10 Cross Browser Testing Tools


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Cross Browser testing is a kind of testing that allows you to check if your website is working exactly the way it is intended to, whenever it is accessed through different Browser-OS combinations, different devices, or assistive tools.

This browser testing is all about how you develop a consistent user experience across the platform. To perform this efficiently, we would require various cross-browser testing tools. It helps in providing constant behavior to the customers using diverse kinds of browsers and operating systems. That’s why cross-browser testing is a significant step in the software development process. 

There are times when our website faces a breakdown. This is a result of faulty testing techniques performed through the existing browsers. To eradicate such problems, let’s dive right into the latest browser testing tools used widely in 2021.

List of All Latest Cross-Browser Testing Tools

Below is the list of cross-browser testing tools:


Selenium is a free open-source browser compatibility test tool that runs software using any local browser. It could be run using programming languages. It could also run on your corporate cloud and proves to be highly scalable. It permits the execution of computerized browser testing for the web and is versatile inside the corporate firewall. The item is intended for huge associations in security-delicate zones, for example, the banking, protection, and medical field. 

cross browser testing


  1. Secure, and no external access required.
  2. Fully managed
  3. On-premises / corporate cloud deployment with Saas arrangements
  4. Maintenance-free
  5. Enterprise integrations like LDAP, CROW
  6. Desktop browsers, emulators, and real devices
  7. Highly scalable

Lambda Test

LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing tool used for performing browser compatibility tests of web applications and websites. It owns a cloud grid where selenium scripts could easily be run on. If not a cloud grid, life interacting is also used to perform browser testing via live interaction over real browser platforms. 


  1. Uses SSH tunnel to test your locally or privately hosted website
  2. Easy bug logging over widely used bug tracking tools like Slack, BitBucket, GitHub, Trello, Asana, JIRA, Microsoft VSTS, etc.
  3. Uses selenium grid to automation tests over 2000+ platforms
  4. Responsive testing and automated screenshot are possible for your website
  5. Resolution Display Testing with screen resolutions ranging from 800×600 to 2560×1440
  6. Inbuilt Issue Tracker
  7. Few supporting browsers are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Yandex


Browsershots allow testing a website over any browser or operating system. This is a broadly utilized program similarity testing apparatus on account of its highlights and accessible customizations. The fundamental disadvantage of this cross-browser testing tool is the time taken to show the outcome when you select a few programs and commonly it shows a break error.

A cross-browser compatibility test could be run with great customization options like color screen size, depth, browser type,  operating system,  JavaScript status, and Flash enable/disable settings. You need to select the compatibility test parameter, put the website URL, and then submit your test request. These steps are to be repeated in every process.


  1. Used for saving website screen-shots in many OS and browsers
  2. Supports over 200 different browser versions
  3. Few supported browsers are Konqueror, Rekonq, Arora, Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey, Dillo, Lynx, Luakit, Firefox, Google Chrome, Epiphany, and Midori.


BrowserStack is a mobile application as well as a cross-browser testing tool that is capable of testing your website over 2000+ browsers. It is considered one of the best browser testing tools. All your websites could be tested on Android and iOS using the cloud. This browser testing tool runs over many operating systems and real devices on mobile.

Using a browser stack, it becomes easier to do browser testing on desktop and mobile browsers. Utilizing a program stack, it gets simpler to do program testing on the work area and mobile browsers. It is one of the browser compatibility test tools which is cloud-based so it doesn’t need any establishment or pre-installed apparatuses for easy cross browser testing and troubleshooting. 

With the program stack, you can set up an exhaustive testing climate with help for intermediaries, firewalls, and Active Directory. It supports opera mobile, Android, Windows (XP, 7, and 8), iOS, OSX snow panther, lion and mountain lion, etc.

Browser-Stacks’s services are categorized into two cross-browser testing tool conditions:

  1. live– tests a website real-time on any browser-device combination
  2. automate– enables you to automate cross-browser tests via Selenium


  1. Covers 2000+ desktop browsers and real mobile device browsers too
  2. Secure and private network
  3. No setup required therefore starts instant testing on the real device cloud
  4. Possess interactive devices i.e. no device lab or virtual machines

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based browser testing tool offering its services to businesses and open-source growing teams. It includes automated as well as manual testing of web and mobile apps. It supports more than 800 browsers and mobile devices including Android and iOS.

It is one of the best browser testing tools for the web and mobile application testing stage. It permits you to run tests in the cloud on more than 260 diverse program stages and gadgets. There is no VM set up or support required. With admittance to live breakpoints, without much of a stretch assumes responsibility for the framework to examine an issue physically. With Sauce Labs you can record the late run tests in sequential request, with data about the runtime, testing stage, construct, and whether they failed or passed.


