Software Quality Metrics: Benefits, Procedure, And Strategies


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Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is essentially a way of ensuring software quality metrics. It is the collection of activities that ensure and properly execute procedures, processes, and standards appropriate for the project. One of the most important attributes of software development is software quality metrics. Metrics for software quality helps the developers to know the accuracy of their software development process. At each cycle of the software development process, metrics for software quality help you to analyze the efficiency of your software in numerical terms.

The software quality metrics are utilised for the following functions-

  1. Measure the quality of the efficiency and functioning of the software development process.
  2. Improve the software development process by reducing errors.
  3. Modifying your decision-making techniques according to the results of the software quality metrics.

Usage of software quality metrics

The metrics for software quality can only be a good choice if you use them effectively and accurately. However, people tend to focus more on the creation of the software rather than analyzing it. This, in turn, reduces the efficiency of their software programs. The testing is usually done by a QA tester.

According to the results of the software metrics, you can modify your goals and objectives and measure performance. But sometimes, adhering to the software quality metrics leads in averting the other important goals of the organizations like delivering beneficial software programs to the audience, and expanding their satisfaction.

So, the management should make sure to integrate the software quality metrics which do not serve as a barrier in the software development process. The software quality metrics of an organization should resonate with the following attributes-

  1. Simple and easy to be measured
  2. Unambiguous and objective.
  3. Flexible enough to suit the dynamic trends of the environment.
  4. Cost-effective and accurate.
  5. Not dependent on any of the programming languages.
  6. Help in the fabrication of high-quality software.

The usage of quality metrics effectively is more important than the way the management collects it. There are many businesses which have large chunks of data but such data does not help them to analyse their software products. So, the management should have software development programs that can automatically assess the metrics.

Benefits of software quality metrics

Tracking the software quality metrics helps the management to improve the efficiency of their software development procedure.  The other benefits of software quality metrics are as follows-

  1. Assists in increasing the return on investment (ROI).
  2. Improving the areas of the defect by analyzing their issues.
  3. Curtail the cost and overtime.
  4. Software development metrics help the stakeholders to analyze the functioning of the Organization.
  5. Software development metrics helps the management to convey the status of the business.
  6. With the aid of software metrics, the overall efficiency of the team is augmented by prioritizing various problems and resolving them. The management can reap the benefits of identifying the problems sooner, which will help them to truncate their expenses.

However, the companies can reap the advantages of quality metrics only if they know about the usage of its complex structure.

The procedure of software quality metrics

Following are the different procedures of software quality metrics:


Initially, the organization should analyze the types of Software quality metrics suitable for their software products. The decision of the right software quality metrics will help you to ameliorate your brand image and thus augment the leads.

Effective communication

Choosing the right software quality metrics and overestimating the information of the management about such metrics is not enough. The manager should always communicate the type of software quality metrics and its usage to the management. He or she should also educate the management about the way of collecting the results of the data metrics. The stakeholders and the organization also have a right to know about the data quality metrics of the company.


Once the above steps are over, the software developers should aim at finding the value of the metrics. They should substantiate the data before exhibiting it to the stakeholders.


Once the company has gathered its software metrics data, they need to prepare reports with an overview. These reports are proffered to the stakeholders, developers and the testing team. Such reports also tell the management about the improvements to be made in the software.

Strategies for using effective software quality metrics

You can bolster the efficiency of the software quality metrics by the following tips and strategies. 

Use the software quality metrics as objectives

Using the software quality metrics as goals helps the management to achieve them and hence, improve the productivity of the software. This process helps you to formulate the goals of the organization as follows-

  1. Maintaining the optimum Application Cash Rate (ACR).
  2. Maintaining the optimum test coverage ratio.
  3. Reducing the number of bugs.
  4. Focusing on making the DRE (Defect Removal Efficiency) closer to 1.
  5. Tracking the age of Dependencies.

So, the software development teams have greater importance while formulating the goals of an organization. Such goals should always align with the software quality metrics to ensure useful software developments in the company. 

Periodical assessments

The biggest mistake committed by the software development teams is to analyze the software development using the software quality metrics in the last. They focus more on the process of producing the software rather than assessing it. However, the software with umpteen issues and truncated efficiency is of no use. So, the development teams can augment the utility of their software programs by dividing the development process into various periods. 

After the completion of each period, the team should assess the semi-developed software using the software quality metrics. This will help the management to figure out the mistakes quickly and hence, resolve them immediately to reduce the costs. Through analyzing the software development process r strategy and integrate new software metrics that help you to improve your software periodically is a daunting task, it helps the management to change their strategies if they are not working.

Useless software metrics

The Organization should evade from using the software metrics which do not help to improve their software. This is because using additional metrics that do not show the effective result is a waste of time. The useless software metrics do not help you to achieve the goals. In such situations, you should change you

With the aid of the right software quality metrics, you can even truncate the number of errors in your software. It facilitates as a lubricant in various functions of management like planning, organizing and control.

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