SoapUI: A Complete Tutorial For Beginners


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API testing is a fundamental piece of every quality examiner in the software industry. There are various instruments/structures accessible on the lookout, which helps in API automation. For instance, SoapUI is one of the pioneers on the lookout, which has made API testing exceptionally simple for every one of the testers. It is a cross-stage API or Web Services testing instrument that can do both useful and non-utilitarian testing of API or Web Services. As it is java based instrument, it can run on a large portion of the most recent working frameworks, including MAC, Windows, and Linux. Therefore, in this SOAPUI Tutorial, we will cover the covering points to begin our learning of learning SoapUI: 

SOAPUI Tutorial 

SoapUI presentation: SoapUI is an open-source web administration/API automation tool generally utilized in the product business. It is at present dealt with by Smart Bear Software. SoapUI is prestigious for the huge number of declarations and great local area support which makes it simple to do automation.

SoapUI accompanies an authorized form too which upgrades the features and clients can perform load/execution tests as well. The most amazing aspect of SoapUI is that it can deal with both REST and SOAP. 

Introduce SoapUI on Windows/macOS: SoapUI is a simple to introduce programming and it is accessible on This download will consistently be the most recent variant. It comes in two flavors. You can introduce both authorized and free forms. The paid adaptation of SoapUI is known as Ready API. It is a cool-based tool yet it’s not required to have awesome features introduced on your frameworks it accompanies inbuilt groovy help. 

REST Services Assertions: In SOAP UI you can include some particular affirmations REST project. JSON Path tally, JSON Path Match Assertions are one of the statements which can help in the approval of a particular hub in the JSON reaction. We will utilize TOOLS QA Book store API as an illustration to approve the check of the nodes and afterwards approving explicit node esteem in the objective reaction. 

SOAP Services Assertion: As SOAP reaction contains XML just, XPath match and XQuery Match attestations can be utilized to approve the substance of the objective property. SoapUI gives you the alternative to modify the XQuery/XPath to bring any node in the SOAP reaction. We will comprehend the idea of namespace and we will perceive how might we compose an inquiry in a declaration utilizing namespace. 

SoapUI Common Assertions: As a piece of Assertions in SoapUI, there is an assortment of declarations accessible. Some of them are regular for both REST and SOAP. Contains, HTTP status, SLA are a portion of the declarations that can be applied to approve both rests just as SOAP reactions. We will cover every one of the normal statements accessible in SoapUI on this subject. 

SoapUI Project: In SoapUI you can make both SOAP just as REST projects by utilizing WSDL/WADL. You can wish to make an empty(Generic) project and choose later on whether to make a SOAP or REST project. We will comprehend the sorts of activities which we have and how might we make every one of them with models. We will find out about the idea of workspace in SoapUI 

SoapUI Test Case: Any device without the tests is inadequate. We will comprehend the order of experiments in SoapUI. You can add a test suite and afterwards under suite you can add different experiments. In each experiment, there could be different test steps. This nature of SoapUI makes it extraordinary from different apparatuses on the lookout 

SoapUI Assertions: Once you have made a task and added an experiment, we prepared to add a few approvals and checks as affirmations. Declarations are only an essential condition to approve the objective reaction. There are various kinds of statements accessible in SoapUI. You can likewise add REST/SOAP explicit statements. We will become familiar with every one of the classifications of affirmations in this blog. 

Script Assertions in SoapUI: During the API mechanization utilizing SoapUI, there will be explicit situations when the centre test statements given by the SoapUI won’t be adequate for every one of the approvals. Hence, to deal with such circumstances, SoapUI gives the capacities to execute the approvals utilizing Groovy Scripts. These approvals are known as “Content Assertions in SoapUI” 

Properties in SOAPUI: A Property is a named string that has a particular worth, and we can get to that key and worth using content or program. SoapUI gives the capacity to characterize and get to properties at various degrees, which makes the upkeep of tests simple by permitting information stream utilizing properties across tests at various extensions. 

Property Transfer in SoapUI: Whenever we are trying the APIs, there are prerequisites that we need to separate the qualities from the reaction of one API and pass those qualities in the solicitation for another API. To deal with such situations, SoapUI gives the capacity to move information starting with one test then onto the next by utilizing the element “Property Transfer”. 

SoapUI Open Source Features 

Following are the features:

  • Scriptless Functional Testing

With simplified test creation, you can make and run even the most perplexing situations 

  • Security Testing

Utilizing a supplement of tests and sweeps, ensure your administrations on sites against the most well-known security weaknesses 

  • Load Testing

Make load tests rapidly and effectively based on existing useful API tests 

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  • Programming Interface Mocking 

Mimic your Real Web Services without hanging tight for them to be prepared or open. Most amazing aspect everything, you don’t need to assemble costly full-scale reproductions of your creation frameworks. 

  • Protocol Support 
  2. REST
  3. JMS
  • Vibrant Community Ecosystem 

A major piece of what makes SoapUI incredible is the universe of the open-source local area and accomplices around it. SoapUI is a cross-stage tool. It upholds Windows, Linux, and Mac working frameworks. 

  • Essentials

Processor − 1GHz or higher 32-digit or 64-bit processor. 

Smash − 512MB of RAM. 

Hard Disk Space − Minimum 200MB of hard disk space for establishment. 

Working System Version − Windows XP or later, Mac OS 10.4 or later. 

JAVA − JAVA 6 or later.

SoapUI Download Process

Below are the steps of downloading SoapUI:

Stage 1 − Go to and click Download SoapUI. 

Stage 2 − Click ‘Get It’s to download SoapUI Open Source. It will begin downloading 112MB .exe documents in the framework. Stand by till the download interaction is finished. 

Download Process 

Stage 1 − After downloading, run the .exe record as “Run as overseer”. 

Stage 2 − Once set up, the interaction window shows the accompanying screen, click Next. 

Stage 3 − Accept the license arrangement and click Next. 

Stage 4 − Choose the installation catalogue or keep it as the default way chosen by the framework. Click Next. 

Stage 5 − Choose the segments that you need to introduce. Click Next. 

Stage 6 − Accept the License Agreement for HermesJMS and click Next. 

Stage 7 − Select the target registry to save instructional tutorials and click Next 

Stage 8 − Choose the beginning menu organizer area or probably leave the default area with no guarantees and click ‘Next’. 

Stage 9 − Enable the checkbox ‘to make a work area symbol’ and click ‘Next’. Presently, the installation begins.

Stage 10 − After the fruition of the establishment, click Finish in the accompanying wizard. 

How to Use SoapUI? 

SoapUI can be utilized for complete RESTful API and SOAP Web Service testing. You can do Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Interoperability Testing, Regression Testing, and substantially more. We focus on the testing to be very simple to get moving, for instance, to make a Load Test, you on the right-click a useful test and run it as a load test. You can mimic Web Services. You can even make REST details (WADL)from recorded correspondence. There is such a lot you can do, we urge you to glance through the documentation and play around with the tool. 


SoapUI is java based, so it runs on most working frameworks, We test it on a few Windows Versions just as Mac and the different Linux lingos. SoapUI requires a 1.6+ rendition of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment), in any event, 1 GB of memory is suggested, and around 100 MB of the hard disk. If you are installing with the installer or the independent distributions, the JRE is incorporated and not needed on your framework. In any case, ensure it is introduced and the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correspondingly.

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