new users to download it.

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