  1. Gives access to mobile devices for browser testing
  2. Gives access to 800+ browsers & OS
  3. Live testing & Automated testing
  4. Gives access to 200+ mobile emulators & simulators
  5. Gives a free trial of 14 days
  6. The pricing starts from $19/mo Billed Annually


CrossBrowserTesting tool has a wide scope of various programs and their versions. It is accessible for numerous OS. It underpins over 2050+ genuine work areas and portable programs. CrossBrowserTesting is an ideal device to perform cross browser testing. 

You will gain admittance to the blend of  OS, Resolution, Browser, and Devices your clients are utilizing. The CrossBrowserTesting interface is amazing to use. 

You don’t have to do a lot to set up programs and working frameworks. Imagine you might want to test your site utilizing Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows 8.1 machine, this browser testing tool gives you to choose your necessary programs and Operating framework to do as such.


  1. Allows you to run regression tests, single or parallel screenshots.
  2. Provides you full access to developer tools and extensions like FireBug and Chrome Dev Tools
  3. You will be able to scale the automation speed with Selenium and Appium cloud testing.
  4. You get access to almost the entire app through its intuitive REST API
  5. Use a secure tunnel for testing behind firewalls or proxies
  6. Integrate apps into CrossBrowserTesting.com so that they automatically trigger notifications.
  7. It also supports Slack, Jira, and HipChat
  8. Gives a free trial of 7 days
  9. Its pricing starts from $29/month

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is the most considerate all-in-one solution for application and cross-browser testing. It automates tests for a broad variety of web technologies and frameworks including HTML5, Salesforce, Flash, Java, and JavaScript websites, and Flex applications.

Ranorex Studio is the broadly used browser compatibility test tool that permits the performance start to finish testing utilizing genuine gadgets or emulators/test systems, and run tests across various stages, gadgets, or advancements. It upholds cross-browser testing for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and that’s just the beginning.


  1. Data-driven and keyword-driven testing
  2. Integrates with tools like Jira, Jenkins, TestRail, Git, and Travis CI
  3. It has a customizable test report along with video reporting of test execution
  4. It runs cross-browser tests in parallel or distributed using a Selenium Grid
  5. Robust object identification.
  6. It is good at instant tracking and analyzing UI elements of your web, desktop, or mobile application using Ranorex Spy
  7. Has a shareable object repository and reusable code modules for efficient test creation
  8. Its free trial is for 30-days
  9. Its pricing is $2990 that includes one year of maintenance and professional support

Test Project

TestProject is an end-to-end cross-browser testing tool that lets users test Web, Android, and iOS apps running over various operating systems. It supports cross-browser testing for  Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Using this browser testing tool, one can easily cooperate with your team and also create, run, and analyze the test automation over various devices, browsers, platforms, and operating systems.

It also encourages the execution of web tests on mobile devices like  Safari browsers on iOS devices and Chrome browser on Android devices.


  1. Requires no complex setups or configurations
  2. Creates and executes tests without the requirement of any coding skills
  3. Easily reuse tests executed over various browsers and devices
  4. Saves very detailed reports and screenshots of the tests you took across various browsers
  5. Integrates with external systems like Slack, webhooks, Jenkins, and email notifications.
  6. Entirely free of cost. No renewal is needed at any point while usage.


Experitest is a type of cross browser testing that allows users to create & run XCUITest, Espresso Appium, and Selenium tests against 2,000+ mobile devices & browsers.


  1. Visual testing to verify UI responsiveness
  2. Supports 2000+ real mobile devices and browsers
  3. Execute tests in parallel
  4. Visual test reports with screenshots, log files, and videos
  5. It is a limited free plan
  6. Integration with CI/CD workflow


Browserling is a cross-browsing compatibility test tool that is used as an emulator to test sites utilizing various programs like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari on various working browsers like Windows and Android. They uphold program augmentations for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari too.


  1. Record videos of browsing sessions
  2. Available Live interactive sessions
  3. Capture, save, and shares screenshots of web pages
  4. Annotate them and send bug reports
  5. Uses SSH tunnels for local testing
  6. Performs responsive testing by changing screen resolution and resizing browsers for responsive testing needs
  7. Real browsers run on real computers
  8. Provides access to the latest browsers
  9. Its free trial is easily available
  10. Its pricing starts from $19/month

We hope this list helped you in choosing the best cross browser testing tool you were looking for. Whenever we are choosing a cross-browser compatibility testing tool, we need to keep in mind the requirements of the browser. This is so because every tool has its own strength and weakness and hence not all tools could support one browser.  Therefore choose your testing tool wisely to avoid ambiguities in your browser. 

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