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Team Appsierra got the web application developed exactly as per the client's requirement within a very short duration. Here is all what client has to say about the winning team !


You can contact the company’s support team any time, day or night and one of our Development & QA heads will get back to you with all the answers you need.


For strategic and ongoing assistance, partner with a specialist tester from our team who will consult on everything from initial handshaking to deliverability, best practices and beyond.

Shane Hodgkins, CEO

AppSierra team was a great support, customizing their solution to our requirements, and providing everything on time. They have done extraordinary quality work on our test automation project, meeting strict deadlines. I’m happy to recommend them to companies that are looking for razor-sharp and efficient teams.

Bobby Schmidt, QA Manager

The beginning of the client's partnership with AppSierra stamped on their trust towards the vendor. The app is not accustomed to running hundreds of automated tests before deploying its projects. The teams hold weekly standups to report progress and communicate sufficiently through Zoom and Slack.

Santosh Bheemarajaia, VP, Engineering

Since partnering with AppSierra, the client has managed to locate and address several bugs within their system. The team communicates daily and provides detailed summary reports every month. They also boast impressive technical skills, which have paved the way for a long-term partnership.

John Tozer, Co-Founder and COO

Having tested thousands of use cases, AppSierra has proven to be an essential partner. They are present at daily stand-ups and lead with key reports.

Mark Bowman, Head of IT

BrandAlley UK Limited has been trusting AppSierra for all its Manual Quality Assurance and Automation testing services. For the entire 2+ years of engagement and partnership, we have always been satisfied and impressed with the performance, dedication, and quality of work shown by the 2 QA’s assigned to our account.

Niero Gonzalez, General Manager

AppSierra consistently provides timely and thorough testing services, allowing the client to save valuable time and resources in the process. The client's app has improved over time, thanks to their QA work. They are technically capable, detail-oriented, and articulate with reporting.

Peter McCarroll, Founder

The work is still ongoing but the client has been pleased with the engagement thus far. AppSierra works closely with the internal team, providing updates and attending meetings on a weekly basis. They deliver quality work at a reasonable price.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder

AppSierra's contributed to the creation of successful automated tests. The team's workflow was very efficient and effective. They minimized constant back-and-forth communication and ensured all QA-related issues are detailed.

Yang Li, Founder

Thanks to AppSierra's efforts, half of the content on the platform has been tested and completed. The team is also very timely on their deliverables, as they continue to find ways to improve the user experience and get it ready for launch.

Manjit Johal, Co-founder & CTO

I have been working together with AppSierra on several new releases. The AppSierra team has always provided us with prompt responses, when it comes to the setup of the team, getting to know the contents of the new release package, and reporting on the status. I would recommend working with AppSierra.

Vikram Cirigiri, CTO

Thanks to AppSierra's support, the client was able to verify the product's stability and business accuracy, resulting in its successful release. The team utilized various collaborative tools to ensure a transparent workflow. They went the extra mile to meet all of the client's specific needs.

Raviraj Gohil, Product Manager

AppSierra has done a great job and provided a highly professional QA service for our project. Team AppSierra works with passion, is very dedicated, committed, has perfect communication skills, and provides the best services to its clients. I would highly recommend taking advantage of AppSierra’s testing services!

Chris Rennie, Director

Team AppSierra was incredibly responsive to my needs and had a deep technical understanding of what was required. We tried 3 other performance testing companies before coming across AppSierra. We’ll definitely be using their services again and will extend their scope of work, based on the success of this project.

Jeff Schreibman, CEO

Working seamlessly with the in-house team, AppSierra produces professional, high-quality services.