Learn 10 Best Programming Languages in 2022


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The vogue for learning programming languages is very increased. Nowadays, people have one question in their mind and that is which programming language should I learn and why? So here we are sharing the top 10 programming languages 2021 either from a job or career perspective.

In this blog, you will discern the benefits and flaws of the most demanding programming language in the future including web development languages, programming languages used in most popular websites, and which programming language is best.  All these mentioned future programming languages have very applicable career scopes and job opportunities. We have made this detailed list of the most demanding programming languages in the future as per the current survey.

Top 10 Programming Languages 2022

Here are top 10 programming languages to learn in 2022:

Python Programming language

Python is the quickest rising and one of the top programming languages amongst its candidates. The useful thing about Python programming is that being a high-level language it is simple to learn. It is an extensively demanded language in the market and is named the programming language for learners since it is an open-source language, which is simple to comprehend and understand. Python language has broad applications, some of which can be discerned in Web and desktop development, machine learning, network servers, GUI based desktop applications, in enterprise and business and data science.  


  1. Very simple to use and learn
  2. Emphases on code readability
  3. Wide-ranging library support
  4. Open-source programming language
  5. Possess good community support
  6. Can scale complex applications
  7. Create prototypes


  1. Do not support mobile computing
  2. Slower under being an interpreted programming language
  3. The immature database access layer
  4. Due to Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) threading is not that nice

R Programming language

Manufactured by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka at the University of Auckland, R as a programming language was initially developed in 1992. R is a detailed and statistical analysis language, which motivates the developer to develop fresh ideas. R is open-source software, which operates best on Linux, GNU, and Microsoft Windows. Compared to Python, R is hard to learn. The application of the R programming language is in the area of statistical computing, data science, and machine learning. It is also recognized as the future programming language.


  1. Capable to run perfectly on different OS.
  2. Mushrooming community
  3. Open-source and free
  4. Comprehensive statistical analysis language
  5. Possess a very strong package ecosystem


  1. It does not have a security facility
  2. There are no strict approaches for programming
  3. Have a very bad memory management

Javascript Programming language

Javascript is one of the vastly prominent programming languages for Front End Development and is evolving increasingly suitable for Back End Development. It is quickly widening in the areas of Game Development and the Internet of Things (IoT). Javascript helps the developer in creating a highly interactive website. Javascript language is widely referred to in Web and Mobile Development, Game Development,  and Desktop Applications.


  1. Runs immediately inside the web browser
  2. No compilation requirement
  3. Highly multipurpose languages
  4. Accepted as the programming language of the web
  5. Simplistic performance
  6. A lot of resources
  7. Large community support
  8. Ability to make a wide-ranging range of applications


  1. Do not possess an equivalent method or copy
  2. Allows only a single legacy
  3. Different browsers comprehended it differently

Java Programming language

Developed by James Gosling in the year 1991, Java is a greatly demanding programming language, which is noticeable by its broad usage worldwide. The Java Virtual Machine creates the language Cross-Platform compatible. It is popular for delivering the most number of jobs in the field of programming, which is a crucial reason behind its gaining popularity in the developers’ community.  


  1. A lot of open-source libraries are there
  2. Automatic memory allocation
  3. Garbage collection
  4. Follows the OOP paradigm followed by java
  5. Gives stack allocation system
  6. Ideal for distributed computing
  7. Delivers APIs for achieving various tasks comprising XML parsing,
  8. database connection and many more.
  9. Capable of multithreading


  1. Templates limits are not present which build high-quality data structures
  2. Luxurious memory management
  3. Slower than collected programming languages, such as C & C++

PHP Programming language

PHP programming language has a fascinating story behind its innovation. It was originally developed to strengthen a personal homepage, but as per the statistics, presently, it has taken over 23% of websites globally. Its other aims comprise building Web pages, which are composed in HTML. PHP language is mainly utilized to create strenuous and static websites.


  1. A lot of influential frameworks
  2. Very easy to use for developing web pages
  3. Superb repairing with Xdebug
  4. Massive community support
  5. Have a huge ecosystem
  6. Delivers many automation tools to deploy and test applications


  1. Have no security
  2. Bad error management
  3. Desires extensions to a larger amount

C# Programming Language

C# is object-oriented and simple to learn the programming language, which is quick, secured and has ample rich libraries that create it the next best option after C++. Its first edition was released in the year 2001 and utilizes Syntax that is almost identical to C. It is entirely combined with .NET and has increased easy integration with Windows Operating Software. C# language can be applied in establishing Windows 8 and 10, VR Games, and in Game Development.


  1. Can function with common codebases
  2. Automatic updateable and scalable
  3. Component-oriented programming language
  4. Object-oriented programming language
  5. Combined with the .NET library
  6. Excellent for all categories of Windows development
  7. Possess library functions
  8. Sets of data types
  9. Supports type safety
  10. Rapid compilation
  11. Quick Execution times


  1. Allows pointers in ‘unsafe’ blocks
  2. Gives less flexibility as compared to C++
  3. Requires decent effort and time to learn
  4. Correcting mistakes need skills and expertise

C++ Programming language

C++ is assessed as one of the most highly efficient and adaptable to utilize programming languages. It has built a never-fading demand in the market because of its great performance and dependability. It further supports OOPS and maintains rich libraries. The application of C++ can be discerned in Game Development, Desktop Applications, Web and Mobile Solutions, and Embedded Systems.


  1. An abundant of libraries and compilers
  2. Quicker programs performances
  3. Known as the language of option
  4. Gives an excessive degree of transferability
  5. Simple to understand programs
  6. Rich function library
  7. Support exception handling
  8. Support function overloading


  1. Complex syntax
  2. Less well-organized object-oriented system
  3. Absence of dynamic memory allocation or garbage collection
  4. Absence of run-time checking
  5. Have various issues of memory corruption

SCALA Programming language

Evolved in early 2000, SCALA was designed to unravel the issue that we confront in Java. SCALA is recognized to support Object-Oriented and Functional programming, which can be statically typed, assembled in Java Byte Code, and can be implemented in Java Virtual Machine.


  1. Simple to Pick Up
  2. Adequate IDE Support
  3. Have an enormous Scalability
  4. Good for Data Analytics
  5. Highly Functional programming language


  1. Have limited developer pool
  2. Not easy to comprehend

SWIFT Programming Language

SWIFT is a general-purpose, open-source, collected programming language formulated by Apple. So, if you like using iOS apps and wish to formulate native iOS or Mac apps, then SWIFT is the one for you. It is impacted by Python which makes it quick, easy to read, secure, and most greatly easy to learn.


  1. It is backed by Apple
  2. Have a better scalability
  3. Modern features can be added easily
  4. Inspires developers for writing readable and clean code
  5. Highly readable
  6. It is very quick when compared to other programming languages.


  1. Do not have much community support
  2. Limited resources
  3. Volatile
  4. No support for legacy projects
  5. Only used for later apps or iOS7

KOTLIN Programming Language

A Google endorsed presently the most valuable programming language KOTLIN was initially developed by JetBrains, which is entirely operable with Java and arrives with no limitations. It further supports functional programming languages. The application of KOTLIN is for Android Development, Desktop Development, Web Development, and Server Side Development.


  1. A good compiler
  2. A productive programming language
  3. Delivers an improved run-time performance
  4. Absence of raw types


  1. Changeable compilation speed
  2. Less Kotlin specialists for hire

Altogether the above-mentioned list of programming languages is trending and top 10 programming languages of the future which has garnered a stunning student base because of a favorable and affluent career. For more information on Future programming languages 2021, contact Appsierra today and receive all your queries resolved to your satisfaction.

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