Mobile Testing Services
We not only build classy mobile applications but also test them rigorously before release. It is a part of our software development life cycle(SDLC).
When we are testing mobile applications the parts which we test closely are listed as follows:
  • Installation via App-Store: Check if we are able to install Native applications via App Store (e.g. AppStore (iOS), Market Place (Android), AppWorld (Blackberry).
  • Check application interference with pre-installed applications on device.
  • First time launch behavior: Check application behavior when it's launched for first time.
  • Un-installation: Un-install the app and confirm all the files related to application are removed from the device.
GUI & Usability
  • Portrait & Landscape: Check behavior in Landscape / Portrait view.
  • Interface: Check for the Pop-ups, layouts and alignments, etc.
  • Interaction: Check for Multi touch, Tilt behavior.
  • Text visibility in selected language, navigation between screens and verification of functionality online/offline
Functional & Localization
  • End to End testing: Check complete application functionality under different use cases.
  • Service Provider testing: Check if application is specific to a carrier.
  • Localization testing: Check for functionality for that local language (Spanish, French etc.).
  • Interrupt testing: Check on behavior of applications if we receive Calls, SMS, Low Battery, Calendar Alerts etc.
  • Application compatibility with firmware versions, device models.
  • Application compatibility with Browsers (default, 3rd party).
  • Phone Device features (Flip, Slider, Camera, Holster, etc.)
Non Functional Testing
  • Mobile application Performance testing using Emulators, Device clouds etc.
  • Checks on server connection changes to Wifi from 2G/3G
  • Application response time, code optimization for the CPU Cycle, battery consumption, memory leaks, resources like GPS, Camera etc.
  • Mobile application Security testing using code Reviews, Forensics, Static analysis, etc.
  • Encryption/Decryption techniques used for sensitive data communication
  • Checks for access to file saved in the app by any unintended users
Advantages of Mobile Testing
  • Helps to understand the performance parameters of the app.
  • Betters the end user experience .
  • Increases the cost effectiveness in long term
These benefits can be reaped by you if you are planning to launch a mobile application. The only thing you have to do is to let us know on which stage we will be able to serve you.
Feel free to contact us.