5 Amazing Hacks To Make Coding Enjoyable For Developers


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Developers love coding. It is one of the most fundamental parts of the job and is a necessary building block for every data size application today. Load testing structures on data size and is associated with many fields and also provide an excellent way of supercharging anyone’s computing experience. We may also lack focus with the amount of code that some performance engineers are required to do. 

Science and empirical knowledge have made it pretty clear that nothing is as settlement as your productivity as easily distracted. Unfortunately, it has never been harder to focus than today with all the push notifications and quick access to social media channels. If we want to get something done, you are required to keep our heads together. So let’s discuss a few tips and techniques that will help us in improving our focus when we are performing something for what we are here that is writing a code.

5 amazing hacks for developers

Following are the best hacks to make coding enjoyable for developers:

Utilise the Pomodoro method

Originally invented as a method for maintaining focus for long periods while developing, the Pomodoro method is sure to get back into coding. Then the primary way of securing priority is to take a short break after minutes of working. The method first suggests that all tasks should be visualized and recorded preferably as a to-do list. Then get started on coding we should set a timer for 25 minutes and start working on the task. Was the timer and we should and our work and put a checkmark on a piece of paper.

If the number of checkmarks we should take a short break of 35 minutes and if it is 4, take a longer break of 15 to 30 minutes. These breaks will allow the mind to breathe and continue the work without loss of focus.

Practice meditation and mindfulness

Studies have proved that even a short meditation session of about 20 minutes per day will increase the capability of performing cognitive developing. Meditation helps the practice of not only focusing the mind but also being a part of the movement and observing our train of thought without controlling it.

It turns out to be an essential skill for coders as it allows rooms foreign your coat structure and different ways for solving a problem. Furthermore, a short meditation break in conjunction with the Podmore method could yield great results in recharging our focus on our work.

Separate our code and our life

Coding is something that Developers do for a living then we should leave it at work on the topic if the coding bug fix though and soon we will be coding for everything and trying to make our house look and feel futuristic with a couple of lines of python. We should keep the work at work and assign a specific place to go home. A small change, but it isn’t. As the operating code and our life is a solution that will work great for people who are just to the time of their work. 

Some holders also try coding in the night as this cut their focus the next day at work. We should try identifying our most productive hours at home isolate them and maintain and strict sleep schedule around it. It will be the distinction between being half out at work the next day and having a laser-like focus.

Listen to music when we work and put our computer into focus mode

Studies have suggested that awful ambient noises increased production of cortisol. The hormone that manifests itself as stress in humans psyche. What is more, is that cortisol lessons focus and increases aggression which is unsuitable for high focus tasks such as coding. Many load testing procedures for removing an auditor dispatch in his listen to music. There are a lot of playlist and mixes on YouTube for gaining focus Jonathan size. We should try to find out what works for us and stick to it. Why many people find it difficult to focus on music is on instrumental music could function as contrary for many people will stop the function is said as background music strengthening our feedback loop and keeping us in the code for a long time. 

If our work does not require us to be online or should try working offline stop switch off and disconnect our phone from the internet as should be done ideally the most productive part of our day for ensuring that no distractions rule the perfect workflow. Code-free editors are a great place to start as the letters focus on only the code and nothing else. That is contrary to working online is going to supercharge the focus level that we will bring into our court. Reduction of the task for multitasking will also increase the fact that attention residue which will increase our focus.

Take a walk

It is one of the methods for getting performance engineers back into the coding environment when our brain feels tired. If there is a gym nearby accessible to us. In that case, then we can go for a quick workout, or it will be best for us to go for a run. Physical activity will support the secretion of serotonin the happy hormone that revitalises our mind.

Studies have also suggested that regular exercise will promote concentration and memory capacity that will provide us with another good reason to hit the gym. Even if it is not stable, a quick walk could be utilised as a tool for waking up our mind when we are done with staring at our screen.

Bonus: Buy a mechanical keyboard

One of the most important tools for developers is a keyboard. All the codes will come from at a and b are required to type every single line out. The bad keyboard is a pain to work on both literally and figuratively.

Low-end layer keyboards will cause problems in our breast carpal tunnel syndrome and undesirable muscle tension mechanical keyboard not only format for a better posture while working but also assure an enjoyable experience while typing away.

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