GPS Tracking System For Vehicle

All About Making A GPS Tracking System For Vehicle And Fleet Tracking


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Nowadays, billion-dollar firms and tiny enterprises use zero-risk GPS tracking instruments. You can also build the solution in less than five months. After reading the blog below, you will learn about working and making a complete GPS tracking system. It includes how to design GPS-based custom software, hardware components, and the latest technologies. You will be able to figure out your requirement and become a subject matter expert for driving such initiatives with confidence after reading this blog post.

What is a GPS Tracking System for Vehicles, and How Does it Work?

It is necessary to know how GPS-based car tracking works for vehicle fleet systems for building a system that could work for you. The location tracking with GPS is accurate to 1-2metres of the vehicle being tracked. GPS-based tracking systems allow people to track:

  1. Movement
  2. Direction
  3. Speed of the object being tracked

GPS tracking system for vehicles uses just another revolution for compilers and cracking, but it is also a key component for location-based services and analytics.

How do GPS-Based Vehicle Tracking Systems Work?

GPS-Based Vehicle Tracking Systems
GPS-Based Vehicle Tracking Systems


Hundreds of satellites orbiting our planet with time clocks perfectly synchronized. On the other hand, GPS devices don’t have an atomic clock, so they are inaccurate and need continuous adjustment depending upon the signals on the end of the satellite. All this will happen within your hardware.

Now get a GPS device that won’t be able to request any information from the satellite. The reason behind it is very simple: your hardware doesn’t have enough power information. So what a GPS tracking system for vehicle devices does is search broadcasted location signals from these satellites. When satellites orbit around the earth:

  • They have well-known orbits and location trajectories.
  • Short information on their time and location.

A signal is received on the GPS tracking for fleet vehicles with a program inside that will compare the incoming timestamp information. You will compare this timestamp information to hardware clock time for calculating the distance from the satellite. As you require satellite broadcasting, this information to use GPS located on your vehicle. This triangulation will result in extremely accurate location information that will be accurate to 0.5-2 meters.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Stock Android turns GPS vehicle tracking systems can be of three types:

1. Mobile App-Based GPS Vehicle Tracking

You can consume and use information directly from mobile. Instead of creating another GPS-based device, you will end up creating a mobile app that uses GPS sensors instead.

2. OBD II-Based Vehicle GPS Tracking

All vehicles manufactured after 2004 have an onboard OPD interface. And nobody port is very similar to the USB port observed on your computer. It will allow external hardware to communicate with vehicles and get information from them.

3. Hybrid OBD II-Based Solution

In some large-scale insurance and remote fleet management programs, cellular connectivity adds an answer to programs. It also increases the risk index of vehicle-free tracking device projects. So that was increasing, that is an index of the vehicle fleet tracking device project. As most mobility programs already had a cellular plan, it was very easy to have an OBD type interface post information over Bluetooth low energy to a mobile app.

Now, as you know what three different vehicle GPS tracking systems are, let’s look at the components involved in making these solutions. If we talk at a very high level having the following components is a very big part of GPS based vehicle tracking solution:

  • Hardware-based GPS receiver
  • Casing to hold your hardware
  • Car adaptor
  • Firmware for helping this hardware to work
  • Direct power supply for an inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • Cellular or BLE connection module
  • Cloud application

What GPS Tracking Features People Like to Use?

GPS tracking systems offer certain features:

  1. Optimization of fuel miles
  2. Removal by geo-fencing, monitoring of activities, and remote kill switch
  3. Management of remote fleets
  4. Conduct limited to the speed restrictions
  5. Create an intelligent driver
  6. Understanding driver fatigue
  7. Automotive Dead Reckoning

How can you Make your GPS Tracking System?

A GPS Tracking System is a mix of hardware and software components that naturally puts you symbolically in the driver’s seat. This way, your vehicles are mounted on cell phones, plug-and-play port devices, and software sensors that monitor driver habits, track the car’s health and do diagnostics and other duties.

Let the dynamics of hardware and software used in GPS tracking for the fleet vehicle now be understood:

1. GPS Vehicle-Tracking Hardware

First, you must equip your automobiles with working hardware. The hardware component transmits data to each other from satellite to software. It employs analogue technology to show the information to the consumers by sending and receiving the data and digital patterns. Components of hardware differ between systems. It also relies on the financial limits and key demands.

2. GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

First of all, it is important to establish whether your company can deal with a product off-shoring or a tailor-made GPS tracking system. I found that most of them began with an off-shop offering, only to find out that a large amount of investment was needed to sustain it, based on my experience working with fleet owners from the industry.

Thus, bespoke software development plays a major part in incorrect business views of certain occurrences while sounding like large financial movements.


It is the scalability and key business advantages that firms choose to offer bespoke business solutions. Optimized fuel usage, time management, remote Fleet management, planned deliveries, enjoyable client experience, etc., are popular perks. In addition, developing your customized GPS tracking system for vehicles allows you to incorporate future functions as the scope of your company develops.

Although this was a time-consuming and expensive operation before, the new technology made it economical and friendly. They are optimized to create an easy and time-to-market experience.

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