7 Selenium Projects To Create A Versatile Testing System


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If you’re thinking about formatting your test automation framework, think again. In maximum cases, you’d do adequately to consider one or more of the open-source alternatives available. That’s because, in common, a framework is a set of promising exercises, tools, assumptions, and libraries that you can utilize across teams. You hardly don’t require to build one that’s distinctive to your dev environment. A framework will assist to make your test automation code reusable, maintainable, and reliable. It saves your company from costly defects. After all, regular small bugs can cause huge problems.

Selenium projects

This blog will extensively focus on selenium projects, open-source selenium projects, sample selenium projects for practice, and the selenium webdriver example project. Companies that take these benefits to the apex by creating their detailed automation frameworks from scrape do not make a wise choice. That’s because they could have effortlessly made the aim of prevailing open-source tools and libraries that would have fulfilled their requirements without writing any code and, in certain cases, can provide better outcomes. While using open-source selenium project tools is usually a better choice than building your framework from defects. 


Formulated for testing web applications, Sahi proposes both an open-source and a pro edition. It functions as a proxy server that you can utilize within a browser. From the Sahi dashboard, you can inaugurate the browser you like to test. The Sahi controller tutors you through recording and catching the interaction you prefer to accomplish against the application. When you hover over any component in the Sahi browser, for example, it displays all of the efforts you can execute against that component.

You can further utilize the controller to playback your script. Sahi’s report and playback functionality create it simple to get begun with test automation of easy HTML applications. However beware of depending on record and playback as this strategy has been verified to be poor practice for establishing maintainable, vigorous automation tests. It’s alright for helping build a preliminary test, but you’ll require to customize it to create it valid and maintainable.

We’ve heard very little about Sahi, but our first opinion about it is that it’s not as strong as some of the other choices. That said, plenty of folks go ga-ga about the Sahi pro edition.

Galen Framework

If your automation actions are concentrated on user experience design (UX), then Galen Framework perhaps is a perfect suit for your requirements. It is created particularly for UX testing, Galen has an outstanding syntax and ordinances you can utilize to define and substantiate your application’s layout. It further allows you to stipulate your browser size, then runs tests against your application to assess layout specifications. 

Galen’s tests also produce comprehensive HTML reports with screenshots, and the tool encompasses a visual image comparison with a cool heat map element. You can jot down tests in a modest text file utilizing the Galen syntax, JavaScript, or Java.


Gauge is one of the modern open-source test automation methods for Linux, Windows, and Mac, evolved by the folks at ThoughtWorks, the same firm that built Selenium. Practitioners of TDD and BDD will understand Gauge’s emphasis on developing a living and executable documentation. Gauge automation tests, named “specs,” are composed in an easy markdown language syntax utilizing Ruby, Java, and C# within developer IDEs such as Eclipse and Visual Studio. 

You can further prolong Gauge’s functionality with its assistance for plugins. Gauge is pretty modern —it’s still in beta but if your team is into cutting-edge test development, you probably need to give it an attempt.


WebdriverIO provides you with a full-fledged framework and it doesn’t expect you to enforce anything from scratch, as you would with Selenium. It arrives with everything you need to create scalable and sustainable test suites and contains more features not found in the straight Selenium edition.


OpenTest is a framework that can be utilized to test web and mobile apps and APIs. As long as a device can operate Java, it can be utilized as a piece of your distributed test and it transpires seamlessly. One of the pros of OpenTest is that it needs no coding skills. 

This is attained utilizing a collection of actions (keywords) written in English and saved in a YAML file. This strategy is identical to the way Gauge works. If cross-platform automation is crucial to your team, then OpenTest probably is a framework you’ll like to try out.

Citrus Framework

Citrus is an open-source framework that will enable you to automate integration tests. If you possess a test flow that expects that your application interacts with different services, then APIs and elements utilizing functional test tools such as Selenium can’t assist. If you are utilizing any messaging transport such as HTTP, SOAP, REST, or JMS, Citrus is the framework for you.

Citrus further integrates with Selenium. This is helpful if you require to interact with a user interface and hence ascertain a back-end method. For instance, say you had to click on a “send email” button and assess on the back end that the email was obtained. Citrus can acquire this email or the JMS communication accelerated by the UI, and substantiate the back-end conclusions, all in one test.


If you’re already utilizing Cucumber and want to further test a REST API, Karate-DSL probably is an excellent option for you. It’s been over for nearly a year now, and more and more folks are acquiring it for their API testing requirements. Before Karate’s REST test tool is created on prime of Cucumber-JVM, you can drive your tests, view reports, and influence any other Cucumber functionality, almost as with any common Java project.

Time to select!

Since you write that first line of code to build your framework, make certain there isn’t a existing library or framework that you can alter. These selenium tools are our recommendation but they’re just a tiny sampling of the open-source test automation frameworks present there. What are your favorites? Tell us to know what you think, so contact us today.

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