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Thu Nov 30 2023

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Appsierra Placed 2nd in Selected Firms - List of Top IT Companies in India

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Appsierra Placed 2nd in Selected Firms - List of Top IT Companies in India

SelectedFirms, a leading B2B research and rating agency, has crowned Appsierra as one of the top IT companies in India.

Being the most promising rating agency provides businesses with the right information that could facilitate their decision-making process so as to find a connection to who is best fit for their requirements.

As one of the best IT companies in India, we follow a customer-centric approach because we understand our customers play a huge role in our success. Not only this, but we take immense pride in exploring different markets and going above and beyond to ensure we provide top-quality products and prompt deliveries.

Established in 2015 as one of the top testing companies in India, we have been a part of the transformation journey of many large-scale business enterprises. We have offered businesses solutions for process outsourcing, applications development and testing, enterprise IT security solutions, cloud computing, analytics and engineering, IT outsourcing, and infrastructure service management services.

Our highly skilled professionals use their expertise to build products and services in such a way that they align with the research and development needs of our clients. It is, all in all, our holistic approach that differs from other IT companies in India as we use modern technology to empower our clients with faster, more productive, and more secure business operations.

Don't believe it? More than 95% of our clients have experienced the genuineness of our services. Not only this! But we have been awarded as well by leading B2B review sites like Clutch, GoodFirms, The Manifest, and many more.

We do not pride ourselves on being one of the top testing companies in India, but we believe in enhancing business operations for the better. To create an impact on the world, Appsierra follows ethical business practices and environmental responsibilities. Unlike other IT companies, we aim to contribute to the communities where we operate to ensure their well-being.

Get your business off to a booming start by partnering with us!

About SelectedFirms

SelectedFirms is a review platform that offers the best-in-class service providers for businesses. The platform includes a rigorous assessment and investigation to determine the businesses excelling in services like mobile and web app development, digital marketing, and other realms.

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