What Is Scriptless Testing? 8 Top-rated Tools Prescribed By Industry Experts


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To make the testers’ and QAs’ jobs easier and less stressful, an advanced version of automation testing is just the right choice for organizations to make in adopting an automation testing model. But, what is Scriptless Testing, also known as “codeless testing”, it allows testers to execute automated test cases without scripting them. The cost of implementing the coding solutions and programming while writing scripts for automated testing has been reduced drastically with the help of this testing model. Scriptless testing, rather than focusing on the traditional methods of writing and implementing code, focuses on the business-logic validations for “behind the scenes” script creation. 

What is Scriptless Testing?

There are several advantages of this codeless testing model over the traditional automation testing that would be enough for you to get convinced in implementing the same for your business projects and applications. Let us look at them one by one:

  1. Unlike the older model of automation testing where the testers have to bear the pain and cost of writing scripts for hundreds or even thousands of test cases, Scriptless testing saves the manual effort of doing so. With this new automation testing model, the user just needs to enter the validation steps and rest all code preparation and execution according to the steps entered is done in the background at the run time. Thus, the additional step of script creation here is bypassed.  
  2. In the case of upgrading or adding new features to an existing application module, the probability of the existing written scripts getting broken is decidedly high. Also, the process of finding the appropriate scripts getting affected by such changes would be quite difficult and not very efficient as the chances of some scripts getting overlooked is high. 
  3. The primary feature of the Scriptless Testing Software is the record and playback option. This allows the software to record the user’s/tester’s actions and navigations happening over the screen and later execute them over and over again for similar kinds of test scenarios and use cases. 

What is a Scriptless Testing Tool?

The Scriptless Testing tool is a software program that lets you input the validation parameters for your application and the tool will create and execute the automated test cases for you and run them over the application interface. This saves a substantial amount of time for the team from writing test cases. Although the name implies as there is no coding required for the creation of scripts, there are some tools available in the market that provide you with the flexibility of creating the scripts on your own for complex user test cases. 

Top rated Scriptless Testing Tools in 2021

These are the tools that provide easy-to-use interfaces to define your test cases without getting involved in writing actual testing scripts. Such tools program on the existing automation testing frameworks like Selenium. 

Some of the top-notch tools available in the market are:

  1. AcceLQ: This is an AI-powered automation testing tool that is suitable for API, Web, and Mobile-based applications. The tool makes use of the features like NLP (Natural Language Programming), Automated Test Generation, Intelligent Element Explorer, and Extendible & Open Source Alignment. 
  2. Katalon Studio: Powered by Katalon Inc., this software testing tool operates on the automation testing frameworks like Selenium and Appium. Katalon Studio supports testing for API, Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications via specialized IDE interfaces. 
  3. Testim: Testim allows you to perform end-to-end software testing through its web-based testing platform. Using this tool, bug time reporting is reduced to a significant extent, and also it provides scalable testing outcomes via record and playback testing techniques. 
  4. Cloud QA: It is a web-based automation tool appropriate for web applications. The hardware implementation cost is very negligible as the tool uses cloud-based automation testing for generating automated test cases. Also, the tool uses “record and playback” features for capturing and executing the test cases. 
  5. TOSCA MBTA: TOSCA MBTA (Tricentis’s TOSCA MBTA), a model-based automation testing system that supports the complete SDLC of an application or project. It covers various aspects of a project lifecycle such as test case design, automation, test data design, and analytics. 
  6. Perfecto: Perfecto is a cloud-based automation testing tool suitable for web and mobile applications. It provides high coverage automated tests, quality test analysis, and high-value evaluation. 
  7. Curiosity Software: Curiosity is an open-testing software solution that generates automated test cases automatically for you using AI-based algorithms. Also, the software is suitable for agile methodology and in providing continuous feedback. 
  8. Leapwork: This is also another similar codeless automation testing tool that supports testing for web, API, and SAP-based applications. The tools also support cross-browser testing and parallel execution environments with the capability for handling huge data and multiple datasets at a time. 

Scriptless Testing 2021 has seen a rise drastically over the last few years. The wide range of options available for codeless testing tools in the market might confuse you at times while deciding on which one to choose. Thus it is very crucial to study and consider all the business aspects like the business requirements, target audience behavior, testing budgets, etc. 

Moreover, apart from numerous advantages of Scriptless Testing, the model has some limitations as well. As this testing model runs on the existing automation testing frameworks like Selenium, the similar limitations faced by the architecture framework would be possessed by these testing tools as well. Therefore, different Scriptless testing tools will come with variable sets of features and drawbacks on their own depending upon the testing framework based on which they are built. 


After going through everything in detail starting from the question “What is Scriptless Testing”, it is quite clear now that for projects with smaller teams and urgent testing needs to be fulfilled, Scriptless testing is a feasible option over conventional automation testing methods. For more complex applications, earlier testers and QAs have to sit and write countless test cases and scripts, now all this work can be done by the user-friendly interfaces provided by the Scriptless Testing Tools. 

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