10 Best Practices Of Selenium Automation Testing


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Selenium automation testing services provide a suite of tools for enabling web and mobile application automation on web browsers. To versatile the testing system selenium has incorporated many projects.

Some of them are:

  • Selenium Webdriver

Selenium testing uses Webdriver, which runs the application on different browsers, just like a user either it’s on local or a remote machine.

Webdriver tests the application on all major browsers like Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer and many more.

  • Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE makes it easy to record and playback tests in the browser. It allows for easy debugging and cross-browser testing.

  • Selenium Grid

Selenium takes the Webdriver to an Advanced level by allowing testing on multiple browsers and operating systems at the same time. This process saves a lot of testing time.

Best practices of selenium automation testing

To take advantage of these projects to full potential, there are various practices which can be implemented for efficient selenium automation testing.

Page Object Models

Page Object is a type of design patterns that improves test maintenance and reduced code duplication. Page object belongs to an object-oriented class which provides an interface to a page of an application under test. So during the test to interact with these pages, methods of the object class of this page are used.



  • There is no need to change the tests if some changes are done in the user interface of the page. The object class of this page will be the only one to be modified according to the new UI.
  • Code of a specific page such as locators and layout are completely isolated from test code.
  • All the services and operations offered by a page are stored in a single repository, making them much more organized and accessible rather than letting them scatter all over the test code.

Domain Specific Language

Domain Specific Language allows the user to interact with the system more expressively. It enables the user to interact with the system, the way they want not what the programmer wants. Selenium uses Domain Specific Language with the help of methods that makes the Application Programming Interface more simple and readable. It builds a link between the programmer and the users.


  • DSL is readable by the users, product owners, business intelligence specialist.
  • It is much easier to write DSL, without any unnecessary duplication.
  • DSL allows adding additional functionality, on the application without distorting existing function and under contract limits.
  • It is easy to maintain the application as the implementation of the application resides outside the test cases, so no actual changes in the application under test.

Eliminating Repetitive Actions

To reduce the time and stability of the selenium testing, the steps that require to take the same actions can be eliminated. This can be done by generating application state through the methods. These methods should be created in the existing APIs, and selenium should be resisted from doing this.

For example, eliminating logging page will save the time wasted in login before every test.

Headless Testing

Headless Testing is the one in which the browser can be tested without any Graphic User Interface.


  • This type of testing is much faster than doing a full browser test with GUI.
  • Even it does not require any grid, so it’s very easy to maintain.
  • A tester can take screenshots, in case of any failure.

Visual Testing

Visual Testing allows the tester to check whether the UI appears properly on different Operating systems or not. It is very valuable for verifying objects like graphs or any other complex element on UI. With the effort of only a few lines of code, hundreds of assertions can be tested in one go. All those things which are hard for a human to find.

Generating Report Status

Selenium automation testing does not provide a proper report for test cases. It is recommended to use reporting capabilities of unit test frameworks. These unit test frameworks generate xUNIT or HTML formatted reports, where xUNIT imports results to a continuous integration server. Some examples of CI are Jenkins, Travis, Bamboo.

Using ‘Waits’

Wait in selenium automation testing are used to deal with the undesirable situation during pages transition. It may be the loading of different elements at different times, which can generate undesirable test results. These situations generally arise due to slow internet connection and are treated by refreshing the pages and reloading the elements. So to make sure that the test waits for all the elements to load before showing any failure or exception issue Waits is used.

Waits are of primarily two types

  • Implicit Waits: To prevent any undesired result of a test because of invisibility of any element, the implicit wait makes the selenium webdriver to wait for a specified amount of time in which all the page elements are expected to load. Two such waits are : driver.manage(), .timeouts()
  • Explicit Wait: It makes the test to wait until some specific elements of the page are not loaded or for a certain amount of time. The use of explicit wait is needed for testing dynamic pages which do not load in a fixed time.

       Like after clicking on the submit button while filling a form the next page is not visible the necessary elements are not loaded.

There are two types of explicit waits : Threat.sleep(), Webdriver Wait.

Reduce External Services Need

Another best way to run selenium tests is trying to restrict the need for external services, as it will increase the speed and stability of the test.

Independent Tests

Each test created should be treated independently. It means that one test should not depend on another test for its execution.

Start Testing Earlier

The earlier the project starts getting tested the better the end product comes out. Many times developers from testing as they think it takes some extra time and increases the cost of development. But in reality, it makes the Software Development Life Cycle much shorter. Testing earlier and frequently helps to find out the bugs and the test cases to meet the end-user needs at an earlier stage of development. It saves a lot of development time and unnecessary efforts.

So these are some of the best ways to run selenium tests while using selenium automation testing services.

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