An Exclusive List Of Top 20 Frameworks For Golang In 2021


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What are the top 20 frameworks for Golang in 2021? If you’re looking for the same, you’re in the correct place. Golang or Google Go is an open-source programming language developed by Google. They released it in 2009 for public use. Golang is easy to learn and implement. There are several IDEs for Golang like The Go Playground, repl.it, etc. These IDEs allow Golang developers to run a Go program without installing it. Also, in order to simplify the tasks of the Go developers, there are a large number of Go frameworks/libraries. 

Therefore, in today’s article, I am listing down the top 20 of them. Hence, without any delay, let’s start!

Top 20 Golang Frameworks

Below are the top 20 Golang frameworks:


This is a minimalistic framework that consists of only the required libraries and elements. Furthermore, it comes with an easy-to-understand documentation for the beginners. Therefore, it is most suitable for building various REST APIs. 


It comes with a code reload tool that rebuilds the entire project for every file change. While using Revel, there is no need to install any third-party libraries. Hence, this makes it easy to learn and implement.


Like Revel, there is no need to install any external library in Beego too. Because there is an in-built tool, Bee Tool that looks for changes and then rebuilds the entire project.


It is a newer and minimalistic framework. It is light, quick, and consists of a rich set of libraries and plugins. Nevertheless, it is equally as powerful as other frameworks.


Buffalo can develop quick web applications in Go than any other framework. It supports database migration. In addition to all these,  it has great community support.


Martini supports full-proof documentation, prepared with care. It is highly readable and understandable by anyone. It consists of only the necessary features/elements. But if you want extra features, you can install third-party libraries. 


This is the official framework of Golang. Hence, it is suitable for beginners who prefer learning from scratch. It comes well-prepared documentation. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, first go with Golang.org.


Negroni is an alternative to Martini. In Martini, there is no need to install any third-party library. On the other hand, in Negroni, you can choose what to keep and what not. Like elements, libraries, etc. So, it consists of minimal middleware.


It is a fast and reliable Go framework capable of building any type of project. Because of this, many developers prefer going with Iris. Its latest version is Iris 10. It consists of many features, libraries. Therefore, there is no need to install anything from outside.


Goji is a lightweight and quick framework built over the standard Go library. It integrates easily with Einhorn, which is a language socket manager.


Go-Rest is basically a micro framework. It has limited functionality. The API consists of only 3 methods: HandleGo, RunServer, HandlePost. 


Gramework is a high-performance Golang framework. It is easy to learn and implement. It is highly suitable for high load projects. It’s SPA and API oriented. 


Gocraft/web is a minimalistic framework that consists of only necessary features. It is fast and efficient. It is suitable for applications where high performance is required.


Web.go is similar to Gocraft/web. Like Gocraft/web, it is a minimalistic framework that comprises of only necessary features. It is quick and efficient. Hence, it is suitable for applications where high performance is required.

Go Relax

It consists of minimal elements and features that are must for building REST APIs. It is a good framework for building high-performance and high-quality REST APIs.


It is a minimalistic Go framework that includes only essential features and elements. It builds high-quality REST APIs. 


It is a modular Golang framework. A Mango developer has the right to choose what features he wants to include in the project. There is no need to find or install third-party libraries. Hence, all these features make Mango a popular and powerful Go framework.


Gorilla is most probably the longest running Go framework. That is suitable for building REST APIs. It is a modular framework. It has wide community support.


Net/HTTP framework is a must-have framework if you read Go’s mailing lists. It has big community support. For complex applications, you can integrate Net or HTTP with other middleware from Go frameworks.

Go Kit

Go Kit is an effective toolkit that is capable of building micro-services in Golang. It is a bit opinionated, which means that you can modify it as per the situation.

Therefore, to my conclusion, all these Golang frameworks have their own pros and cons. If you’re a beginner in Go, then go with the official framework i.e. Golang.org. On the other hand, if you have any experience, you can go with any of the rest.

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