Mobile and App Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Don’t all of us know about the much gossiped about internet revolution. But there is another new storm about to come by. A huge revolution in the process. Are you all ready to be a part and parcel of the upcoming world of mobile marketing?

Marketing changed from radio to t.v, then to the computer and now we have reached the customer’s pocket. The upsurge of smartphones is unbolting the doors to call in an easier mode of marketing which is on the go and swift, now this is what we know as mobile marketing.

This increase in numbers of mobile internet users is leading to a big pattern shift in marketing. The large numbers supporting the mobile industry, give it an edge over the other mediums, because of this move, it is necessary to make the best possible use of your mobile website and mobile application along with optimizing your website on desktop.

Being a digital agency expertising in mobile marketing services, we understand that mobile marketing is the master of this digital era. Along with our SEO Services, we deliver excellent mobile marketing services with the aid of which you can surely add value to your customer directly. Mobile marketing being a contemporary concept, can pose a challenge to lots of companies, that’s why we step in and do as required for your business to reach its final end goal.

A good knowledge of mobile marketing can guarantee that your brand ranks much better in the competition and remains way ahead. There are many platforms for mobile marketing where you’d be able to provide your brand an edge in fields like App Store Marketing, App Store Optimization on iOS and Google’s Android Play Store. We also provide App Store Search Optimization for mobile apps which helps your app win amongst all the competitors.

The mobile revolution isn’t about to come. It has already arrived. You might put to use our mobile marketing services which we’ve constructed remaining updated with the future times of the internet.


  • App-based marketing, Bringing to use services like Google AdMob, we personalize mobile ads to show-up inside third-party mobile applications.
  • For game mobile marketing: Banner pop-ups, full-page image advertisements and video advertisements, can be shown between loading game screens.
  • QR codes, Scanned QR codes work as a medium to transport the users to a particular web page.
  • Location-based marketing, Ads are shown on mobile devices based on a user’s address comparative to a fixed location and business.
  • SMS marketing, now almost like an ancient tactic of forwarding SMSes to a user’s phone number and letting them know with help of the text offers.
  • Mobile search ads, These are basically Google search ads for mobile consisting of options like click to call or click to download which create an automatic link for the aforementioned action.
  • Mobile site links, With mobile site links, you help a user to swing to specific pages of your website without wandering around.
  • Include us in to decide how your company can get armed up to make full use of our mobile marketing services. Reach out to us today.


Rank, Reveal, Reap. That’s the App Store Optimization aim summarized in just three easy words. App Store Optimization is the technology behind assisting relevant users discover your mobile app in an app store such as Google Play, iTunes or Blackberry World and persuading them to download it.

With more than 1.6 mn mobile apps looking out for attention and fifty to sixty % of each app visible through app store searches, this without doubt, remains the only largest corridor for app exploration. These statistics tell us about the need for App Store Optimization, they also reveal that ASO is more than just an important bar in the wheel of a Mobile App Marketing strategy. In fact, it is a propellant.

Rank via the Ingenious App Marketing Strategy

Similar to our effective SEO program which aids in ranking and increasing the clarity of your website, our strong App Store Optimization strategy works equivalently for your mobile app in the battlefield of app stores, helping it to flag its presence and fight amongst the brands and competitors who might have bigger advertising budgets.

Reveal by Peculiar Mobile App Marketing

After a particular app is searched out by a prospective customer, it requires to show its full description in a short and appropriate manner while exposing its importance and leaving a satisfactory reason for the user to believe in it and download it. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Since most applications utilize the phone’s internal memory which cannot be expanded, users are careful about conserving the available space and rationalizing the number of downloads. Be ready for a battle not simply with apps similar to yours in the app store, but also with apps from several other categories fully downloaded in the user’s phone as he or she may require to uninstall one or more apps for freeing up the space with the motive to download yours. So the stakes are quite a lot.

Our precise ASO solution also caters to crafting attractive content for the application description and choosing the beneficial and attractive screenshots and icons to make the user hit the “download” button. These are a few of the factors which can assist in improving the ranking. Utilize our wide domain knowledge and creative expertise for building an influencing trailer video for your app. Videos are now becoming famous in app marketing methodologies and influencing users more than ever before. A well scripted and efficiently produced video can serve as the mouthpiece in creating an everlasting impression.

Reap through Creative App Store Optimization

Lastly, as they say, the evidence of the pudding is in the eating. Downloads do always matter but the increase in downloads, app use and reviews matter hugely, linking back to getting ranked in app stores. It’s correlated. So a useful, multifaceted app that is easily accessed, promoted and reviewed, puts a stop to its own growth.