What Is Platform as a Service (PaaS)? A Software Development Service In Cloud Explained


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Do you want to know what is PaaS? It is a cloud-based software development service? Well, you are in the right place. As you know that cloud computing is evolving more vigorously. It is becoming more than a ‘tech trend’. Cloud computing has changed the business with its powerful force for all time. It has changed the way of business in a better way. Platform-as-a-service, PaaS in short, is the best example of this. PaaS is a type of cloud computing where you (service provider), not only delivers software to clients. 

Instead, it allows you to deliver the platform upon it works over an internet connection. The best part is that your clients can develop, run and can also manage all their business applications. This can be done without any extra infrastructure that is usually required for this kind of work. Alright, you got something about PaaS in the above lines. But what will be a PaaS in a larger picture, why should I think about it? For this, you have to follow the article.

PaaS: Understand by breaking things down

It will be simple for you to understand about PaaS if you think it is similar to FaaS (Function-as-a-service). FaaS is one of the serverless computing concepts. The cloud service providers run the server and allocation of files so you can concentrate on everything else. Let’s look at what are PaaS services. The PaaS and any other computing services are very helpful for smaller organizations. Because they usually charge for services like storage, computing, and networking. In simple words, this means you have to pay for what you have used. These services are similar to the SaaS model, except that the company only charges like ‘pay per license’.

PaaS offers all its features or infrastructures through the cloud. So you can make use of it with a web browser. See, in SaaS models, you have to install the software to work, but in Paas, you can access those tools online. You can use it through any mobile or desktops and laptops with an internet connection. Through the above words, if you came to know that it has great flexibility, then you are right. PaaS has amazing flexibility so that you can get it through private, hybrid and public clouds. 

There is a major takeaway in PaaS. You no need to replace an organization’s IT infrastructure for software development. Instead, PaaS offers all major services easier and most affordable. It not only provides services for some operations. Its features include tools needed for application development, testing, deployment and web integration. The features extend to development team collaboration as well. As mentioned above, you can pay for a PaaS service like ‘Pay Per Use’. Some service providers may charge for a month. This includes both platform prices and applications hosted.

Some key advantages of PaaS in cloud computing

Despite some issues, PaaS gives you a range of benefits that you can’t ignore. If you are a small organization and cost-conscious, PaaS is definitely for you. The best thing for someone or an enterprise is, through PaaS, you can get a great environment. In that, they can develop apps, test and even deploy. You can do all these without investing much money and time in maintaining the required infrastructure. 

Instead of spending so much money on databases and servers, you can use that money for the project itself. So you can develop a great product overall. With PaaS, it’s not only about fast development but also you can surprise your customers through quick deliveries. This is what most of the businesses like you are looking to stand out in the tough competition. You can get your products to market within no time. 

You know that PaaS is a cloud-based service; it has some risks, as the cloud does. In that, the major issue will be an information security threat. PaaS includes working with shared networks and resources, so obviously it leads to security issues. Unfortunately, getting your data stolen and unauthorized access are the most actions. 

But many PaaS service providers monitor those types of illegal actions effectively. It is far better than an enterprise’s data center. So it’s been common that these issues are regularly faced by the IT sector. Another major concern is that when a service provider’s infrastructure may go down. This failure can affect services. 


Note that these kinds of issues are present in all environments. If you store data locally, there might be a concern about theft. Hard drives may fail in their function and many more.

Here we had discussed what is PaaS, what is PaaS in azure, application development, its functionality, features, and threats. Don’t let some of these concerns stop you from being a part of this amazing PaaS world. It not only provides flexibility but offers an array of services as well.

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