E-mail Marketing
The golden old days are not yet over and email marketing is still very effective way of reaching out to potential customers. But email marketing does not mean buying some random email ids from any Tom, Dick and Harry and sending emails to anybody and everybody blindly hoping for a favorable reply. It should be well done with a proper planning and this is exactly what we do at AppSierra.
Features of Our Email Marketing Services:
  • Carefully chosen email list for your niche
  • Proved planning and strategic execution
  • Effective and time bound implementation
  • Minimal budge
You need not worry about the strategy of email marketing as we are the best email marketers you have ever came across. We will devise the most effective planning and strategies to suit your needs and provide you with the desired outcome in a time bound manner.
Contact List Management
Weary of contact lists spanning thousands of rows. You need not. We can manage that for you. We have special techniques and the right tools by which we will manage your list and sort it to best suite your needs.
Create & Design
Do you know designed emails get response 40% more than the old fashioned plain text emails. We are experts in designing and customizing every email going out from your inbox and we strategically align those with your objective. It's our USP.
Targeted and Follow Up Emails
We do not throw emails in every directions. We know where to send them to get positive reply. Be assured that each and every email containing your brand will be unique and intended to the right audience. You have an extra option of following up of the email responses and generate extra leads.
Campaign Tracking, Analysis & Reporting
We not only send out the emails but also track them on a regular interval to see their status. This help us to analyse the minds of the intended audience and get information about their needs. At different stages we keep a vigil on click through, opens, trends, hard bounce, soft bounce, social engagement etc.
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