Automation Testing Services
Software Test automation makes use of specialized tools to control the execution of tests and compares the actual result against the expected result. Usually regression tests, which are repetitive actions, are automated.
Advantages of Automated Testing
  • Automated tests can run fast and frequently which is good for an agile environment.
  • Automated tests are very cost effective.
  • Automated tests save time on repetitive tests.
  • Automated tests enhance the overall testing performance.
Our Criteria For Tool Selection
  • Data driven capabilities
  • Debugging and logging capabilities
  • Platform independence
  • Extensibility & Customizability
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Version control friendly
  • Support unattended test runs
While Auto Testing We Employ One of The Following Frameworks.
  • Data Driven Automation Framework
  • Keyword Driven Automation Framework
  • Modular Automation Framework
  • Hybrid Automation Framework
By now you must have been very optimistic about the tests conducted by us. So why not drop us a mail and test your application.
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