Based on project-specific needs, 3 proposed major pricing Models are:

Fixed Price Model

When to use:

  • Pre-decided project requirements and scope. (up to 100 work-hours).
  • Alterations will require reconfirmation for the cost and time frame.
  • Fixed project prices and time-duration with crystal clear project requirements.
  • Billing predetermines certain long-term payments.
  • The project is not expected to be frequent or altered.
  • The client wants to get the project budget fixed in advance.
  • Most often, the customer doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with the project.
  • The customer doesn’t want to get minutely into the project details, his main interest remains in the benefits of the end product.

Fixed Cost model helps our clients escape all the risks that come along with sudden complications during the project that may require an extreme amount of efforts and resources. The prices will remain the same at any cost. At times, it also includes certain risk remedies.

How deos the fixed price model work?

In the beginning, our experts browse through the software product, decide and communicate with the customers about what testing services should be performed.

After which, we evaluate the scope of work and provide a negative or positive estimation. The price and time of the discussed testing efforts never exceed the negative estimation.

All QA Services

We cater to every requirement in testing. You won’t require to look for another contractor to perform complex, technical tasks, or relatively simple content tasks.

Starting In An Hour

We realize the value of every second in the modern IT world. Your project will be accepted for testing within an hour after the receipt of the task.

No Bureaucracy

Business relations are trustworthy. Deadlines are not too quick and we are ready to begin testing before signing the contract, that too without any prepayment.

Price Quality

Thanks to a regional model of the company development. We can afford to offer the high-quality work done at the most reasonable prices. Refer to the consultant and check for yourself.

What Do You Need To Test?

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