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Content Marketing

In the present jumbled web domain, content is one thing which can help you make a mark. To create an impression, it's vital to share all knowledge, facts, best practices, and other important content with your buyers. You must stay away from focusing on a one-sided sales tone; and form a content strategy to provide your customers the information that they are looking for. Because if you do not then someone else will!

Content marketing behaves as a non-invasive marketing technique that involves designing content which is relevant to your business as well as your customers.

A variety of content in form of blogs, graphics, articles, case studies and also carefully inserted details about the company, its founders and vision should be able to aid potential customers join up with a brand. It also helps your rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, etc other than reaching on social media like Facebook, all of which target on submitting new and beneficial data to its users. Also, if the content rings a chord with the users, they would more easily share and discuss about your brand.

Not only is content marketing essential in forming a brand, it is also cost-effective. Authentic content effectively suits your Search Engine Optimization attempts. Content marketing done properly can multiply your leads three fold.

We can help you design a content marketing strategy that is aligned to both: your customer’s needs and your marketing efforts. Our team will create the right content for your brand, supported by in-depth understanding of your goals. Being up to date and providing regular content development and testing is a part of our content marketing plan for various platforms. App Sierra's innovative content marketing strategies have successfully assisted and continues to assist several SMEs and high-profile organizations. Find below some of our content marketing services and enhance your business with one of India’s topmost content marketing agencies.

Our Content Marketing Services Consist of


Blogging is a premier way of letting the users know about the latest improvements in your company. They also facilitate in spreading information about the brand, work ethics and culture of the brand. It can create a brand connect, with updated information, and latest trends so that the consumers keep coming back. Having a blogger’s outreach will connect you with the target customers. Using this methodology brings you acknowledgment in the market with respect to your industry.

Infographics Content

Infographics are the most clever way to represent figures, statistics, and processes visually. Since they are simple to get hold of, customers are more inclined to share them.

Video Content

Including videos in your content marketing strategy can be utilized to explain the tough concepts and procedures. It is the best way of directly engaging with the clients. As the years go by, more and more organizations have included video content marketing as their most significant method. Videos might be explanatory, with animation, interviews, whiteboards, voiceovers etc.


Whitepapers are a flawless way to share detailed analysis and research findings with customers. It proves that you are consistently measuring and keeping yourself updated about the happenings in your line of business, giving your brand the much needed integrity.


Guides can be either E-books, E-guides, or ‘How to..’ guides based on your business, products and services, giving valuable information to the user and making your resource a helpful trap for harvesting email addresses.

Social Media Creatives

Social media is really influential when you strike at the right time with the proper content. Creatives may vary from unconventional high-end designs to basic & funny images known as memes. The point to be looked into over here is that such content should be alluring for the purpose of sharing, so that it can push the audience to get themselves involved in the flow reaching to the user generated content.

Latest updates in Content Marketing

A study shows blog posts are the most consumed content

A study by Fractl & Buzstream discovered blog posts to be the most sought after content by people from different generations Millennials born 1977–1995, Generation Xers born 1965–1977 and Baby Boomers born 1946–1964. Blog posts occupy the top spot for all these three generations, succeeded by images, comments and e-books. All the three generations chose Facebook as the content sharing platform.