5 Software Testing Strategies To Uplift Business Growth


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The enormous popularity of products of SaaS in the market has been a significant characteristic in the rise of start-ups for business growth delving into the software enterprise. But, when it comes to evolving and settling a software product on the market, just an easy idea is not enough. There are just as various failed software products in the market as identical offerings are plentiful. This has cost firms a large number of losses. According to a report by CISQ, the cost of inadequate quality software in the US alone amounted to a whopping $2.84 trillion.

Worsened quality can be unsettled because of various reasons. One of the primary losses provided to the cost was software failure, computation for almost 37% of this cost. The tech start-up enterprise is a shortly advancing one where the competition is relatively cut-throat. In such a scenario, a tremendous product is a start-ups survival kit. Inaugurating a product full of bugs governs to extra time in product marketing and cost while pushing the deadline to rectify these bugs. These are the moments and resources that a forthcoming start-up just cannot afford.

The solution is Immaculate Software Testing

Quality assurance through software testing enables the team to distinguish potential deformities in time to prevent more loss. Creating a detailed software testing plan collected utilizing beneficial strategies has quite a few advantages encompassing saving up on time and resources while assuring a quality end product. Strategizing for software testing depends a lot on the method acquired for software development. Currently, maximum products are being formulated using the microservices architecture, a variant of the SOA. In this strategy, one must acquire microservices testing techniques suited to their product.

Third-party services can you procrastinate you down

Thanks to innovative technologies like API integrations, you can hook up the website with the assistance of your choice. For instance, you may try a plugin that enables consumer analytics or a promotional banner. Such services can affect your website to malfunction. It probably is not evident on your device but actual users with several browsers and geographical areas can get influenced. Ecommerce monitoring tools assist you in detecting any problems with third party services.

Few software testing strategies that you can acquire to confirm the perfect end product

Following are the software testing strategies for business growth:

Align your QA strategy to your business purposes

The business growth is specified through multiple accomplishments. Company owners must inquire themselves this question, what is the goal of software testing? How does the method affect the accomplishment of your firm goals?

A product is launched into the market with particular key achievements in mind. These objectives must be conveyed to the whole company comprising the QA and development teams. In this way, the creators will possess a realistic idea about the type of product that you have in mind. While the QA team will strategize according to your necessities and test for improving the factors that are important to your objectives. This avoids a lot of post-launch debugging and troubleshooting. It also simplifies QA strategy for the team who can then build a detailed plan focused on your objectives, divide the tasks as needed, and work with the development team for testing and debugging before the takeoff.

Establish an explicit plan for testing and QA processes

As implied before, the QA team must come up with a reasonable QA process or strategy that aligns with business growth. This technique can be efficiently enforced if the whole process of testing is well documented. Documentation is central to strengthening consistency in quality.

This plan can be allocated into four segments:

Quality management plan

A quality management plan is a documentation of testing the product for the required level of quality that fulfils the consumer necessities. It contains quality goals, standards along with roles, and accountabilities to ensure the same.

Testing strategy

This is a report formulated by a business analyst or project manager to align the process of testing with the business provisions. It is concentrated on what the ideated product is and the characteristics of the product that require to be tested completely to meet the business goals.

Test Plan

The team desires to draw out a documented plan for testing in tenures of what to test, how to test it, and who will be conducting these tests.

Test Case

A test case is the documentation of a pair of conditions that require to be facilitated to verify specific functionalities of a particular feature.

Each of these documents must comprise the emphasis of the process, the key elements involved in the same. A standard policy to pursue during the process along with the individuals encompassed in testing.

A teamAdequate work environment for Q

The work environment is not given much preference in terms of arranging testing techniques. Regardless, it is quite significant as the overall work environment influences the attitude of the QA team. Here are a few steps you can seize to assure a healthy work environment for the team:

  1. Clear demarcation of assignments
  2. Involvement of the QA team in the advancement
  3. Enhancing their knowledge base in terms of the business growth aspect of the product
  4. Open Communication

This will guarantee an acceptable work environment targeted towards product quality assurance.

Testing for User Acceptance

A satisfactory product is developed maintaining the end-user in mind. The QA team can understand the defined user persona or user requirements for the product and test established on these user categories.In such a strategy you can connect your end-users in the last stage of development and carry out user approval or acceptance testing.

Let’s look at how you can go about the same:

  1. Interpret a method for your UAT process
  2. Perform testing in a systematic manner
  3. Document the method

Various applications also incorporate user onboarding before joining the app, briefing them about many functionalities, and how to go about operating their app. This makes it simpler for the end-user to use your product.

Assessing Code Quality

Ensuring code quality is exceptionally crucial in software testing. Specific metrics aid to make clear that your code is running steadily and is bug-free.

According to the CISQ Software quality model, here are some metrics that you can use to assess code quality:


Reliability specifies how smoothly your code can run without disappointments. This involves the number of bugs found in creation and the amount of time it takes to load the application. Performance Efficiency Performance efficiency can be defined by the immediate responsiveness of the application to accomplish any given functionality. It can be interpreted through load testing or stress testing.


Security can be assessed by the application’s proficiency to observe any such problems and the time it takes to fix these mistakes.


It relies on the complexity of the code. It can be calculated by establishing how many lines there are in the code and how easy or difficult it is to discover a given line and alter the same.

Rate of delivery 

The Rate of delivery is founded on how rapidly software is updated and transmitted to the end-users.

These metrics can guarantee that your code is up to the mark. Code being the nerve of your software, this is one of the most important testing strategies.

These are limited guidelines that you can follow to assure an enormous quality end product that stimulates the best use of given resources.

It can get a little overwhelming, however, breaking down these techniques into minor tasks and authorizing the same can assist you in conducting a fast and efficient software testing process, which in turn will help in your business growth.

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