We build financial models for business decision making for our clients. Financial modelling using excel is a key skill which is required to simulate any business scenario in any sector. We have developed financial models for our clients and helped them to build dynamic models which input real time data and relate to assumptions which are very close to reality. Good financial models forecasts and estimates business fundamentals and helps in identifying the risks by testing various scenarios.

What do we offer

Business Management involves decision making either it has short term impact or long term impact on the business. Effective decision making involves considering all the available information which is to be processed and then analysed to make future forecasts. We build financial models which process of information by making valid assumptions considering all the operational and financial parameters that are essential in decision making. Each business is unique and therefore we try and under fundamentals of the business that are critical for the success and keep these in mind we design models which are of best in quality. Some of the applications of our financial models are

  • Strategic planning which requires evaluating of options
  • Analysing investment opportunities for the companies
  • Feasibility studies for the companies
  • Pricing models when responding to RFP’s and RFQ’s
  • Analysing the financial & business performance of the firm
  • Capital budgeting decisions and assessing capital structure requirements
  • Evaluating a tender offer prices
  • Restructuring models which help to gain equity investors and financial lenders confidence before decision making
How can we help you

Our team of financial modellers have desired technical capabilities and business acumen required for designing, building and reviewing financial models. We are regarded as professional financial modelling firm which has built and supported over 400 financial models. We create models which are user friendly and can be used for decision making with minimal support from our team. As a training partner for financial modelling we have helped many firms to acquire modelling skills for their human resources.