Top 20 Automation Testing tools for Automation 2022


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Automation tests mean software applications that automatically perform test cases without any human interference and generate the test results.

The manual evaluation is one step ahead. It greatly saves human resources and time and therefore leaves little to little room for error in research. Once ready, automatic testing may be conducted many times, thus minimizing the redundancy of manual labor.

With the increased need for IT automation, a range of best automation software testing tools are currently available.

Automation Testing Tools

Various types of automation testing tools are given below:


LambdaTest is the best desktop and web automation research platform. With LambdaTest, the combination of 2000+ desktop and smartphone browsers helps you to run manual and automatic cross-browser testings in the language you like Python, Javascript, and others.


TestComplete is one of the top automation testing tools for desktop, tablet, and network testing platforms. With TestComplete, you can develop and run UI testing in your preferred languages, like Python, JavaScript, VBScript, and more, with the durable record and playback capability or through the use of scripts.

QMetry Automation Studio

QMetry Automation Studio(QAS) is a pioneering Eclipse IDE automation software and open-source, selenium and appium platforms. QMetry Automation Studio offers automation efforts with layout, reliability, and reusability.


TestProject is a 100% FREE end-to-end site, smartphone, and API test automation tool. Better still, thousands of dedicated customers are sponsored by the #1 test automation community. TestProject is Gartner’s highly-rated free automation platform, averaging 4.6/5 stars.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a complete research platform covering API, Network, laptop, and smartphone testing. It has a range of A-by-Z functions: record actions, create test cases, generate test scripts, carry out tests, monitor outcomes, and integrate with many other resources in the program’s development.


Testsigma has represented the beginning of a new age of intelligent automation that better fits today’s Agile and DevOps industry and is one best automation testing tool possible. Testsigma is one of the automation software testing tools powered by AI that uses simple English to automate even complicated tests and meets constant distribution criteria.


Qualibrate is a new 3-in-1 automation research system that improves the way teams record, monitor, and produce training materials for end-users.


Worksoft provides the leading industrial QA automation tools Agile-plus-DevOps for dynamic business applications. Out-of-the-box optimizations for more than 250 popular Web and Cloud applications provide unprecedented assistance for web and cloud applications.

ZeuZ Test Automation Framework

ZeuZ Automation Solutionz is a comprehensive Web, Smartphone, Desktop, API, and Cloud QA automation tools. It is an all-in-one scriptless, easy-to-use framework that helps testers build a dynamic workflow in one simple phase on any platform.

21 – Connecting Testing And Production Autonomously

21 is an application and review application based on AI for iOS and Android.

21 Offers:

  • Quick and smart authoring: Authoring with AI allows users to create automated functional and design tests for minutes.
  • Results we trust: The advanced algorithmic locator method effortlessly handles the locators.
  • Eradicates maintenance and flaky results: Maintenance self-learning updates tests autonomously and ensures that the team can design new functionality based on test results.
  • Trust release: Development integration detects the data required to close the feedback loop, analyses the actual coverage, and points to app areas that optimize your ROI.


The testimony uses a special technology for Robotic Test Automation (RTA) to re-invent the SAP regression test. The DevOps and Test Automation platform, produced by Base Technology, is specifically designed for SAP software.


It is the #1 platform for automation testing of web applications. In different browsers and operating, systems Selenium can be executed. The programming language and automation research systems are compatible with Selenium.


Subjet7 is an end-to-end test automation cloud-based non-code platform. It’s creative, easy-to-use software supports a wide variety of test automation applications, including online, tablet, desktop, databank, web services, loading, protection, and 508/accessibility checking.


Appium test automation framework is designed primarily for mobile applications. The beneficial point is that it is a platform that offers open sources. It facilitates the automation of native, hybrid, and smartphone iOS and Android web apps. Appium is based on client and server architecture, using vendor-supplied automation frameworks.

Micro Focus UFT

Micro Focus UFT is one of the best automation testing tool for functional testing, a single functional testing (UFT) platform provided by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. It was previously classified as a technical QuickTest (QTP). It puts together developers and testers under one platform and offers high-performance testing solutions for automation. It is less complex and cost-friendly for practical testing.

Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio is a comprehensive test automation solution. It is optimal for Interface, control, loading, and API checking. We can test smartphone, online, and desktop apps.


Ranorex Studio is a desktop, web, and mobile testing platform for more than 4,000 businesses worldwide. It is fast, but for automation experts with complete IDE for beginners with an uncoded click-and-go interface.

IBM Rational Functional Tester

This tool is specifically developed for automated functional testing. It can also perform GUI and data-driven tests. Automated RFT tests are based on the methodology script, which significantly increases test reliability and encourages the script’s maintenance.


Robotium is a test automation open-source platform specifically developed for Android UI testing. It supports both hybrid and indigenous applications. With Robotium, we can write automated grey box UI tests for Android apps that save time and can be read and easy to use. We can also test our device, feature, and accept users with the aid of Robotium through Android-based apps.


Eggplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence is an authorized suite for application and GUI testing. Eggplant provides practical, usability, and performance testing AI-driven test automation for testers. It also offers a review of user- and business-focused indicators that assess the consistency of releases and their effect on end-users.


A range of automation testing tools available for various test forms. Some are open-source, and some are licensed. The tool’s option still depends on our specifications, but we hope that we can support the automation testing tools list as mentioned above of test automation tools.

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