What Is Performance Testing
Performance testing, a non-functional testing technique performed to determine the system parameters in terms of responsiveness and stability under various workload. It measures the quality attributes of the product/application , such as scalability, reliability and resource usage.In other words we can say that this test is performed to gain an insight about the overall performance of an application under various loads.
We do performance testing in the following procedure
Following Procedure:
  • Load testing - It is the simplest form of testing conducted to understand the behaviour of the system under a specific load.It tests the transaction capability of an app.
  • Stress testing - It is performed to find the behavior of the app if the maximum capacity is exhausted.
  • Soak testing - Soak Testing also known as endurance testing, is performed to determine the system parameters under continuous expected load to discover the system's performance under sustained use.
  • Spike testing - Spike testing is performed by increasing the number of users suddenly by a very large amount and measuring the performance of the system. The main aim is to determine whether the system will be able to sustain the work load.
The qualities which are tested in performance test are
  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Stability
  • Sustainability
At AppSierra, we have our own arsenal of testing tools to do performance testing. So if you want to check your apps speed, scalability, stability or sustainability then we are ready to reckon with the challenge.
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