What Is LeanFT? 13 Functions Of LeanFT


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LeanFT is also called lean functional testing. LeanFT is an automated functional testing device that has been created as an improved rendition of UFT (Unified Functional Testing). It has not been created as a substitution to UFT, rather it is an expansion to UFT alongside features from Selenium — an open-source automated testing tool for web applications. 

LeanFT isn’t unrelated. UFT incorporates the LeanFT module for making tests in Visual Studio/C# or Eclipse/Java. One can use the information on UFT when working with LeanFT. LeanFT is an incredible functional testing instrument that has been grown explicitly for agile and DevOps programming advancement techniques. It lessens the testing season of the application and helps in the early recognizable proof of imperfections and mistakes. It doesn’t give web service testing or a record and playback feature. 

Choosing the correct automated testing tool varies with the sort of project at hand. Both of HP’s functional testing devices are distinctive in fundamental manners which should be perceived before picking an automated testing arrangement. LeanFT is identified with UFT variant 12.5 because with the assistance of this pack (UFT and LeanFT) it competes with selenium head-on. The vital component of LeanFT is, it finds a way into the standard engineer’s field. Subsequently, you can utilize similar programming languages and the unit-testing structures which you utilized already. 

LeanFT Installation

You can get LeanFT either as an independent downloadable bundle or as fused with UFT. The establishment method is comparative for both the choices. Yet, before that, you ought to introduce a testing system [Junit and Nunit], improve IDE [VS or eclipse]. There is no different permit for LeanFT, it accompanies the UFT permit. If you have a UFT permit, simply redesign it. With the UFT permit, you can appreciate LeanFT and the API abilities. LeanFT consolidates an open-source and vendor-based technique and this procedure is considered as a key separating component to confront selenium. Another significant factor to be noted is that you can utilize Java or Selenium structure in LeanFT. 

Features of LeanFT 

Visual studio and eclipse are upheld for IDEs, programming languages like C# and Java, standard windows, NET/WPF, SAPUIS, Mobile are upheld. Also, it is coordinated with Git, SVN, Jenkins, jBehave, ALM, TFS, Cucumber. Object identification center in LeanFT upgrades objects identification (spying). It gives an HTML run report and you can study it beneath. The other significant features are knowledge mode and application models. With these critical features, one may believe that LeanFT may supplant UFT. However, it is unthinkable as these two are set up for various reasons and fit under various decisions. HP focuses more on three sorts of clients, DevTesters, Automation test Engineers, and Subject Matter Experts. 

Who uses LeanFT? 

Given beneath is the list of clients who use LeanFT. 

  • Specialized testers (selenium) who think UFT is deficient in specific regions are focused on clients of LeanFT.
  • Automation test engineers who are utilizing UFT as of now are happy with its most recent appearance. So it is dependent upon their decision to utilize UFT or LeanFT.
  • Business testers will consistently search for a content-less alternative so they won’t ever go for LeanFT.

The most recent UFT 12.5 is better than the past administration’s packs as it accompanies a versatile testing ability and most recent program support. LeanFT is packaged with UFT 12.5, so it is relied upon to shake the practical testing world. 

Functionalities of LeanFT

Here are the different functions of LeanFT :

1. New Extension for Firefox 

An adjusted UFT expansion is accessible for the Firefox clients. Before each new form of Firefox, we needed to change the setup settings. Be that as it may, presently this trouble has been settled with the new progressed 12.5 variants. This UFT augmentation is indistinguishable across every one of the forms of the Firefox program. Any Firefox variant of more than 33 is currently upheld by UFT. 

2. Incorporating with GIT Source Code Repository 

A client can register a UFT test in the GIT archive from the UFT. Also, do changes in the nearby and remote repository with the solution explorer as opposed to utilizing the windows explorer. Variant control for the UFT contents is currently accessible with the assistance of an incredible VCS. 

3. Adding Functional Library 

In the most recent version, however, it isn’t related to the current test, the client can add a functional library as an answer thing. It is made regular as opposed to saving it for a specific test alone. 

4. Mobile Testing Capability 

In the most recent form 12.5, the Mobile testing capacity is extended positively. It has been improved by numerous features which are presented as of now. Consequently, this appealing element may snatch not many more clients towards UFT. 

5. Improved Object Spy 

The element of Object Spy has been improved definitely in the most recent rendition. While recording a meeting, you can now: 

  • Recover object properties
  • Feature test objects and
  • Add designated spots

You can work with numerous applications simultaneously during runs or records. To do as such, you should establish the right precedent and run the setting. The client can open a distant access window. 

6. Creating Functional Test Utilizing LeanFT 

In UFT 12.5 a client can make automation contents utilizing LeanFT with the all-around existing instruments like visual studio, C#, overshadow, etc. An exceptional module makes object support and code age simple. Thus making a useful test in the IDE utilizing LeanFT is an additional benefit of the new form. 

7. Improved Capabilities for BPT Tests 

Business measure testing in UFT is presently made adaptable and a lot simpler. Canvas view – utilizing this you can see and organize your tests. You can test the SAP application. As it is controlled by the BPT Packaged Apps Kit, it gives coordination SAP application. Utilization of the dominant record is simplified, you can send out just as import the refreshed dominant document. It gives the possibility to record and maintain the whole business measure test, which thus would assist you with making a total situation. 

8. Running Tests without IDE 

Indeed, it is conceivable with the run-time engine. It doesn’t need the total installation of the IDE, all things being equal, you can choose a run-time motor from the custom arrangement wizard during installation. This empowers you to do the setting changes to run the tests. 

9. Product Enhancement 

SAP WebDynpro Java application and SAP Fiori application are presently upheld on SAP arrangements. SAPUI5 Add-in is presently upheld on both Chrome and Firefox programs. Prophet includes now upholds menus with new strategies for the “OracleFormWindow” object. 

10. New Environment Support 

The most recent form of Firefox and Chrome will be upheld in UFT 12.5 and that some different adaptations are supported in this update. Different versions include: 

  • Ext-JS 4.2.2 and 4.2.3
  • Google Web Toolkit 2.7
  • Siebel high intelligence
  • Safari 7.1 and 8
  • Siebel high intelligence
  • Hummingbird HostExplorer14 (64-cycle) TE
  • Flex 3.6 and 4.1.0
  • SAP GUI 7.4
  • Delphi XE7
  • Prophet 12.2.4
  • VMware ESXi 5.5
  • ASP .NET, AJAX 4.1.5
  • PowerBuilder 12.6

11. Cross-Browser Functionality 

Program, WebNumber, WebEdit, WebRange, WebFile, and WebList are the properties that have been adjusted to keep up consistency across the program types. Cross program usefulness – Extra web objects are presently upheld in programs like Firefox and Chrome. A tester can pick the program for recording and executing the meeting and can define the program. 

12. Improved Keyword View 

Presently a client can add the boundary esteem in the watchword see as opposed to entering in the property sheet. Test object progressive system is simplified so you can see every one of the additional means in the activity without any problem. Another device tip is presented in the boundaries segments too. 

13. New Licensing Technique 

The auto pass permit system will permit you to introduce the seat, simultaneous, or commuter licenses in a single permit window. Thus, there is no need for outside devices for helping the permit look at. Autopass permit worker empowers you to deal with your licenses in a single place. 


We hope that this blog would guide many amateurs to begin effectively on UFT Developer i.e LeanFT. 

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